Let your Furuno keep an eye on the Weather for you. BBWX2 is now in stock!

Keeping track of weather is easier than ever with Furuno’s BBWX2 Second-Generation Sirius Satellite Weather Receiver for NavNet vx2 (C-Map Version) and NavNet 3D units. Furuno and Sirius have teamed up to bring you live, up-to-date weather information and forecasting directly to your Furuno display.

The BBWX2 Weather Receiver will display comprehensive weather information overlaid onto your C-Map MAX charts (NavNet vx2) or NOAA raster and vector charts (NavNet 3D). You will also be provided with premium weather content, such as current weather reports, NOWRad® nationwide high resolution weather radar imagery, high-resolution Sea Surface Temperatures, Pressure isobars with frontal boundaries, Squall lines, surface pressure, Wind forecasts, Marine text forecasts, Lightning strike reports, storm tracking, Buoy reports and Wave height forecasts all which will make sure you have an enjoyable and safe trip on the water.