The Spot Satellite GPS messenger is a must have on your next outdoor adventure. Spot offers its users the latest technology in personal satellite messaging, with enhanced GPS performance. Packaged in a smaller and lighter form, this rugged waterproof tracker weighs in at only 5.2 oz. Have peace of mind of being able to notify family, friends or an International Rescue Center, with just a push of a button. The Spot GPS Messenger works 100% off of satellites, so if you lose a cell phone signal you have a life saving back up.


Some of the great functions the Messenger offers are a Help mode for a non-life threatening emergency to notify personal contacts. Once you activate and set up your account, you can use the Check-In/OK mode to let family and friends know all is well on your current excursion, via email or SMS for up to 10 contacts. SOS / 911 provide assistance in critical or life threatening situations, to your current location through GEOS which alerts agencies Worldwide. The SPOT Satellite Messenger lets you track your progress in real time by sending and saving locations and allows your contacts to track your progress through Google Maps- with additional service plan for $49.99 a year. With the ability to allow the Spot user to customize a message friends and family as to your GPS location, your loved ones can rest assure that you are safe, or if needed help is on the way. SPOT offers both Monthly and Full Year Plans click here for plan details.


On land or water emergency help is never more than a push of a button away. This is the perfect unit for all of your outdoor activities whether hunting, skiing, hiking, or boating. The Spot Messenger is truly the next generation of personal satellite messaging and emergency communications. When you can’t always rely on your cell phone, this easy to operate and rugged GPS is one you can count on to be there for you when you need it. Your life and personal safety are valuable- don’t leave home without it.


For a detailed coverage map click here.

Height: 3.7”, Width: 2.6”, Thickness: 1”, Weight: 5.2 oz
1 Year Limited Warranty


SPOT 2 Satellite Messenger and Personal Tracker

With the SPOT 2 Satellite Messenger, you and your loved ones have peace of mind knowing help is always within reach.
SP2O   MAN#: SPOT-2O   ID#: 2250
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SPOT 2 Satellite Messenger Special Features
  • Rugged and 30% lighter than SPOT 1, simple to use.
  • SOS/911 for critical events.
  • Fast GPS Acquisition
SPOT Satellite Messenger Demo