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Long Weekend

Happy Fourth of July,

The long weekend is here and those of you travelling today for the 4th of July holiday have safe travels.  I hope the weather is great where ever you are this long weekend.  Please celebrate wisely and for the right reason, which is the beginning of our country.  Garmin is on a roll in the FLW tour with Clark Wendlandt winning on the Potomac, and Scott Martin winning Angler of the Year.  Both anglers credit their switch to Garmin electronics as a big reason for their wins, especially the downscanning Panoptix Transducer  and their Forward Looking Panoptix Transducer.



Independence Day

Hi All,


Thought I would use the correct name for the 4th of July Holiday which is Independence Day because without it we may still be British, without representation, unfair taxation and the ability to govern ourselves.  America with all of its faults is still the best place to live and work in the world, and regardless of what is said law enforcement does its best to watch out for everyone each and every day.  Terrible things are happening in America these days reminding me of the riots of the 1960′s but with outside pressure now as radical ideologies around the world preach violence on the United States.  Everyone travelling this long weekend watch out for yourself and the ones around you to stay safe.  The GPS Store supports America and our troops around the world with their mission to protect us.  We wish they could all be home to celebrate our independence with their families as well but thank them for the great service they do.

Short week

Hi Again,

Just getting started on what is a short week for most people but not here at The GPS Store, we will be here on Friday to take and ship your orders as well as answer your questions.  Coming from Northern New York and being stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, I know that the people of Clinton and Franklin Counties are sleeping with both eyes shut now.  The world watched and thought that it would be easy to catch the two escapees but they have no idea of what the woods in that mountainous area provides for those who wish to hide.  The NYS Police, local law enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, FBI, Game Wardens, and all the agencies involved deserve to be patted on the back and not condemning them.  Well, if you are travelling this holiday weekend, be very careful our world has become a lot more scary.

Happy Thursday

Almost done,

I was reading the Garmin blog on the best bass lakes 6-10, and was really surprised to see Lake Erie on the list, after being one of the most polluted bodies of water in the U.S. not so many years ago.  So it looks like we are doing something right in our country.   If you are planning on a vacation over the 4th of July I hope you have started your checklist of things that you need to work for a good vacation to confirm they are.  Car, GPS, Reservations etc. are items to check on and make sure you are good to go.  Scott and Jamie are putting together items for a holiday sale so keep looking on our site for an announcement.

Here Again

Here I am,

Glad to be back today, it is getting too hectic at home with construction on a new shower going on and water leaks from the condo over me, just happy to be dry and not arguing with an older woman.  Well I made it through Fathers Day and a birthday, these are tough for me, I would rather celebrate someone else then be celebrated myself (makes my wife mad).   I am very proud of the young men who work for The GPS Store with the way they take on their responsibilities, they are fine young men, and this comes from the very top on down.  The ladies here, it goes without saying that they are remarkable in what they do as well, and this comes from the very Top as well.  I am just happy to be around these people, and hope to be with them for a long time to come.  Enough of the sentiment, I received email from Garmin on their blog: and really what were they thinking putting in the blog what nuts and berries to eat, now this just can’t appeal to the majority of people who read it, so I guess they are targeting a segment of their market.  Well take care and I will be in touch tomorrow.

Back Again

Here we go again,

The start of a work week is always (at least to me) kind of hectic for some reason.  Everything from Friday got left plus what came up from the weekend adds to Monday’s work.  i have to give Dustin Johnson my best because of how well he played from the start to the finish of the U.S. Open, it came down to a 3′ putt on greens more suitable for a cow pasture than a U.S. Open, that did not go in.  Great showing Dustin and we at The GPS Store in Ocean isle Beach would love to tee it up with you sometime.  I hope all the dads out there had a great time, my wife took me to Dairy Queen (at my request) for ice cream.  Garmin’s blog over the weekend highlighted a fishing team they sponsor with some interesting information and pictures.  I have to run this morning I have a contractor building a new shower in one bathroom and what seems like rain in the other bathroom, which is not good.  Have a great start to your week and i will be back with you on Wednesday.


Fathers’ Day Weekend,

What are you planning to do with your Father this weekend?  If only we all could plan to do something together with our Dads.  I do hope that everyone who can will at least speak with their Dad it means a lot to them even if they are stuffy old guys like me.  I wish i could spend time with my sons this weekend but their careers make it impossible.  One is in Rhode Island and my oldest is marrying a happy couple on Saturday in the blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Like all dads I just want them to be safe and happy.  Just to let you know for the last time we can still get a present for dad to you in time for Sunday.  I read in the Garmin blog this morning the top 15 lakes/rivers to fish for bass #’s 15-11 and at number 12 is my old fishing area the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.  Fishing with my friends from the bank and trolling with Dad in our old MFG boat.  Everyone have a great weekend and take care of yourself and your neighbor.


Too Hot

Staying inside today,

Weather has been scorching the past few days and believe it or not it seems like a break because it is only calling for a high of 95′.  I hope everyone is set for Fathers’ Day and you can spend time with the old boy, wish I still had mine everyday.   We still have some great deals for gifts for Dad so take a look our specials, it isn’t too late to get them to you.  Have you heard about James Lawrence the “Iron Cowboy” who is trying to complete 50 ironman courses in 50 sates over 50 days, quite an amazing fete it he can accomplish it.  Hell he has 10 down now which is still an amazing fete.


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.”

New Day

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a productive week.  We have had more shark attacks in the neighborhood than I can remember in the past 15 years.  Two on Oak Island ( 8 miles to the north of us) within an hour of each other, and two last week on Ocean Isle Beach.  I just hope that the everyone can recover.  To a much happier note, it is almost Fathers’ Day and I hope everyone is able to get to Dad for at least a Hug on Sunday, if not a phone call of card is something Dad would cherish.  We are offering a number of items at reduced prices that Dad may want, so take a look at them on our Fathers’ Day Gift Guide.  Take care of yourself and I will be back later this week.

Fishing season

Good Day to All,

Well bass season is opening soon in the northeast but with the escaped convicts on the loose you may want to wait a week or two longer before going to “Lost Lake” for the trophy you left there last season.  Down here we fish for Flounder, trout and a few other species  inshore and just about everything else offshore.  Although here is a link to some out of towners fishing sharks from the shore, not really something I want to do.  Have you followed the progress of the Great White Shark Mary Lee?  You can see where she is and has been through this link.  Here is a picture of Mary Lee she really is a beast.

Mary Lee

Well be careful and have a great weekend.