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Here I am again

Hi everyone, I had a busy week last week. I got to answer phones, which i love to do. I like to speak with the people who make The GPS Store what we are; our customers. I love to answer the phone and have a customer ask for one of our guys and gals because they trust them to answer their questions honestly which they always will do. How about fall now being here? I know hunters in northern New York are chomping at the bit for big game season. If you are venturing into the mountains please consider a GPS with Topo mapping covering the area you are hunting on. If you are hunting in a party think about one of Garmin’s Rino GPS/Radios they can add another element of safety to your hunt. Well until later in the week stay safe and look ahead.

A new sale started yesterday

That is correct, Raymarine and Flir started a “Big Fall Savings Event” that offers large rebates on some of their more popular equipment. I cannot remember a time that Flir offered rebates before but we welcome them for our customers. This weekend The GPS Store employees are getting together to have a little fun at the Boss’ expense. I hope the know what they are getting themselves into? I am sure they do and a great time will be had by all. Well we made it to mid week and when I went into the warehouse this morning it was very busy, which I like and everyone here likes as well. I was watching ESPN this morning and saw something that the medical records of the athletes in the Olympics had their records hacked by Russia. I wonder why they wanted them, and how come “Hacking” has gotten out of control and why we as Americans are not protected. If the Presidential Election gets hacked does that mean we have more time with President O’Bama? See you next week, and I hope you all have a great week and weekend too.

A long weekend that saw it all.

Yes indeed we here in Coastal Carolina saw it all this past Labor Day Weekend. The weather on Thursday night thru Friday night late was terrible because of Tropical Storm Hermine. Tremendous thunder and lightning on Thursday night and heave rain and wind Friday morning until late Friday night. Worried on Friday because my wife travels 60+ miles one way along the coast and cannot stay home because of her position, so I was very much on edge until she got home Friday evening. Saturday morning clear and sunny just a beautiful day and humidity was down and so were the temperatures for the rest of the weekend. It was great and getting time to spend with one of our sons was great too. Well now here at the store we are, believe it or not, starting to get ready for our last boat show for 2016 in October and then right on its heels Christmas season is on us. Where did 2016 go, and what are we looking forward too in 2017, I hope it is better politically, enough said here. Please everyone remember on Sunday 15 years ago what was done to America and shed a tear for those people we have lost then and those since then trying to put an end to terror.

New month and new products

Yes summer is almost gone and the hurricane season is now in full swing here in Coastal Carolina with Hermine set to hit Tampa on Friday morning and continue up the coast as a tropical storm with heavy rain hitting our area early Saturday morning. Lets hope that is all we get and all anyone gets. Yes it is September and we are getting word of new products from Garmin like a new Forerunner 35 and a completely redesigned Virb Ultra 30 that even offers voice control. Looks like Garmin is in the action video market for the long haul with this latest camera. Well our sales for August were good again and the hope is we can push on with strong sales through the end of the year. Looking good so far. We still have a large number of items at discounted prices in all sections of our product line, Outdoor, Automotive, and Marine. We also have a bargain price on Garmin’s GPS 72H a great unit for the beginner looking to get into geocaching or for use as a marine backup in your ditch bag. Here is wishing everyone a great holiday weekend and a safe one as well, I will be back to you on Wednesday.

I think that company is gone until next year now

True it is that summer is all but gone and fall is fast approaching and with that any company my wife and I expect to visit, have come and gone. After a week long party I need the rest to come back to work and be with my other family here at The GPS Store. It is always good to see their faces and talk about what has happened to us. Jamie is building a house, Scott is involved deeply with his Son’s soccer travel team, Ash with her little guy’s baseball, Brian becoming a Dad again, Char looking to share time with David, Noelle visiting family and friends in Mass., Drew and Gina busy with Andrew and Jack getting back into the school swing, similar for Nick getting Noah going back to school. Well I haven’t had a chance to even see what is going on yet so I will know more on Monday. Whoa I did see one thing from Garmin that they announced a new watch that will do everything. I am just going to leave this where it is.

