The ACR 3996.3 Firefly3-Waterbug Strobe Signaling Light is a great addition for your personal safety. Ideal to connect to your life vest, safety harness, float coats, work suits, immersion suits, backpacks and flight suits, the Firefly3 Waterbug activates on when armed and in contact with water. It also has a large sliding switch that is easy to operate with gloved hands.

ACR 3996.3 Firefly3 Waterbug Strobe Light with Auto Activation

The ACR Firefly3-Waterbug Strobe Signaling Light delivers 250,000 peak lumens in a 360° beam, offering maximum rescue visibility. The Firefly3 Waterbug is visible from beyond 1 nm.
AC39963   MAN#: 3996.3   ID#: 3089
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