Simrad NSS7 Chartplotter, Fish Finder and More

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Simrad’s NSS7 has the features today’s mariners are looking for. It offers a high quality, fully integrated touch screen for ease of operation, built in fishfinder and an internal GPS receiver. It is also a network system which means you can add radar, structure scan, sonic hub and more displays.

Network Capable

The NSS7 provides touchscreen control with an extremely bright and viewable screen but unlike most other touchscreen multi function display units it offers, a “Touch Sensible”, user interface with keypad and rotary controller, giving you the option to operate the unit with the touch screen or with the keypad. With the NSS7’s network capability you can add Radar, either Broadband or HD digital, as well as Autopilot, Marine Instruments, AIS, and other NMEA 2000 applications including engine management systems, you can even interface with Simrad’s Sonic Hub to control your onboard music.


The NSS7’s built in fishfinder uses Simrad’s “Whisper Technology” which utilizes exceptionally low power with efficient long pulses to make the perfect "low-noise" Sonar, a technology that allows for deeper penetration into the water, and a more clear definition of underwater structure, while doing it with less noise.


The Simrad NSS7 is preloaded with all of the charting most boaters or fishermen would ever need. Complete with Lake Insight for life-like perspective of bottom structure and topography, fishing points of interest, marked fishing areas, fish habitat areas and boat ramps. Coverage includes the Great Lakes and more than 500 Fishing Hot Spots Lakes. Also included is Nautic Insight for superior life-like view of coastal bottom structure with detailed coastal and offshore depth contours, spot soundings and navigational aids for the entire U.S. coastline. Just in case this is not enough mapping, The NSS 7 is also compatible with Navionics Platinum Plus charting which will provide high resolution satellite photo overlay, full-view XGA panoramic pictures and 3D underwater views.

Ease of Use

The NSS7 offers touchscreen simplicity, expandability, with powerful and fast charting, while giving you full control over all of your network devices. Whether you are outfitting a 20’ fishing boat or 50’ cruiser the NSS7 is a solid option to start with.

Simrad NSS7 Chartplotter Fishfinder Combination

The Simrad NSS 7 has a bright 6.4” color touch screen display and can be used as a chartplotter and fishfinder right out of the box. The NSS7 is a full network system and can also display radar, weather and Structure Scan.
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Simrad NSS7 Details

Each Simrad NSS7 comes with: Simrad NSS 7 unit, display cover, flush mount kit, mounting bracket, mounting knobs, power cable, manuals and a Two-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 6.33”H x 9.03”W x 2.73”D
Display Size: 6.4” Diag.
Simrad NSS 7 Special Features
  • 6.4" color touch screen display.
  • Built in-fishfinder with Simrad's "Whisper Technology".
  • Network capable with the ability to add radar, StructureScan and more displays..
  • Fast Chart redraw to show you where you are accurately.
  • Built-in Insight USA maps for Coastal and Lake charting.

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Product Accessories for Simrad NSS7 Chartplotter Fishfinder Combination

Simrad GS25 GPS Antenna updates your GPS position 10 times per second and connects through NMEA2000. Compatible with Simrad NSE, NSO and NSS Products. Includes 15' NMEA 2000 Drop Cable.
The Lowrance LSS-2 StructureScan HD Sonar provides new and improved views of structure, fish and bait. Add the Lowrance Structure Scan to any HDS or HDS Gen2 and see picture-perfect views to the left, right and straight under your boat.
The Simrad Broadband 3G Radar takes the award-winning success of the BR24 radar and adds an additional 30% increase in range and target detection without sacrificing its outstanding close range capabilities. Simply plug the Broadband 3G Radar into your Simrad NSE or NSS Navigation system and see in the dark or fog like never before.
The Simrad Broadband 4G Radar takes the award-winning success of the Broadband 3G radar and adds an additional 50% increase in range and target detection without sacrificing its outstanding close range capabilities. Simply plug the Simrad Broadband 4G Radar into your NSE or NSS system and see in the dark or fog like never before.
The Simrad BSM-2 CHIRP Broadband Sounder Module is a must have for any serious offshore fisherman, charter guide or commercial outfit. With the BSM2 you will get much deeper readings with a cleaner picture and higher resolution.
Lowrance B60 12 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 12 degree tilted element. Works on boats with deadrise between 8 and 16 degrees. Does not need Fairing Block. Compatible with Lowrance Blue Connector and Simrad NSE/NSS/BSM-1.
Lowrance B60 20 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 20 degree tilted element and temp. Works on boats with deadrise between 16 and 24 degrees. Does not need Fairing Block. Compatible with Lowrance Blue Connector and Simrad NSS/NSE/BSM-1.
The Lowrance Transom Mount Skimmer Transducer, HST-DFSBL has a sleek design for better water flow which leads to more accurate depth readings. 50/200khz Dual Frequency. Compatible with Lowrance Blue Connector and Simrad NSS/NSE/BSM-1.
Lowrance P79 Plastic Shoot Thru-Hull Transducer was designed for people that do not want to drill holes in the bottom of thier boat. The in-hull transducer mounts inside the boat and will work on boats with deadrise up to 22 degrees. 50/200khz Transducer.
The Lowrance P66 Transom Mount 600w Dual Frequency Transducer provides accurate depth, speed and temperature readings to your Lowrance and current Simrad fishfinder or multifunction display.
Navionics Platinum Plus XL 632P+ - Central and S. Florida on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus XL 637P+ - New Jersey to Delaware on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus XL 642P+ - S. Carolina - N. Florida on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus XL 645P+ - N. Carolina on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 900P+ - West Great Lakes on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 901P+ - East Great Lakes on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 907P+ - Gulf of Mexico on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 904P+ - US Northeast and Canyons on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 905P+ - US Mid-Atlantic and Canyons on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 906P+ - US Southeast and Bahamas on SD
Navionics Platinum Plus 912P+ - US West on SD
NEP-2 Network Expansion Port compatible with All Lowrance HDS / HDS Gen2 / HDS Gen2 Touch and Simrad NSS / NSE/ NSO Series.
The Lowrance WM-3 is plug and play compatible with the Lowrance HDS Gen2, HDS Gen2 Touch, Simrad NSS, NSE, and NSO series plotters. Providing up to the minute weather information so that you are prepared before heading out to sea. Up to 220 audio channels can be controlled on the screen of your Simrad or Lowrance plotter as well.