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Don’t forget Mom

Yes it is the time of year when we remember our Mothers and we have a lot to offer you in the line of gifts for her. Something for every type of Mom from the athletic to the traveler to the outdoor adventurer, yes we have something for her needs. You have less than a week to order something and guarantee you have it in time without paying for expedited delivery so time is counting down. I saw in Garmin’s Blog this morning that they are providing navigation equipment for the first civilian woman from Afghanistan to fly around the world. Pretty impressive, and we here at The GPS Store wish her well in her travels. I read a lot about “punching mats” from the Garmin sponsored anglers and had no idea what it was because I am from the Thousand Island area of NYS. So i looked it up and it is flipping or pitching a heavy weighted bait through grass mats that form cover for the fish below, seems like a southern thing but even on the St. Lawrence River there are some grass mats that cover secluded spots on the river. Guess that is why I didn’t catch a lot of fish. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will be back to you on Monday.

End of the month

Hard to believe that it is the end of April but when I look at the warehouse and shipping I know it is the end of the month. If it isn’t nailed down it gets shipped, just kidding. Our people are out straight trying their best to get the products our customers have ordered, to them without a delay. Just stuck my head out in receiving and saw two trucks one with Raymarine on it and the other with Shakespeare antennas and accessories. Our people are the best at what they do and the best part is that they like what they do. There is a difference between doing a job because it provides a paycheck and doing a job because you like to do it, and it shows. I have a busy weekend going on this week. A car show on Saturday morning which means I have to get mine looking good by washing and waxing it. I don’t enter it but I do like it to look good while I am driving it. It was something that my Father taught me as a kid to take care of your cars by keeping them clean and changing the oil. Funny, but it is similar to that with marine electronics, you should keep them clean and their connections checked, and to also keep them updated. By the way it is also the end of our month for sales so don’t hesitate to see what we can do price wise for you. I am going to sign off now and hopefully will be able to write to you tomorrow. If there is something you would like me to explain or get an answer for you just let me know.

Here we are again

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend are ready for another work week. We are kind of in a lull this week here at the store waiting for May to come in and officially enter our summer season. Down here we have “moving in and moving out” day on Saturday each week, and traffic to the islands and beaches is really busy with tourists trying to get in their rentals and others trying to get on the road to their homes after a vacation with us. We still plenty of manufactures that are offering rebates so it still is a good time of year to invest in GPS and marine electronics. Don’t forget Mom, because her day is coming quickly and you should be thinking about what to get her. Travel will be picking up over the next couple of months, so don’t forget to update your GPS to make sure they are working. I will have some information on a few new products on Wednesday so stay tuned.

Annual warning to get started thinking about Mom

Yes it is that time of year when we start thinking about our Mother, and trying to get her the very best present for her, something unusual that tells her how much we care about her. If Mom is an outdoors person who like outdoor sports like hiking, golf, running, biking or swimming we have plenty to offer you that will help her in any of these adventures. If your family is just getting started how about a babyCam that would allow her to monitor your little ones in the back seat and keep her facing forward and of course if they are travelers how about a good old automotive GPS to get her to her destination safely. Of course any of these ideas can be paired with flowers or chocolates to make them romantic. This is your first reminder so don’t worry I will send you more.

Seems like things are going fast

Hello again to everyone, I had the opportunity to walk through shipping and receiving on Monday and I was very impressed with how our young guys out their keep up with everything. It made me feel good to see what our guys do because Drew and Gina have made them feel like they are part of the GPS Store just like the people in sales. These young people take ownership for what they do, and don’t do it just for a paycheck, you don’t often see that in today’s worker. I did see that one of the companies we represent are one of the sponsors in Custom Shootout being held at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor Marina – Abaco, Bahamas; not a bad way to spend a couple of days if you ask me. If you haven’t noticed it on our website we are having a SALE on selected Lowrance and Simrad products now through 4/24. For the products on sale it is really a good deal so take a look if you are in the market for a Lowrance or Simrad item. Well I guess I better get back to work or they may not let me write to you about our store (just kidding).

