The Gilsson GUSB-5V-B will allow you to hard wire your Garmin Nuvi or Streetpilot c Series unit right to your vehicles power source. The bare wire ends will connect to a power and ground lead to provide constant power right to your Garmin.

This Gilsson direct wire cable is eight (8) feet long, with a voltage converter and fuse box in the middle, four (4) feet from the connector and four (4) feet from the power source. Please note this is an improved and extended version allowing customer to hide the voltage converter box and away from the GPS receiver.

Gilsson GUSB5VB Hardwire power cord for Garmin

Gilsson GUSB-5V-B Hardwire power cord for Garmin Nuvi and Streetpilot c Series.
GL0266   MAN#: GUSB-5V-B   ID#: 1718
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