Garmin’s latest & greatest in Automotive GPS units

Garmin’s newest unit to hit the market is a step above all the rest. The Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT offers everything you have become accustomed to in a Garmin unit with text to speech, lane assist with junction view and lifetime map updates but it doesnt stop there. Garmin has taken their guidance and traffic features to another level in the 3490LMT with Guidance 3.0 and HD Digital traffic.

Garmin Guidance 3.0 takes car navigation to a whole new level providing faster routing and destination searches, photoReal junction view, exit services, and digital HD traffic; The most impressive feature of guidance 3.0. Updating data every 30 seconds which is 4 to 10 faster than most other traffic services. Traffic alerts are generated from historical traffic trends and from traffic reports with fast updates using the HD radio broadcasting system. 3D traffic helps you react to delays fast and keep moving towards your destination.

HD Digital traffic is also available in the Nuvi 3450 & 3450LM with the additional of the optional GTM60