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Still cold out

Good Morning,

Well it is the time of year that cabin fever set in in the North.  The snow is still everywhere and if you are not a skier, snowmobile rider, or other outdoor enthusiast you are just hoping to see warm weather and sunshine.  Now is the time to start training for spring because it is coming.  We offer a large inventory of exercise activity devices to cover your needs.  The Approach line from Garmin is great for the avid golfer especially if you are planning a trip to unfamiliar courses, we have them for your wrist or best whichever you prefer.  For the bicycle rider we have a number of options in Garmin’s Edge line to assist you with training for that 100K ride coming in June or the New England Mountain Bike Festival in June.  For the runners and swimmers we have a large number of options from the Fenix 2 to the Forerunner line and Vivofits from Garmin to the Soleus running GPS Watches.  We even have the Garmin Swim to aid in your Aquatic Training.

Boat Safety

Hi All,

I saw that Rob Konrad was in the news this morning again.  some people are questioning whether he did swim 9 miles to the shore on his own, without a life vest.  I thought that people were smarter than to go fishing alone without the proper safety devices on.  Safety first should be the priority when venturing out on any body of water.  Please consider an Epirb or a Personal Locator Beacon as part of your “ditch bag” in the event you become stranded or your boat goes down.  If your vessel is large enough a raft is always something to consider for the safety or you and your passengers.  We will be repeating this message and looking at other safety devices in May during Safe Boating Week.

Monday Morning

HI All,

i hope you had a great weekend and those of you suffering through a really tough winter got a break from snow and cold.  My wife and I got to Charleston this weekend to look and buy her a new car, my pockets are empty today so i hope someone is buying lunch here today.  We may see some snow overnight which may mean some real difficulties on the road even though it is only 1/4″.  I know this makes a northerner laugh but natives to our area just do not have the practice driving on it, and show real smarts by not moving to where they would get the practice.  Easter and semester breaks will be coming soon (if there is any time left for them in the north) so Myrtle Beach area will be really getting busy.  If you are thinking about driving to our area please make sure you have your GPS mapping up to date, and if you don’t have one we have plenty of options for you, and a lot of them will not break your vacation budget, just give us a call.


Good Morning Everyone,

Hope you all are warm and safe.  Definitely too cold for Coastal Carolina, 17′ on my way to work.  I did have a chance to speak with Scott, Brian, and Jamie about the new products they say in Miami, and everyone to a man said the Furuno’s new TZtouch2 with the internal RexBoost sounder, which offers 4-8 times sharper images than standard sounders’ is a real plus; when you consider you can probably use your old 10 pin Furuno transducer.  Also the touch screen was not as sensitive to the touch, which means when you touch the screen it is intentional and not that your hand or fingers just happen to tap it.  They were also very impressed with Garmin’s new Panoptix “All Seeing Sonar” that offers new “Live” viewing options, so you can now see bait or fish targets in real-time either in front or below the boat using their LiveVu Down, LiveVu 3D Down, RealView 3D features.


Chilly Morning Here

Hello Everyone,

A cold morning for the south today 32′ on my way to work but not -11′ like where i left.  I did hear that the cold and winter weather is going to continue for a while in the northeast.  I am sure that this is not what they wanted to hear.  Sales Floor is at full staff this morning Brian and Scott got back from the Miami Boat Show yesterday, slightly tired but very happy to have met so many nice people.  I am now hearing the stories about the manufacture’s representatives and how wild they got, so if you were one who was out of hand, remember we know here at The GPS Store.  Is anyone really on board with the notion that it is alright for people in our country illegally, to be given a pass if they are caught driving over the legal limit?  Well for the next short while we will be catching our breath from the shows, and taking care of the customers who placed their trust in us to provide them with their marine electronics.  Everyone in the cold areas of our country and Canada try to stay warm and safe.

