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We are wrapping up the first week

Our store just like all who are shopping for the holiday season are wrapping up our first full week.  Like our customers we take a look at what we have done and figure out what we can do better so look for us to be even better than we were this week next week; if that is possible because we have the best of everything here at The GPS Store, from our people, products, and store we have all we need to make your holidays happy.  Our holiday sale continues today but will change as the season goes on so if you see something you want don’t hesitate to order it may only be offered once at the sale price for the holiday.  Well I get to do a little face time with some of our customers today, in our showroom, trying to help them with their holiday shopping needs.  Back to you on Monday.

We are ready for you

The weekend is almost behind us and we are well into Cyber Monday.  Orders online, over the phone, and walk in traffic are really coming in.  I would like to thank you for your support.  We have plenty of stock so do not worry about getting your package on time if you order early.  It is really good to see everyone pulling together to get our customers taken care of.  I just helped a walk in customer who didn’t buy anything but wanted to ask questions for his boat in the spring.  It was good to have the opportunity to speak with him.  I hope if you are ordering online please make sure your order ships quickly.  I don’t want to disparage some of our competitors but they will list an item in stock and actually not have it but are depending on a warehouse to fill the order.  We do not do this we buy directly from our manufacturers and if we list it in stock we have it.  Enjoy your day but remember us on Cyber Monday.

Enough Turkey and Football?

I hope that everyone got exactly enough to eat and watch on television yesterday.  I mean my wife and I had a 23 lb turkey for just ourselves and a couple of out of towners and three complete football games.  How could you ask for anything more?  Well it is the Christmas Season for my beautiful Wife as she was up at 3:00 A. M. watching Hallmark Christmas movies non-stop and was still at it when I left home at 8:30 this morning. Well now let’s get down to it.  The shopping season is now well underway ans we have great specials: two of the most popular and do all handheld GPS from Garmin the 78SC and 64ST are tops for on the water backup and hunting in the back country.  We have auto units, combination chartplotter/sounder units, radios I mean we have a great cross section of everything we offer.  Drew, Scott and Jamie went to the manufacturers to get the very best prices that are being offered anywhere.  Well I hope your season is a safe and happy one and that you will be shopping at our store for one or more people this Christmas.  I will be back to write on Monday so stay safe and check the sides of your cars when parking to shop this weekend.

Are you ready for some Football

Yes indeed we are officially starting the holiday shopping season for 2016 tomorrow but a large number of people will be starting today, after 5:00 P.M. when the prices unofficially go down.  I have a few items on my Christmas wish list this year but I won’t get any of them because I don’t tell anyone what I want because I want them to spend their time and money on others.  This sounds stupid but it is how i really feel at this time of year.  So that being said lets get on with the season so i can feel good about myself and everyone else.   I have absolutely no idea of what my wife really wants for Christmas because she is like me and we know how that goes.  We will be offering something for just about anyone this season, from gifts under $100.00 to items well over $2000.00 and just about any price in between.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones close or if not close I hope they are all safe and happy.  To all of our military people in harms way or not in harms way, we at The GPS Store thank you every day for your service and want you to come home safe and sound.  We appreciate your sacrifices and know that we can never fully repay you for what you do.  Yup tomorrow is a great football day to gather around the TV and get loud whether your team is winning, losing or even if they aren’t even playing, it is a great game to watch.  I know all of us here at The GPS Store wish all of youl a Happy Thanksgiving and offer you our thanks for your support.

The week before Christmas Shopping

Does anyone else feel like they should be in running shoes and light weight clothing to start shopping for Christmas? I mean, I feel like I am about to start a race but I do know it is one I am very happy to start every year.  I work for a company that wants to make everyone happy at Christmas.  It is a great feeling to have customers come back to us year after year to trust us to get their presents to them or another person on time.  We take this trust very seriously because it has taken us years to earn it from our customers.  Well I shouldn’t call them customers they are our friends now.  We will be sending out more notices of items that we have on sale starting on Wednesday I believe.  Please don’t get too upset with the increased email it will not last too long.  We really have a lot of items that would make great Christmas Presents and our best way to promote them is through email.  I hope everyone has started their Christmas lists of presents to buy for your friends and family.  Keep checking with us, we will be offering something for everyone and I will be back to write to you again this week.  We are now off and running.