Updating marine equipment

Just though that I would remind everyone out there that has marine equipment to take a look at the manufacture’s website to see if there is an update for your equipment to keep it running smoothly or fixing known issues with the equipment. I guess this could go for just about any piece of electrical equipment. I myself have found out by looking on the internet how to reset a dishwasher and how to check on a washing machine to see if it is working correctly and what I could do to fix it if it wasn’t. These can be as simple as disconnecting the unit from electrical current to pressing and holding a couple of buttons on the item. Marine updates are generally available to download from the manufactures’ website to a memory card to run in the equipment or now even some equipment is WiFi enabled so you just have to find an open internet connection to connect to and the update just downloads directly to the unit. These updates keep your equipment running smoothly and fix any number of issues with your system. For an example if you have a Garmin network system like a 7610 with a radar and GCV-10, a NMEA 2000 GPS antenna, GXM 52, autopilot and other equipment you turn every item on and insert the update into the card slot and all items on the netword will be updated. Pretty cool the way that happens. Any mariner should check at least once a year for updates. Well I am gone until Monday so stay safe and have a great weekend.

Bass tournaments are in full swing.

Results from the BassMaster Classic have two Garmin pros finishing second and tenth, both were using the Panoptix technology to find and catch fish. They feel that the sharp clear returns and the great detail that their charting provides them, give them an advantage over their competition and we are happy to represent Garmin as an authorized distributor of their products. If you would like information on Panoptix or any other fish finding technology please don’t hesitate to call, our experts would be happy to speak with you. It is also interesting to see a company GoPro that probably didn’t exist 10 years ago, that is now a major sponsor of BassMaster, and yes we are authorized representative for them as well. It is next to impossible, to go to an event any longer that you don’t see a GoPro camera recording some portion of the event, whether it is a fishing tournament, boat show, car show, or any sporting event. We fell that the use of an action camera will continue to grow as people adapt them to view their performance.

We continue to grow

Well our VP Jamie and his wife Tara welcomed a new daughter yesterday, and both Mom and Baby Girl are doing well by all reports. We still do not have a name but do expect to hear it sometime today. I think anyone who has read this blog has at least gotten an understanding of how much these young people mean to me, so when a new little person is added to their families it is as though I have another one to my family. We here at the store send our congratulations to Tara and Jamie and know that they will continue to be great parents who will guide their lives with love and respect. Wow it is tough to come up with something better than an announcement like this one so I will be back with you on Monday with news on the store and not the family.

Glad to be back

Well I do hope that at least one person missed me, because I have been away for three weeks. I was asked to help out answering phones and working on the sales floor to cover for one of our co-workers, and I cannot tell you how proud and honored I was to be asked to do this here at The GPS Store. It reinforced to me how much these people mean to me and how much I mean to them. I also got more up to date with what our customers are wanting and looking to do with their GPS and electronics. Whether you are a bass fisherman or offshore fishermen we have a system for you and can help you spec out what equipment you will need to do what you want. What is hot right now in marine electronics here at The GPS Store are the new EchoMap Chirp’s from Garmin that are just flying out the door, and the Quantum Radars from Raymarine that we are expecting our first ones here today. Of course as the freshwater lakes and rivers in the north become unfrozen all brands of electronics will become popular. I did get a chance to visit both BassPro Shop and Gander Mountain this weekend and look at there display of marine electronics and it appears that they are putting only small display units out for customers to see. Our showroom here in Ocean Isle Beach, NC has everything up to 12″ displays on our sales floor. If you are in our area on holiday and want to get a look at a unit you might want to purchase, call ahead and ask if it is on display.

How is your New Years Resolution to get fit working for you?

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a big week.  I bet that a lot of you who made the New Years Resolution to start getting fit and losing weight are getting tired of the same routine in the gym, well it is time to take it outdoors with the break in the weather.  Garmin offers an aid for just about every outdoor activity whether it is walking, jogging, off road hiking, swimming or biking.  Granted some of the aids are certainly priced for the serious competitor or the very rich but a lot of them are for the everyday person who just wants to lose a few pounds.  Here is a link to what we can offer you in the line of sports and fitness and I am sure there is something in here that will benefit you. I hope everyone has a great start to your week and i will be back with you later this week.