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Trying this again

I have been having some trouble posting to this blog so lets hope this one gets through.  I have also been away with some back issues and don’t know how long it will last.  seems the quick switch to cool weather always does it for me.  I hope that everyone can enjoy the World Series […]

Taking my shot at the phones in sales today

Yes that is right Drew and Gina think enough of me to answer some sales calls today. Makes the old guy feel good to talk to customers to find out what they are looking for and get and give answers that we know are correct. The phones have been really busy so I am kind […]

Hopefully the lull before the storm.

Good Morning and here at The GPS Store we are recovering from the NYC Boat Show and packing things back up for the Atlantic City Boat Show in a little over two weeks, and almost immediately after AC we go to Miami for their boat show, which is one of the largest boat shows in […]

Hot, hot, hot

Yes the weather on the coast of the Carolinas is hot and it looks like it will be hot for a while yet. In the 90′s for at least the next 10 days but it does feel hotter with the humidity. Things here at the store seem to slow for a couple of weeks this […]

Another spring Boat show season is over

With the conclusion of the Miami Boat show we at The GPS Store can now take a short breather and gear up to our spring sales season.  Marine electronics will continue to be a big part of our business as the north thaws and fishing and boating comes to mind.  Here in the Myrtle Beach […]

Right around the corner

That’s right hunting season is right around the corner and in some parts of the country is already going on and Garmin has two new Rino’s to offer the hunters. The Rino’s 750 and 750t have improved GPS/GLONASS receivers which doubles the number of satellites to get position data from, so you should nearly always […]

The start of a new week

How about this for a wake up call? It is less than 10 weeks until Christmas, that really opened up my eyes. Well it is now slightly over one week since hurricane Matthew rolled through here and the people inland from us are still suffering with power and water outages and it may well be […]

Back at work for another week

Well the sales staff and warehouse personnel are just winding up that last of the orders from our Anniversary Sale and they are on their way out the door. The sale was a tremendous success for the store and for our customers who were able to take advantage of the great values we were offering. […]

Don't forget Dad

Not long now until Fathers’ Day and it will be over for another year, wow that sounds like a long time. I hope everyone has at least a card for their Dad is he is living. I know that most dads don’t care about receiving presents on his day but would love to get a […]

Back from the North

Yes it is true Drew let me come back after a week in the northeast in the mountains. I was in my old neighborhood between Ausable Forks and Lake Placid. I remember seeing who could get from Wilmington to Lake Placid the fastest when I was much younger and stupid. Make the drive through the […]