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Opening Day at Annapolis

At 10:00 A.M. today the Annapolis Sailboat Show opened its doors or gates to the public and our Brian and Scott are their to greet our new friends and customers as well as old friends and customers we hope.  The show will provide us with an opportunity to offer manufacturer supported price reductions for the last time in 2015.  These price discounts will not appear again until we are at the NYC Boatshow in January of 2016.  If you are looking at new marine electronics the discounts we may be offering map pay for a trip to beautiful Annapolis, Md.  I hope you can take the opportunity to go to the show and see Scott and Brian.  I would like o ask a favor of anyone who reads this, to keep the people affected by the flooding in the South and North Carolina in your prayers.  Too often the people who can least afford it are the ones most affected by the storm and devastation of the flooding afterwards.  People today are just now being evacuated, in areas of South Carolina, as flood waters continue to rise and more dams break.

Glad the rain has finally ended.

The rain finally ended sometime on Tuesday morning here on Coastal Carolina.  In Little River where I live we got 26″ of rain in less than 48 hours, and it was nothing short of a mess.  I was trapped in my development on and off for almost 3 days.  One of my neighbors had to avoid a 6 cubic yard dumpster that was floating right at him, and when he did his car was in too deep to get out.  The water ran in over the windows and shorted the entire system out.  He was able to get out but the car wasn’t removed until the next morning.  We were lucky not one of our homes in our community suffered flood damage and yet in the areas outside of the Grand Strand flood waters are still rising last evening some rivers were up to 6 feet over flood levels.  Let’s move on to something more happy:  Scott and Brian are on their way to Annapolis, Md for the SailBoat Show, and there they will be passing out some of the best deals of the year as it is our last boat show for 2015.  Of course we will have some specials here at the store just to keep us busy.

Boat Show Finale

Today our showroom is being bundled up and put into a display cabinet that will leave next Wednesday for Annapolis and the Sail Show which is our last one for 2015. Scott, Brian and Phillip will be traveling and setting up on Wednesday to be running on Thursday the first day of the show. We have some great deals that will be available at the show from the manufactures we represent. This is what is great about the show, it is not old inventory that hasn’t moved but rather it is the latest and greatest the manufacturers have to offer. If you have questions at the show our people would be happy to answer them, whether it is configuring your system or just learning how to use what you have or want to buy. แผนที่ดาวเทียม We have a new $200 rebate on the Furuno GP1870F and 1670F, which really makes their price affordable.  This is Friday for me and I will hopefully be checking back in with everyone on Monday, just hoping that hurricant Joaquin stays out to sea and if it doesn’t that everyone is safe.

Garmin takes first and second

True it is that Garmin equipped fishing teams in the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Tournament.  Pretty impressive as the first place finisher won over $55,000 and second was pretty good as well with over $34,000, now if they had themselves in the calcutta they really took home some cash.  The winning boat was equipped with twin GPSMAP 8215′s with an open array radar, sirius weather and a GSD 26 CHIRP sounder.  No specifics were given on what Garmin electronics were used on the second place finisher other than it was similarly equipped. what is my ip?  Here is a link to the blog with pictures of the boats and winning entries. I hope everyone has a great afternoon and I will be back tomorrow.

The Pope has left the U.S.

I saw the Pope on Sheppard 1 liftoff last evening marking the end of his time in the U.S.  What a schedule he had, but he always took time to kiss a baby, bless someone who needed it or just show how much he cares about everyone.  I just know he livened up security when he left his chair to mingle with the convicts in the prison in Philadelphia.  He is intent on making the world take notice of him and how he thinks the world should be run.  The Pope is a holy and pious man who loves everyone and is willing to forgive them as well.  This week Scott and Brian will be busy taking care of last minute items to make the Annapolis Sailboat Show a success for the store and the manufacturers we represent.  Keep looking at our website, for the specials we will be offering, just in case you cannot attend.  I will be writing again on Wednesday, so until then please stay safe.

Hunting season must be close.