Monday Again

Well the Miami Boat Show ends this evening so anyone who hasn’t placed your order for electronics please contact the “boys in the booth” # 1618 in the electronics room.  Check out our Facebook page Scott posted a picture of Brian, Jamie and himself with some very pretty Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders.  I know it was a treat for the three of them but kind of wonder where Philip was, it s not like him to miss a visit by pretty girls.  Well winter is killing the northeast again and we down here are only battling cold temperatures down to the high teens, but nothing like what is going on up north.  Heard from an old friend Jim McQuade, on Cape Cod this morning with a picture of what looks like a 7′ snowbank at the end of his driveway.  Of course he decorated it with the inscription “Super Bowl Champs”.  Still good to hear from him.  We at the store wish you, who are suffering this winter, some needed relief soon, and hope you and your neighbors are looking out for each other.

Furuno Announcement

Furuno TZT 2
Furuno just announced that they are adding to the TZTouch line of plotters a new 12.1″ and 15.6″ MFD.  These are named the Navnet TZTouch2 they mark a new era in Furuno plotters, they not only utilize the ease of the original TZTouch but they are combination MFD’s.  They in clude an internal 56 channel GPS receiver and a built in 600W or 1kW sounder using their newest sonar technology called RezBoost delivering 4-8 times sharper fish targets.  Existing Radars and sonar boxes are still compatible and can be added to the new TZTL12F and TZTL15F combination units.  Also being shown today is the new series of Instrument Displays the FI70 which is a cosmetic match to the NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 and the NavPilot 711C.  The FI70 features a simple, easy to use, intuitive screen with vivid colors that are highly visible in the most extreme of sunlight conditions.

Raymarine Releases

Well it didn’t take long for Raymarine to announce their new releases for 2015.  Firt to be announced was a new sounder module a model CP series.  The CP stands for Clear Pulse technology which deliver exceptional clarity, and sharper fish targets.  The CP370 is a 1Kw black box sounder module operating at 200Khz for Inshore or 50Khz deeper offshore fishing.  Adding to the CP line are two sounders offering CHIRP the CP470 for the serious fisherman and the CP570 which is a professional grade sonar module delivering up to 4kW of power with two fully independent sonar channels to deliver fast target identification.  Some new vision cameras have also been released, one is the Ocean Scout a rugged compact version and a new M400 a versatile, high-performance pan/tilt marine camera system designed for best-in-class short and long range target identification.  A next generation of Dragonfly sounders is also being released featuring Raymarine’s wide spectrum CHIRP but probably the most interesting of these is the new Wi-Fish, that’s right, a wireless black box sonar for Smartphones and Tablets.

Garmin at Miami

Garmin just announced some new products at the Boat Show.  The most revolutionary being “Panoptix All-Seeing Sonar” which is sure to revolutionize sonar technology that allows the mariner to see all around their boat in realtime, forwards, backwards, sideways and down even while stationary. Panoptix is a multi-beam transducer is now ideal for near-shore and freshwater fisherman that once was only available in the offshore commercial market.  Along with Panoptix Garmin also announced BlueChart Mobil 2.0 that adds streaming worldwide weather to their popular marine app.  Four new 16″ MFD’s were also unveiled two with internal sonar and two without.  The 74XX series come with a worldwide basemat while the 76XX series come loaded with coastal Bluechart G2 and LakeVuTM HD lake maps.  Garmin also showed an “in-hull kayak transducer mount that is compatible with current Garmin echo fishfinders and echo portable kits, as well as the echoMAP “dv” GPS/sonar combos and some GPSMAP GPS/sonar combos.

First Release

Well the first release of new products at the show has come from Fusion Electronics.  They have introduced their new MS-UD650 and UD750 entertainment.  They both have a new “Uni-Dock” system that protects and charges both compatible Apple iOS systems and MTP Android/Windows devices this is really good news for the boater with Samsung or Windows device they now have the same protection as the iPhone or iPod does.  They also released a new AV750 and AV650 with a much improved latch system that will keep the door closed when your boat takes a pounding on the seas as well as a self contained Bluetooth Support so you no longer need to add either the BT-100 or BT-200 device to your package.