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Sorry I didn’t get back to you last week

Yes my old back went out on me last week which made work impossible and also most of Mustang Week impossible as well. No meet n greet on Tuesday, road course on Wednesday, Dyno shootout on Thursday. Limited participation on Friday at a Cruise In and the show itself on Saturday done after 45 minutes. I missed advising you or a number of items that Scott and Jamie got together on to reduce price, and it is a pretty good list because it has something on it for almost everyone:
ACR 2881 $244.95
Garmin 18HD $999.95
Garmin 741xs $831.95
Lowrance Hook 7 $499.95
Furuno FCV588 $1149.00
Garmin echomap 94sv w/o Transducer $599.95
Garmin Nuvi 57LM $119.95
Garmin Nuvi 67LMT $159.95
Garmin Nuvi 2699LMT $204.95
Garmin Rino 650T $429.95
Take a look if you are looking for something to make your fishing more productive, or to be safer while hiking or on the water, even something for the serious offroad enthusiast and of course a couple of great deals on automotive GPS. Well I am going to sign off for now but hope to be able to write again later this week.

Hot, hot, hot

Yes the weather on the coast of the Carolinas is hot and it looks like it will be hot for a while yet. In the 90′s for at least the next 10 days but it does feel hotter with the humidity. Things here at the store seem to slow for a couple of weeks this time of year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great deals, just take a look at our Specials and Closeouts page there really is something for almost everyone. Yes today is the unofficial opening of Mustang Week but tomorrow is the official meet and greet which starts all the activities off, and I hope to be taking part in Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday’s festivities with the big one being Saturday’s Drive Inn at Myrtle Beach Mall. I think they may be expecting 10,000 Mustangs to converge for the day and it really is a sight. Hoping to get mine detailed tomorrow or Friday so I can look as good as the show cars. Sorry just a little wound up this week with the show, because a few of them may show up in Ocean Isle Beach and cruise by our store. If they stop we can certainly hook them up with GoPro cameras and mounts, or automotive GPS. If you are coming down stop by.

Back from the North

Yes it is true Drew let me come back after a week in the northeast in the mountains. I was in my old neighborhood between Ausable Forks and Lake Placid. I remember seeing who could get from Wilmington to Lake Placid the fastest when I was much younger and stupid. Make the drive through the “notch” a few times last weekend and now remember how stupid we really were. I did get to see some old friends that I should have made a greater effort to see sooner as some were now near the end and some have passed on. I just wish I went sooner, well at least I will see them again at some time. The young people here at The GPS Store make it so much easier to return because i know that some of them miss me, they just keep me young. I emailed with an old retired friend who is also a Mustang guy and he has now gone back to work a couple of days a week like me because sitting at home alone just isn’t any way to live. Well Tuesday starts Mustang Week here in Myrtle Beach and they are expecting over 10,000 Mustangs and fast Fords at Bass Pro shop parking lot on Saturday. It really is quite a spectacle. I didn’t mention that driving those back roads again I did bring my Garmin Auto GPS with me and it worked better than I could have asked for. A lot of my destinations didn’t have mailing address so I marked a waypoint and then the GPS got me there. I did mention Mustang Week and here is my entry.Mine

Off I go to the Adirondacks

Yes that’s right my wife and I are going home for one week. It will be great to breath air without humidity for a change and cooler nights too, for sleeping, air conditioning is still a luxury there and not a necessity like it is down here. Fishing season is in full swing everywhere now, so if you are finding that your electronics are not as good as you remember we can help you with that. We sill have a lot of great units on sale and would be happy to discuss anything with you when it comes to fishing or navigating. We have a great deal on Garmin’s GPSMAP 547 chartplotter. This 5″ color unit has charting for both salt and fresh water, so it you fish on the coast or one of the beautiful inland lakes chances are the plotter has you covered. Well I will be back next week on Friday so until then stay safe.