Well hunting season must really be near because even Garmin has referenced it in their blog this morning.  Of course I wrote about the same information over the last two weeks.  Of course in Garmin’s blog they went into detail about the benefits of pre-hunting and area even if it is on the computer using maps from Google Earth, Garmin’s 24K Topo and HuntView in conjunction with their free software BaseCamp.  There are also a couple of other tips in the blog that most hunters I am sure do not think of.  I pointed it out to our resident hunter in the office and he said there were points he never thought of before.  We still have a great price on Garmin’s GPSMAP 6212 and also some bundles with it adding radar and network sounder modules, so take a look, it is a tough unit that will last a very long time.   Well I am done until Monday so everyone have a safe and rocking weekend.

I guess fall was a little early for me.

Sorry about that, but I honestly thought that fall always arrived on Sep 21st not the 23rd like this year.  Never the less it is the time of year for hunting season and our last boat show of the year the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  If you are planning on being part of the migration down the coast to the Bahamas for the winter you should be well underway in your planning but it is not too late if you need to add a new plotter or marine chart to your helm, and we can certainly help with either.  One thing that I would ask everyone purchasing electronics is to make sure whomever you buy from is an “Authorized Dealer” for the manufacturer you decide upon.  Too often a person buys what he or she thinks is the best deal only to find out later that the product has been sitting in a warehouse somewhere and is outdated or defective and not eligible for warranty repair or replacement because the store where purchased was not authorized by the manufacturer to sell their products.   I will be back tomorrow and write to you then, be safe.

Into Fall we go

Wow wasn’t that a fast summer, now the kids are back in school and the leaves are changing in the north, what a beautiful time of year.  With the onset of fall it usually means hunting season in most states is fast approaching.  It is a good time to check your equipment from your actual hunting rifle, shotgun, or bow, to your clothes and everything in between.  Don’t forget to check your GPS and any mapping you may need, go outside and make sure that your GPS acquires satellites and your mapping is accurate.  Check your boots for leaks too, because there is nothing worse than being stuck on watch with cold wet feet.  If you are hunting a species of big game that you can use dogs for, consider spending the money on an Astro or Alpha from Garmin, although they are not cheap the expense is worth it, to not lose your best hunting dog, who might also be one of your best friends.  Whatever you are doing this fall don’t forget to take a look at our website we will always have specials that may be of interest to you.

Great Deal

Hi everyone we have been given a great deal on a commercial grade fully networkable, large screen chartplotter the GPSMAP 6212.  A full color, full coastal U.S. charts, 12″ networkable screen plotter.  It does not get a whole lot better for the commercial fisherman looking to add a new plotter to his or her wheelhouse.   How about the debate last night?  I don’t know about you but some of the candidates are starting to look like one trick ponies a should think about ending their run for the GOP nomination.  Personally I think that the ones who are gaining the most attention are the ones saying what America wants to hear, not covering for their cronies back in Washington.  Did you ever look up the employment history on our state and federal representatives?  It scares me when they have never had a job other than for the government or for a political party.  Enough of that I don’t want to start an argument, I just want the friends of the GPS Store to know we are here for them.   I hope “y’all” have a great weekend and please stay safe.  Write to you on Monday.

Fall is in the air

Well the first weekend of football season is almost over, and everyone now knows what they need to add to their roster in fantasy football to be the winner of the store football pool. (Not Really) A change to the rules this year as our normal fantasy football game was cancelled by ESPN.  I can tell it is fast approaching hunting season here so it must be hunting somewhere else in this great land of ours.  Just a reminder that your handheld GPS may need to be updated and mapping checked for its accuracy.  If you are hunting the west I strongly recommend a good handheld GPS with map detain that shows private and state land parcels.  I was watching a show on television last night on game wardens in Wyoming cited a hunter for trespassing.  His issue was he didn’t see Posted signs, well some of the western states the landowners are not required to post their land because of the size of it.  This highlights a reason for Garmin’s Hunview mapping because it does highlight both public and private land.  A great GPS with mapping combination would be the Oregon 650T with Huntview mapping for the state you are hunting in the west.