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No Luck for McCumbee.

If not for bad luck, Chad McCumbee, driver of the #8 Chevrolet would have no luck at all.


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Chad McCumbee’s California Dreams Don’t Come True.

Chad McCumbee’s California Dreams Don’t Come True.

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Chad McCumbee Sets His Sights on Next Mile and Half Track

The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series have had a few weeks off, and it was a pretty productive break for the young Chad McCumbee. He was able to claim his first ARCA RE/MAX Series victory at Nashville Superspeedway, and now as he heads to a similar track with the NASCAR Craftsman Trucks, he looks to be able to repeat that success with / Garmin Chevrolet at Kansas Speedway.


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Chad McCumbee Nets Top-20 at Kentucky.

When the green flag fell on the Smith’s Las Vegas 350, McCumbee knew that he a good truck. “We had been in the top ten in all of our test sessions, and I thought we had a solid top ten truck.” McCumbee remained in the top five till the first pit stop. “We put on a bad set of tires and fell back to 11th, fighting an extreme tight condition.

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Chad Gears Up For California

With little time between Datona and California No. 08 / Garmin Chevrolet ready for the next race for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series at California Speedway with the running of the San Bernardino County 200.

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Chad McCumbee signs with MRD for remainder of year

MRD announces today that they have signed Chad McCumbee for the remainder of the 2007 truck series season.

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Loudon not what McCumbee was looking for

With rain washing out qualifying for the New Hampshire 200 race at Loudon, Chad McCumbee in his #8 theGPSstore/Garmin Chevy started in 30th position on the field. After a long day behind the wheel McCumbee finished with a disappointing 26th place finish.

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Redemption for McCumbee

Concord, NC (November 14, 2007) – Chad McCumbee, driver of the #8 Chevrolet was nearly able to break into victory lane on at Texas Motor Speedway, the one thing on his mind heading into Fridays race at Homestead is redemption.

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Top 15 run boosts spirits.

Chad McCumbee driver of the #8 MRD Chevy had scored his 4th top 15 of the year in Saturdays Ram Tough 200 at Gateway Int`l Raceway.

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Chad McCumbee Aims For 2007 Craftsman Truck Title

Chad McCumbee and Green Light Racing are proud to announce their intentions for chasing the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series championship during the 2007 season. After a successful rookie season in the #08 Green Light Racing Chevrolet, McCumbee will once again be behind the wheel for the team that finished second in the series’ Rookie of the Year standings in 2006.

“I am really excited about next year,” said McCumbee. “It is really nice to know what you are going to be doing next year and to be able to start preparing things for the next racing season even though the 2006 season just ended. I can’t thank Bobby (Dotter) and Gene (Christensen, co-team owners) enough for allowing me the opportunity to live my dream.”

McCumbee finished his rookie season in the Craftsman Truck Series with three top-10 finishes and nine top-15 finishes, with a season-best seventh-place result at both Nashville Superspeedway (TN) and Atlanta Motor Speedway (GA). With Green Light Racing in 2007, the 21-year-old now looks forward to the opportunities to build on the success the team found in their first full season together.

“I think that we will be pretty successful next year, and we will definitely be up front competing for some wins. We really want to be able to finish in the top-10 in points and if we bring homes those wins, maybe have a shot at the championship. Those are some of our goals for next year. We will work really hard in the off-season to improve anything that we can and we should be really competitive next year. “

Green Light Racing Owners Bobby Dotter and Gene Christensen are also enthusiastic to have McCumbee coming back on board as the team strives to grow on the success built in the 2006season.

“For not really knowing what to expect when this year started, it was just really a pleasure to work with Chad,” said Dotter. “He just performed better than most any driver ever has in our equipment and we are obviously very excited for next year.

“The entire year, Chad never wrecked any of our trucks and there were three of them that he really got to liking. So we still will have those, and we will have some new equipment and should just beable to make improvements on our successes from last year.”

“We are definitely excited to have Chad back onboard with us,” added Christensen. “Chad really showed his true potential last year. The more hedrives the better that he gets.”

The end of the 2006 season is where the team really began to show how far along they had come. They consistently brought home solid finishes and began working toward what they would be able to do in the future.

“The majority of our team is sticking around,” added McCumbee. “The success we had this past season has really kept everyone pumped up and it’s a pretty big pat on the back when you can do what we were able to do with a limited budget and all. Now I think everything is put in place for next year for us to have a chance to finish up front.”

Sponsorship opportunities for the 2007 season with Chad McCumbee and the #08 Green Light Racing team are still available. For sponsorship information and for more on Chad McCumbee, contact Zach Drager at DSG by calling (704) 455-2051 and be sure to stop by the all new

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