A long weekend is coming soon

Hard to believe but 2016 is almost half over today. It has been a great year for The GPS Store and we owe our success so far to our customers and friends. We look forward to being there for them for the rest of 2016 and well into the future as well. With the 4th of July almost here I do have to remind everyone to think of safety in what you are doing to protect you and your family from any type of danger, and there are many ways for anyone to be harmed. If you are thinking you may need something in the line of a GPS for the long weekend check out our 4th of July Sale, we have a lot of great items with reduced price for the holiday. And another item to think about if you are trying to get an item before travelling on Friday please order and use two day delivery or you will not get it in time in most areas of the country, also please keep in mind that on the true holiday Monday there will be no deliveries from any carrier. I hope be able to write to everyone on Tuesday when I get back so stay safe.

2016 is almost half way over.

Hard to believe isn’t it, that 2016 is half over on Thursday. Where has the year gone? Oh well we can’t stop it so lets just do the best with the rest of the year. We are in our last week for our 4th of July Sale and I have to ask you to get a GPS if you are driving on vacation this year. Being in one of the vacation spots of the U.S.A. here in Myrtle Beach, SC I have to say tourist drive crazy when trying to find a restaurant, motel, or shopping destination. I was out with my wife on Friday night, going to a restaurant but decided to turn around and go back because out of state cars were changing lanes without signals and crossing three lanes of traffic dangerously to go a destination they could have driven by, turned around safely, and gone back too but no they would not do that. So with that said we are offering a great automobile GPS for sale during our 4th of July Sale the Nuvi 2689LMT, it has features for every level of technology that the user would want. If you are heading out for the holiday please make sure you have some device to guide you. A GPS is becoming like a necessary safety item to have when travelling if not for you then for me when you are in Myrtle Beach.

Back for the second time today

I just received word that we are starting our Fourth of July Sale today and wanted to make sure that you all were aware of it. The sale runs through the fourth and has something from most of the manufacturers we represent. We even have something from Flir that we have put on sale, the Flir Ocean Scout for less than $525.00 you can’t find a better price on it. We have safety items from ACR including PLB’s and EPIRB’s and don’t forget to look at the rebates that are still available to increase your savings by even more. Take a look at what we have to offer you and save now. Now i will be back on Monday with updates on the sale and news from the store. Have a great weekend.

Great marine deals this summer.

Hello again from sunny and hot Ocean Isle Beach. Yes The GPS Store was able to procure some great marine deals and pass on the savings to our customers who are looking for some marine electronics. We have a great deal on the GPSMAP 547 Chartplotter GPS from Garmin at only $429.95 this is just at $100.00 cheaper than our closest competitor this morning. This 5″ display comes with both charting for the coastal waters of the US but also charting for over 17,000 freshwater lakes and rivers, and the majority of these freshwater bodies of water have 1′ contours. We are also offering the echoMap 94SV for only $799.95. This is a 9″ combination unit offering DownVu and SideVu fishfinding capability with charting for the coastal U.S., making it a tremendous deal for anyone looking at newer technology. Well time to get to it, today is my birthday and I am humbled by the wishes I have received so far today. I want to thank my family here at the store, and yes they are my family, I have gotten closer to each one of them every day I get to come here to work, and would like to thank them for letting this old man be part of their lives. Be back on Monday.

Dad’s Day

I hope all that could got a chance to spend time with Dad yesterday and if you couldn’t you at least got to call and speak with him, text if you had to but why not call. Just hearing your voice or seeing you smile at him would have been great to him. There are a lot of us who can’t do either anymore for our Dad. Summer is here today so things start to move down here because of tourist to the point that on most Saturdays in the summer residents on Ocean Isle tend not to come off because of the traffic, because it would be hours to get back on even if it was just to pick up milk or bread from the store. Our local boy won his first major yesterday the U.S.Open but it seems the USGA has it out for him. They penalized him a stroke because his ball moved even though he did not cause it to move. Stupid eh! The people of Cleveland are also happy today because the Cavaliers won last night as well. Summer is here officially but it takes a couple of days to get going down here so with that being said I will be more into summer on Wednesday and that is when I will write again.

Don’t forget Dad

Not long now until Fathers’ Day and it will be over for another year, wow that sounds like a long time. I hope everyone has at least a card for their Dad is he is living. I know that most dads don’t care about receiving presents on his day but would love to get a card, a hug, a visit and the words that “I love you Dad” on his day. Wish my Dad was with us so I could say and do those things to him. Have a great time with Dad this weekend and I will be back with you on Monday.