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Right around the corner

That’s right hunting season is right around the corner and in some parts of the country is already going on and Garmin has two new Rino’s to offer the hunters. The Rino’s 750 and 750t have improved GPS/GLONASS receivers which doubles the number of satellites to get position data from, so you should nearly always […]

Summer is winding down

It is definitely hard to believe but summer 2016 is almost over for school kids. Some schools are already back and others have students returning this week. I honestly don’t know where the time went. I hope everyone got to take the vacation they needed or wanted this summer, and you are now back looking […]

Where has summer gone

Well I went out shopping with my wife this weekend for a new laptop, mine crapped out on Monday and I spent two full days trying to fix it and finally got fed up so off we went. We went to Best Buy and wouldn’t you know it we hit “Tax Free Weekend” so instead […]

End of week

Good morning everyone and yes it is the end of the week here at The GPS Store for me but rest assured I have things to do at home and on the road starting tomorrow morning with service on my Mustang and then to the list my beautiful bride will have ready for me. Not […]

Hard to believe it

Yes it is hard for me to believe that it is back to school time adds are on television and hunting season catalog are in the mail. I received a large store catalog, that competes with us for outdoor GPS, over the weekend, so I just had to compare what they were offering to what […]

Sorry I didn’t get back to you last week

Yes my old back went out on me last week which made work impossible and also most of Mustang Week impossible as well. No meet n greet on Tuesday, road course on Wednesday, Dyno shootout on Thursday. Limited participation on Friday at a Cruise In and the show itself on Saturday done after 45 minutes. […]

Hot, hot, hot

Yes the weather on the coast of the Carolinas is hot and it looks like it will be hot for a while yet. In the 90′s for at least the next 10 days but it does feel hotter with the humidity. Things here at the store seem to slow for a couple of weeks this […]

Back from the North

Yes it is true Drew let me come back after a week in the northeast in the mountains. I was in my old neighborhood between Ausable Forks and Lake Placid. I remember seeing who could get from Wilmington to Lake Placid the fastest when I was much younger and stupid. Make the drive through the […]

Off I go to the Adirondacks

Yes that’s right my wife and I are going home for one week. It will be great to breath air without humidity for a change and cooler nights too, for sleeping, air conditioning is still a luxury there and not a necessity like it is down here. Fishing season is in full swing everywhere now, […]