Right around the corner

That’s right hunting season is right around the corner and in some parts of the country is already going on and Garmin has two new Rino’s to offer the hunters. The Rino’s 750 and 750t have improved GPS/GLONASS receivers which doubles the number of satellites to get position data from, so you should nearly always know where you are. These new handheld GPS/Radios also use Garmin’s HuntView Topo mapping that gives you much more information that traditional topo maps. In some of the state HuntView maps you even see the name of the property owner who you can call to see if they will allow you to hunt their land. This is a long way from just ten years ago when you had a topo map that provided you with just that detail. Moving away from The GPS Store for a sentence or two, we have tremendous devastation from natural disasters in the U.S. that we need to come together to get our people safe and rebuilt, we do not need to be worried about what some people think of what we are doing. The people in Louisiana, Maryland, and West Virginia need to be taken care of, and aid needs to be sent their way in a hurry. I don’t want to get political but our first responders whether police or rescue do not need to worry about being shot when they respond. That is about as far as I am going to go with that so I will be back with you next week, please stay safe until then.

Summer is winding down

It is definitely hard to believe but summer 2016 is almost over for school kids. Some schools are already back and others have students returning this week. I honestly don’t know where the time went. I hope everyone got to take the vacation they needed or wanted this summer, and you are now back looking forward to football season. Of course we at The GPS Store have a fantasy league we all participate in, not for money of course, but for the trophy we pass on each year to the winner. If you haven’t taken that last get away of summer Garmin on their blog is posting 66 tips for your trip. They are putting them in their blog is sections and here is a link to the latest. I hope everyone has a great week, whether traveling or back at your job, because we all deserve it.

Where has summer gone

Well I went out shopping with my wife this weekend for a new laptop, mine crapped out on Monday and I spent two full days trying to fix it and finally got fed up so off we went. We went to Best Buy and wouldn’t you know it we hit “Tax Free Weekend” so instead of the usual couple of people looking for a laptop we hit the “mother load”, everything from the kid who knows everything techy there is to know, and of course to Grandma and Grandpa who know virtually nothing, (guess where we were). No more browsing what is being shown but now you have to register with one of their computer associates who escorts you through the maze of units and people, good grief I don’t need this kind of pressure so get me out of there. The big thing that I came away with (besides a new laptop) was summer is pretty close to over and schools are starting here in less than two weeks. Wow, I had no idea so if you are still looking for that back to school GPS? We have what you need, and don’t forget that we can help you. It was kind of odd this morning though because of my realization about back to school that Garmin’s Blog was about 66 tips for a summer road trip , after all doesn’t back to school mean the end of summer. Well I am off until Wednesday so please be nice to each other.

End of week

Good morning everyone and yes it is the end of the week here at The GPS Store for me but rest assured I have things to do at home and on the road starting tomorrow morning with service on my Mustang and then to the list my beautiful bride will have ready for me. Not bad though because it gets me out of the house and moving which I need to do, trust me on this. Here at The GPS Store things are moving right along, the showroom isn’t too busy today so some jobs that have been postponed are getting done. We have a VP on vacation this week so things seem to fall on our other VP but he is comfortable in the role so things go on smoothly. I was just looking at the faces here and they all have been here for quite some time now. We really don’t have much turnover if any at all and that goes right back to the people who started The GPS Store Gina and Drew. I am going to sign off now and promise to write again to you early next week so stay tuned.

Hard to believe it

Yes it is hard for me to believe that it is back to school time adds are on television and hunting season catalog are in the mail. I received a large store catalog, that competes with us for outdoor GPS, over the weekend, so I just had to compare what they were offering to what we sell the same item for. I could not believe it but we were consistently 20% less expensive on handheld Garmin GPS. I hope that if you received a catalog this weekend and were considering a new handheld GPS, you would compare its prices to ours, you will be very pleasantly surprised. If you find another price less expensive than what we are offering, give us a chance to match it, we can at least try. Also we can answer questions you may have. The other big thing I noticed over the weekend was television adds for back to school items. If you have a student traveling to a new city for college, think about an auto GPS to help them find their way around that new city. We do have some great deals on auto GPS. Well I have to go for now but I will be writing again later this week, so until then stay safe.