Really getting down to it.

Where did the year 2016 go to?  We are one week away from Thanksgiving and even less away from the start of Christmas shopping.  I came in this morning and Scott was speaking with our sales force, to address their concerns, listen to their suggestions, and let them know what we expect for a surge in orders and customer calls.  We will have some really great items going on sale.  When our people know what they are they jump in learning as much as they can about those items so when a customer calls to ask a question, they will get the correct answer without hesitation.  I am extremely excited about what we will be offering this holiday season so please keep looking at out website to see what is coming.  I would bet we have something for just about everyone who is shopping.  Stay safe and I will be back to you early next week.

Better late than never

Yes I am back and glad to be here.  Had to miss a few days of work and I am sorry about that because I had promised I would write to you later last week and I didn’t fill my promise.  I am glad the presidential election and campaigns are over and done with, lets get on with it.  I am already tired of the “Black Friday” deals being offered at my local Cadillac Dealership, Best Buy, Dicks Sporting Goods and every what seems to be big box store.  when it comes to Black Friday we will be offering real deals on items we feel that the Christmas shopper looking for our products will want, so just go to your computer and place the order, most of the country will have their presents by Tuesday the following week.  Stay tuned I will be bringing these items into the blog to point them out to you.

Wow Christmas Season is starting earlier this year

Yesterday while I watched football and waited for the NASCAR race to start late into the evening I could not believe the number of commercials that advertised Black Friday Specials, of course they were for cars and large appliances but one wonders how long before everything is Black Friday priced.  I guess that with it coming earlier this year it is the reason that some major chain stores are not opening on Thanksgiving or Black Friday either.  I almost forgot to mention but Scott and Jamie flew to Fort Lauderdale for the Boat Show on Saturday to see if our store would fit in there.  I know they will discuss what they saw with Drew in the near future.  I did see that Garmin introduced some now chartplotter/fishfinder combination and a new forward scanning Panoptix transducer and some new VHF radios, as well as two new Phantom Radar Domes.  I think that all of them will certainly be a solid choice for our customers, and we will be happy to offer them to our customers.  I will have information on our Christmas specials over the next couple of weeks, so keep reading and I will be back later this week.

Good Morning to Everyone

Well I finally have someone else citing the importance of a GPS while you are hunting.  In November 1st Garmin Blog they have finally said that every Deer Hunter or Upland Game hunter should carry a GPS. I feel a little vindicated for preaching it for years.  Things here at the store are going to be slightly quiet for the next couple of weeks before holiday shopping hits, at least we hope.  We will have something for everyone this Christmas from inexpensive Auto GPS to very expensive Fenix GPS and of course for the family who wants to make sure Dad has everything he needs for his boat this spring we will have solutions for you.  I don’t know about everyone else but I am very happy that this election year is about over.  I am very tired of all the dirt that is being thrown from both sides.  I guess it is going to be choice of which  is better for you.  Too much said on this issue so I will let it go for now.  Have a great weekend and I will be back next week.

Trying this again

I have been having some trouble posting to this blog so lets hope this one gets through.  I have also been away with some back issues and don’t know how long it will last.  seems the quick switch to cool weather always does it for me.  I hope that everyone can enjoy the World Series this year no matter who you route for and no matter who wins it will be great for baseball.  I am routing for the Cubs not just because it has been 108 years since their last win but because the Myrtle Beach Pelicans are the Cubs A Advanced minor league team and we get to see the kids on their way to the majors.  Things here at the store are quiet as we gear up for what we hope is a Christmas rush.  The planning has been done and the products have been ordered for timely deliveries throughout the Christmas season.  I got out to downtown Myrtle Beach this past weekend and there were trees down everywhere whether they were up routed or snapped off they were laying everywhere next to the roads.  It will be some time before it all gets claned up, the poor folks in Lumberton, NC still don’t have water and it is trucked in daily.  Until next time stay safe everyone.