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Beautiful Day

Hello Everyone,

This will be a short blog today, just a reminder to stay safe and if you are taking to the water make sure your safety gear is up to day and ready should you need it.  We do offer a number of products required by the Coast Guard so if you are needing something please think of us.  Well Memorial Day weekend is almost here and we at the GPS Store want to thank each every one of our veterans for the tremendous sacrifices you have given to keep us safe, and to those who have lost a family member of friend you will always be in our prayers.memorialday


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all have your plans for Memorial Day travels taken care of and your GPS updated.  I know from years of experience there will be a lot people in Charlotte and Indianapolis this weekend for the races so please be careful.  It is also National Safe Boating Week and a lot of you in the north are just thinking about taking your boat to the river or lake for the first time this year.  It is a wise thing to do to inspect your safety equipment before you hit the water.  Check vests for tears or other punctures, dates on epirbs or personal locator beacons and batteries in the devices that use them, and of course make sure your first aid kit is still there.  Being a veteran it is always both a happy and sad time for me on Memorial Day, first missing my friends and family that have passed and happy to have a family that loves me for just being me. I hope everyone takes a minute to think of someone, either a family member or friend, that was in the service and looks at the freedoms they have because of them.  Enough said for today.

Here we go again

Welcome Back,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Spring Bike Week in Myrtle Beach is over and most of the riders are home or at least headed that way.  I saw a lot of GPS on the windshields of trucks hauling motorcycles leaving town yesterday.  The bike week here had great weather to ride and a lot to do as well.  On the Ocean Isle front Drew and his band BailOut played to a packed house at Sharkys in ocean Isle on Friday cheered on by number one fan Gina, who ran a 5K for charity with Andrew she and Drew’s oldest Son, this is honestly pretty cool to be able to do it.  The GPS Store fishing  FarOutShootOut team had one real nice tuna but the Far Out Shoot Out was a total of 3 species tournament so we didn’t bring home the trophy.  The weather on Saturday was perfect, with bright sunshine and calm waters.  I am glad that everyone made it home safely and are able to come to work this morning.  The team of Jamie, Scott and Brian added Ringer Rick Smith this year to bring them luck, and the jury is still out on him though.


Hi Everyone,

The weekend is coming fast this time.  Bike Week in Myrtle Beach is in full swing and really ramps up on Friday and Saturday.  Being a veteran I really enjoy the tremendous number of patriotic flags in the biker community.  They really do have a good time riding and enjoying what Myrtle Beach can offer them.  We here in Ocean Isle Beach have the Far Out Shoot Out fishing tournament going on.  Captain Brandt and his crew at the Ocean Isle Fishing Center do a great job with the tournament.  The GPS Store Fishing boat is hopefully going to be able to compete with our fishing crew of Brian, Jamie and Captain Scott.  The festivities for the tournament start tomorrow evening with our favorite band BailOut 2Big2Fail taking the stage at Sharkeys on Ocean Isle Beach.  Well I am off tomorrow for the weekend but will be around the area taking in the sights and sounds of our home.


Hello Everyone,

Well it is mid-week and Bike Week in Myrtle Beach is really starting to get busy.  The weather has been cooperating and bikers and riders are out and enjoying the sun, which make driving in the area a little more complicated with all the tourists to our area.  Of course we offer the Garmin line of Motorcycle GPS the Zumo’s along with accessories for them as well, and of course occasional help with operation for updating to our customers.  I did read in the Garmin Blog for yesterday that Casey Scanlon, one of their sponsored fishermen posted tips for crank bait fishing, so for the fishermen who don’t read the blog here is a link to it.  It getting a little bit crowded on the leader board for fishing tournaments with Lowrance, Raymarine, and Garmin all sponsoring entries.  Of course we represent all of these manufacturers, and others, so if you need help in selecting electronics for fishing or navigation give us a call we would be happy to help.

We are back

Welcome to Monday,

Well we had a direct hit from Tropical Storm Ana yesterday so it wasn’t the best weather for Mother’s Day but it is always the thoughts about Mom that count.  We are off and running this morning in the store shipping the orders from the weekend, to close out another successful Anniversary Sale.  I noticed on Thursday that Garmin announced two more 7″ echoMaps to their line the echoMap 74dv and 75dv with the 74dv available immediately and the 75dv for our Canadian friends available shortly.  Well i better get to work and get the write-ups done on the new unit so we can put them on the website to order.  See you on Wednesday


Good Morning,

Well our 18th Anniversary Sale is well underway and will end on the 9th.  I would like to thank all of you for your support through the years for The GPS Store.  Without customers we could not have made it; and a lot of our customers become our friends.  The GPS Store is made up of people who care about each order they take and ship.  I remember days when I left work only to still be thinking about my customers, and asking myself if I had done all I could for them that day.  This is a feeling that everyone of our staff shares everyday, we try our best to take care of our customers.  When you look at our website you can find our phone numbers and physical address, I know that a number of our competitors hide these because they don’t want to deal with questions, not The GPS Store.   We at the store would like to say thank you one more time, and don’t forget there are still two days left in the sale.

Lets get over the hump

Hi Everyone,

Well we made half way today.  I read on Garmin’s blog this morning about using one of their handhelds while searching for mushrooms.  Just seems to me like not a lot of people would be interested in that, but if you read it know that mushrooms don’t grow in the open but under heavy tree cover which translates marking waypoints and dropping track points while you hike, bike or hunt in the wilderness.  A good Garmin GPS will acquire satellites to locate you and mark your way.   Just heard from an old rep of ours that all of the channels on his car radio for Sirious are set to the Grateful Dead Channel, who would have thought it?  We are having our Anniversary Sale and really have been given great support from the partners we represent so if you are considering anything in the line of marine electronics, automotive or sports GPS now is the time.

Welcome Back

Hi Everyone,

The GPS Store lost a great friend late last week with the passing of Ed Davis from Furuno.  Ed will be missed greatly by his friends throughout the marine industry, but I am sure, even more by his family.  We send our condolences to them and wish them strength through their grieving process.  Ed was a wonderful individual, and most important to our store becoming an authorized Furuno Dealer.  He is the one who went to bat for us with Furuno and personally recommended our store.  Ed you will be missed.


Hi Everyone,

I did some research on companies we represent yesterday looking for blogs and found in the Lumishore blog a reference to something they are trying to get erected in Chicago called “Breakwater Chicago” which will be a floating island outside the harbor on Lake Michigan, it will have dockage, restaurant, waterslide, and I would think some shops initially.  When winter hits it will be towed into the harbor and moored somewhere to stay open.  It really is a cool idea if they can get it done.  I have to say one thing about what is going on in Baltimore, I know that the family of the young man is feeling pain that no one can understand unless they experience it, but rioting and stealing from stores and people who had nothing to do with it is really wrong.  I had wanted to visit Baltimore and go to an Orioles game but no longer.  i see Garmin has added additional anglers to their sponsorship, I hope that their investment in the new pros can make them competitive with the other electronics companies pros. Sponsor Lastly remember that this is the last weekend to shop for Mom and if you are ordering online please allow enough time for delivery and remember it is for her and not you. I am leaving you with a link to the vision for Breakwater Chicago.