Benefits of Using a Shortwave Radio at Sea

When out on the ocean, people will often use a shortwave radio to stay in touch with the outside world. In fact, when on a boat, most people have a shortwave radio to communicate with others. While true, others forget to bring one. With this in mind, here are seven benefits of a shortwave radio.

Check out the weather: While on the ocean, you won’t have access to the Internet or telephones. While this is nice in one way, it will leave you vulnerable to storms. Once you are in the middle of a bad weather event, you will struggle for a few days and may watch as your vessel fills with water and you are blown off course. To avoid this, you need a shortwave radio so you can communicate with others in the area. Then, you can ask questions about the weather and change your course, as needed.

If you are in trouble: When in trouble on the ocean, you can end up losing your boat or dying. Since the ocean is a scary and wide open place, you need to protect yourself. While a life vest, rafts and plenty of wood and water will help you stay safe, you will want to communicate with the Coast Guard or other people to help you. Since shortwave radios are a mainstay on boats, you can communicate with ease. Remember, while on the boat, you can’t whip out a cell phone or call someone to receive any help.

Entertainment: It’s not always fun to relax on a boat hour after hour and day after day. Since boating is a hobby people do alone or with a friend or two, a shortwave radio is a great item to carry. Think about it, when you are thousands of miles away from home, you can sit down, relax and listen to an entertaining conversation or some music. Not only will you receive free entertainment in your boat, but you will also learn something and keep up with current events. Furthermore, if you are in an area of the world where governments censor information, you can enjoy your shortwave radio as it’s nearly impossible for countries to censor shortwave radios.

Portable and battery operated: While on the boat, you will want to have plenty of power and backup sources. Luckily, with a shortwave radio, you can also use a battery to power it. Other times, you can power your radio with a hand crank or solar panel. Of course, you can still plug in a shortwave radio. Either way, with the portability and multiple power sources, you can enjoy your shortwave radio while on your boat.

Far: As mentioned, a shortwave radio transmission goes a long way. In fact, shortwave radio transmissions can travel thousands of miles. This is in stark contrast when compared to other broadcast methods such as FM. Since boaters often travel to remote areas far from large continents, you can rest easy when you carry a shortwave radio as you can communicate with people from afar.

Interference: With a shortwave radio, you won’t need to worry about interference from thunderstorms or poor weather. This is extremely beneficial if you want to chat with people or listen to broadcasts from afar. Otherwise, if you rely on other methods of communication, you will struggle to chat with people or hear conversations if you are in a bad storm.

Minimal setup: While on a boat, you won’t want to deal with large antennas. Since you won’t have time to set up the system and deal with antennas, you will want to install a shortwave radio. Then, as soon as you hit the ocean, you can start talking on your radio and enjoy your conversations. Simply put, if you want a quick, inexpensive and easy solution, you need to use a shortwave radio as it’s fast and easy to install. Not only that, it won’t take up much room so you won’t need to get rid of other items to keep the radio.

If you go out to sea, you need a shortwave radio. Not only can you stay out of trouble and learn about weather events, but you can stay informed and enjoy entertaining dialogue. Combined with its portability and ease-of-use, and you should have no trouble buying a shortwave radio and setting it up in your boat. Since it’s easy to install, you can set it up in minutes and start using it immediately.