Affordable, Compact Color Chartplotter.

This Si-Tex GPS-95CP is a small powerhouse of a chartplotter that offers features found on much larger plotters. 2000 waypoint storage, 100 routes and 50,000 track points. Its 4.3” color screen brightly displays C-Map Max charts, and comes with an external GPS receiver so it can be mounted anywhere on your boat, either as a primary plotter or as a backup. The GPS-95 CP offers north up, course up, Trumotion, and Heads Up views when viewing the chart as well as a large number page which works perfect for viewing your position in Lat/Lon or Loran. The Sitex CP95 also has a very accurate Lat/Lon to TD conversion. This Si-Tex small plotter also offers the MOB, and GOTO functions, to make it easy to mark and navigate to waypoints. NMEA 0183 compatibility allows you the ability to communicate numerical data to devices like VHF, Radar or Sounder. The 95CP also offers expandability to add AIS target data on marine chart when used with the optional AIS Receiver.

Perfect Chartplotter for Any Boat

The 95CP from Si-Tex, with its sunlight viewable 4.3” TFT screen, ultra fast processor provides a lower cost alternative, for the boater who does not want to break the bank, but does want some of the best technology available. It can also fill the niche’ of a backup on the larger boat because of its small size, and low cost. Add the C-Map Max chart to the Si-Tex 95CP and see a great color presentation, on the screen, of the detail, navigational aids, buoys and beacons, spot soundings, structure and wrecks. The GPS-95CP is a WAAS enabled 16 channel gps that will put your boat within 3 meters of your waypoint.

Feature Rich Chartplotter

The Si-Tex GPS-95CP is a full featured gps/chartplotter, with alarms, languages and an ultra-fast processor, that will store up to 2000 waypoints, 100 routes and 50,000 track points. This all comes in a unit that has case dimensions of 6.9 "W x 4.5 "H x 3.2 "D, 1.1 lbs., with a 4.3” color daylight viewable display.

Sitex GPS 95 CP Chartplotter with External Antenna

The SiTex GPS 95 CP is a compact, color screen chartplotter perfect for small boats or as a back up on a large vessel. The GPS 95 has a sunlight viewable display and is compatible with C-Map Max charts.
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Sitex GPS 95 CP Details
Each Sitex GPS 95 CP comes with: GPS 95 CP, External Antenna, Plastic Cover, Mounting Bracket, Power/Data Cable Manual and a Two-Year Warranty.
Unit Size: 4.5”H x 6.9”W x 3.2”D
Display Size: 4.3” Diag.
Weight: 1.1 Lbs.
Sitex GPS 95 CP Special Features
  • C-Map Max Compatible for Detailed Marine Charts.
  • Sunlight Viewable 4.3” Color Display.
  • 16 Channel External WAAS GPS Antenna.
  • Storage for 2000 Waypoints.
  • AIS Compatible for Overlaying AIS Data on the Chart.

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Provides a neat, water resistant installation for RG-8/AU, 8X, 58, 59, 213 and Shakespeare Lo-Max coax cables.