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When does the Christmas Season start today?

I guess I am getting too old, but I remember the official Christmas season starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving and not the day after Halloween.  I hope it doesn’t move to Labor Day in the years to come.  I did see some very positive signs this year though with some stores not opening late on Thursday evening but closing for the entire day so their employees can enjoy the day with their families.  We at The GPS Store have always done this and it makes a difference to the young men and women with small children to have this time together.  I guess I am getting softer the older I get but i like to see families having time together.  On Friday we will be here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can and also have some of the best deals on the web for anything GPS.

Ending the week in the wet

It has been raining since early morning on Coastal Carolina, and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop any time soon.  That is OK though the arc I built for the rains earlier just needs cleaning and the charts updated.  Seriously though i do hope that everyone has a great weekend as the holiday season approaches.  We will have plenty of specials through all departments whether marine, auto, outdoor, and fitness we will be having something for everyone.  Writing you all on Monday.

New ideas, places and products from Garmin

I am finally back to feeling better after having a viral infection.  Ah! the benefits of modern medicine.  Garmin in one of their recent blogs announced at one time a new Panoptix trolling motor mount LiveVu Forward transducer the PS21.  The opening of their second retail store in Miami .  A new Widget from their Garmin IQ Connect Store called AccuWeather’s Minute Cast which is a 90 minute weather forecast for your current location updated every 5 minutes which is available for their compatible watches.  Lastly a challenge to yourself to Beat Yesterday available through Garmin Connect Mobile interfacing to their compatible watches and activity trackers.  Now that was a full day but the day before they announced a new handheld GPS to eventually replace the venerable GPS 72 series the new GPS 73 marine handheld.  I will have more on this as I get the information to read but it looks like it will be a winner.  I am having a hard time grasping the fact that Thanksgiving is next Thursday.  Where did the year go?


Some reading from the Trade pubs

I hope everyone is back to work, who should be, and had a great weekend.  I was reading in one of the Trade publications i look at from time to time online and saw a couple of articles on a company and their products that we are very proud to be an authorized dealer for, ACR, a manufacturer of life saving equipment like Epirbs and Personal Locator Beacons.  Their equipment is proven to save lives as referenced in this link.  This is just one example and there are other survivor stories posted on ACR’s website, some of these stories are about customers who purchased their devices from our store.  ACR has also partnered with the families of the two lost teenage boys off Jupiter, Fl to advocate for an EPIRB Law.  We at The GPS Store are proud to represent ACR and offer their products.

Garmin announces their LiveVu Forward Facing Panoptix Transducer

Now how cool is this going to be; a transducer that actually faces forward and sees what is coming and not what you have just passed over.  Not only does this transducer see what is in front of you, but it is mounted to your trolling motor so it sees where your trolling motor is pointing, whether you are moving or anchored.  You now can cast forward and see your lure under water and how the fish are reacting to your lure in real time.   The view that this new PS21 transducer is up to 100′ away giving you plenty of time to react to what is coming. This is a great advancement in technology and will soon be on the Garmin sponsored tournament bass boats I would bet heading into 2016.  Well I will not be in on Wednesday I need to go to a Veteran’s Day Memorial service, if nothing else than to honor those who are no longer with us and to see a my brothers in arms.

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show running this weekend

With the opening of the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Garmin is announcing a new echoMap CHIRP combination series plotter/fishfinder which can be purchased with either inshore charts or off shore ones as well.  This new series of units provides the angler with the very best in fishfinding technology CHIRP, CHIRP DownVu and CHIRP SideVu, they even offer support for Garmin’s Panoptix transducers.  This is remarkable technology that will be priced in reach of most people.  We have our VP’s flying to the show on Saturday but just for the day as they will be flying back Saturday evening.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back with you on Monday.

How happy are they at Garmin today.

The new world champions of baseball are the Kansas City Royals and the people at Garmin’s must be excited to bring back the trophy to Kansas City.  They even had a great game played by their Kansas City Chiefs yesterday which makes November 1st 2015 a great day to be a Sports Fan in Kansas.  It seems like yesterday I was driving home with the AC turned to max because of the heat and now I get to drive home with the windows open enjoying the weather but I know it is going to change soon enough.  Today’s special at the store is the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 with Navionics Gold charting, this is a 7″ combination unit that gives the fisherperson CHIRP sounding capabilities and marine navigation charts from Navionics a real value at $649.95.  i hope to have more information on specials the store is offering on Wednesday but until then please be safe.

Nothing better

If you haven’t noticed yet please take a look at the Garmin echoMap combination units we have them on sale and Garmin has a $100.00 rebate on them in the 5″ units and larger, now there really isn’t anything better that a sale item with a rebate as well.  I was watching television last evening and of course the Republican Debates but I couldn’t help but notice the World Series was being shown at the same time, I wonder who got the larger audience?  Then I got to thinking we have baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and NASCAR all being played, a true sports lover’s dream.  If I missed anyone’s sport I apologize I am just overloaded with entertainment to watch on television.  That being said I do wish everyone to be especially careful on Halloween watching out for children and adults both walking or driving.  i will be back on Monday so be safe.

I am at a loss of what to say

Well almost at a loss.  I saw in one of the Garmin blogs for the last two days that they are making a connected scale available for sale.  From the company that put GPS in just about every household comes a scale that can be connected through WiFi to Garmin Connect and then to virtually every compatible device.  It will provide instant information as to body metrics like weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass, all useful tools to someone’s health and fitness goals.  In other blog news from Garmin there is solid information on the benefits of CHIRP fishfinding technology, which would be beneficial to every serious fisherman.  The world is changing around me and sometimes I am not sure I am happy with it but as long as the next generation is that is all I nee.  Back tomorrow.

Rebates and Sales

Back from the weekend and a large percentage of the marine manufacturers we represent are offering either rebates or sales on some of their popular items.  Furuno is offering sales on what looks like the complete line with rebates of up to $500.00 on their TZ Touch plotters and TZ Touch2 combination units so it might be a good time of year to purchase instead of waiting until next year.  Standard Horizon is continuing their rebate on radios which make a great gift for the mariner for Christmas, while Lowrance has put some of its popular Elite combination units on sale just in time for the holidays as well.  Things are really buzzing out in sales and shipping preparing for the holiday rush (we hope) but we are never too busy to speak to our customers the ones who keep us going every day.  i will be back to you on Wednesday so have a great couple of days.