Bright Color Display for Boats with Space Limitations

Sunlight ViewableWaterproofSounderGarmin’s new color echo 300C Dual Beam Fishfinder offers an easy to use color fishfinder with 3.5” screen that will give the beginning fisherman an advantage in a price range that he can handle. The echo 300c offers you a sun light visible 3.5” diagonal 265 color screen, that features Garmin’s new HD-ID target tracking technology, which promises an amazing level of detail on fish returns, structure and bottom contours. A new tilt mount for quick release to remove it from the boat, and a versatile dual beam transom-mount transducer are included in the package. This transducer can also be mounted on a trolling motor if desired.

Top Performer

The echo 300C’s 320 x 240 resolution QVGA screen is very easy to view in bright sunlight and the 300 watt sonar offers viewing angle up to 120 degrees and bottom detail at up to 1500ft in fresh water and 600ft in saltwater. Add these performance specifications to Garmin’s HD-ID target tracking technology and you will see through the water like never before. Garmin has even included their “Smooth Scaling Technology” so you will not lose sonar history when depth ranges change.

Great Value

Gamin’s new echo 300C offers a great value for the fisherman on a tight budget. It offers features normally offered in more expensive and complicated fishfinders, and with the new quick-release mount and versatile transom/trolling motor transducer installation can be completed in minutes.

Garmin echo 300c Color Dual-Beam Fishfinder

The Garmin echo 300c provides accurate sonar readings on a small display and at a low price. The 3.5” screen is perfect for smaller boats and with 300 watts of power it will accurately mark fish, bait and bottom. Packed complete with dual-beam transducer for depth and temp.
GA00952   MAN#: 010-00952-00   ID#: 2591
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Garmin echo 300c Details
Each echo 300c comes with: echo 300c Fishfinder, Quick Release Mount with Tilt and Swivel, Power Cable, Transom/Trolling Motor Mount Transducer for Depth and Temperature with 20' Cable, User Manual and a One-Year Warranty.
Size:4.1”W x 5.8”H x 2.8”D
Garmin echo 300c Special Features
  • 3.5", 320V x 240H 256-color QVGA Display.
  • Includes Dual-beam Transducer 80kHz/45°, 200kHz/14°.
  • 300-watt Transmit Power.
  • Maximum Depth: 1500 ft freshwater; 600 ft Saltwater.
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