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New Day

Hi Everyone, Saw on Garmin’s website a really cool video for their new Virb which was just announced.  It is actually a spectacular video shot with this redesigned camera.  You can find it by selecting to “Learn More” on their homepage.  It is the time of year that Geocachers  start to roam around looking for […]


Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some outside time.  What a great weekend in Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament.  Great weather and a new young face that just kicked a–.  What can you say about a young man 21 years old who ties the tournament record […]

Last Day this week

Hi ll, Well the bad news is my bald head is pealing from a sunburn I got washing cars on Saturday, so I have to wear a hat because it looks like I am snowing on my shoulders.  I will be seated somewhere tomorrow watching the Masters and wishing I could play like those guys. […]

Half Way

Hi All, How about Duke and U Conn and their 5th and 10th national basketball championships.  These are great basketball programs and coaches.  I also would like to congratulate Jack Reger for winning our in house pool for the men’s tournament, not bad for a little kid.  The baseball season is now on for real […]

Beautiful Day

Good Morning, It is a beautiful day in the Carolinas with that “Carolina Blue Sky” that we are famous for, but no one ever mentions that green pollen that accumulates on the cars and other outside objects overnight, I guess that would hurt tourism.  If you are on vacation or getting ready to go on […]

April Fools’ Day

Hello Everybody, Welcome to April, I know everyone is looking over their shoulder today so they aren’t the ones to be fooled and it is a good thing but look ahead too.  Fishing season for trout opens in NYS today and many will be in areas that are remote especially Adirondack and Catskill fishermen and […]

Almost Over

Hello Everyone, Well the NCAA Basketball tournaments are winding down and to be honest it has taken too long.  It will be April and some of these teams started playing games in August like Kentucky. When did these kids have time to take class or study?  Coach Cal states that Kentucky as graduated 100% of […]


Hi Everyone, We received word today from ACR that their products that we sold were directly responsible for rescuing 7 people in three separate occasions.  In Banff National Park, on Lake Superior, and in the Florida Everglades these are the locations for the latest rescues.  This is just proof that these products work and are […]


Hi Everyone, Well the weekend is here for me so i want to wish you all to have a happy and safe weekend.  I looked at some school calendars in the northeast and saw that a large number of you are on Easter Break as of today.  If you are travelling be safe and watch […]


Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are all ready for a break shortly.  The weather has turned for the better here and even beach weather on some days so things are looking up.  I hope anyone planning a trip to Myrtle Beach this spring finds time to visit us at the store here in Ocean […]