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Vacation time

Yup, I am taking a vacation to spend time with family and friends.  I know anyone who reads this post will like me keep the people at WDBJ in Roanoke in their prayers and to their family and friends we at The GPS Store send our deepest sympathies.  It is going to be a struggle for those closest to Ms. Parker and Mr. Ward  to pick up the pieces and go on, and we wish them the best.   When things like this happen it is difficult to post in our blog what is going on and what we can offer you so I am not going to even try today.  Thoughts and prayers to Roanoke, Va.

Backup and tune up

Well most of the anglers out there have been fishing all summer and probably found a few, if not more, fishing spots that they have marked on their plotters.  Well if you haven’t thought of it yet here is a reminder to backup your waypoints.  If your chartplotter dies, or you lose your boat for some reason and you haven’t backed them up they are gone and cannot be recovered.  It is a pretty easy thing to do on most current plotters, today simply copy them to a memory card.  If you have old waypoints from an old plotter we may be able to help you with finding a source to convert them to the format your new plotter accepts.  Lastly if you have left over Loran coordinates look at the Furuno GP32 to convert them to latitude and longitude numbers for most plotters.  Now it too, is also a good thing to check your manufacturers’ website for firmware updates to your electronics.  These updates fix known glitches in systems that the manufacturer fixes with software prompts, so if you have noticed an issue with your system these updates may well fix it.  Check your manufacturers’ website for software updates.  Also some manufacturers also offer learning videos on their website and here are links to a few: Furuno, Garmin and Lowrance. One last thing today don’t forget our Summer Clearance Sale, we may find what you are looking for at a great price.

Forrest Wood Cup Results

Big weekend at the FLW, Forest Wood Cup for Garmin as they notched two finishers in the top 5 using their Panoptix transducer and LakeVu Ultra HD charting.   This is really quite remarkable considering that Garmin really wasn’t much of a threat to Lowrance’s freshwater dominance, but times and equipment may be changing.  Our Sizzling Summer Clearance Sale continues and it appears we have something to offer just about anyone who visits our site.  Well I still have company at home but will be leaving tomorrow with more to come on Thursday.  Through trial and error I can now make a pretty good margarita, so at least I can entertain my guests.  Hope your week is off to a good start and if there is anything you would like to speak to us about give us a call or drop us and email.

Summer Sale

Yesterday I made mention that we had something big to announce and it is here our Summer Clearance Sale that has 170 products from across the board of products we offer.  There are safety items like EPIRBS and PLB’s to combination fishfinder/chartplotters, automotive units and the top of the line Approach Golf GPS from Garmin, and for the runners a large number of products to help with your training.  The Forrest Wood Cup fishing tournament is scheduled for this weekend on Lake Ouachita in Arkansas and a Garmin sponsored angler is looking for a big finish: Scott Martin FLW Angler of the Year.  I hope everyone is set to have a good time this weekend and if your school year hasn’t started yet you have your last minute items taken care of.  See you on Monday so have a safe weekend.

Mid Week

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday.  I hope everyone is ready for school to start.  Here in Coastal Carolina it starts tomorrow so time is really short.  Please keep looking at our website we have some big news that will be shared later today.  Where did the summer go?  With September nearly here a lot of people start to think about hunting season and we are one of the best places to look for advice in your mapping and GPS needs for the woods.  Call and ask for Brian, he is an avid hunter and would be happy to speak with another hunter whether rifle, bow or shotgun for ducks or turkeys.  Garmin is making a very strong push into the freshwater fishing scene with their Panoptix transducer and new fishfinders and chartplotters.  To evidence this here is a link to just one winner they sponsor on the FLW tour.  I will be back with you tomorrow with more news on what is coming.


Yes we are congratulating our Boss and president of The GPS Store Drew who has a new CD out with his Band “Bailout” and the title is “Postcard”.  It is really cool to be around people with so many talents, makes me feel young.  Garmin’s blog had a lot to say on the use of their Panoptix transducer and how it is going to benefit them in the tournament.  I will write more on this later this week just to keep your interest.  We received notice from Furuno about a software update for their wireless radar DRS4W that improves Auto Sensitivity Time Control (STC) clutter suppression, resulting in significantly improved detection of close-range targets.  Here is a link to it from Furuno’s website.  Well it is going to get busy for me with visitors from the north and I don’t mean Vikings, family and friends over the next 3 weeks through Labor Day.  Starts tomorrow at 4:00 P.M.  I will keep you posted on how it is going.


Mid week for some but end for me

Wednesday and we are over the hump here.  Everyone back at their desk except for Brian who is on a much needed vacation with his wife and daughter but he will be back on Monday. Panoptix is finding its way into tournament fishing and anglers are using it in different ways not only to find fish but if they follow and don’t strike to change bait.  I would bet this was an after thought when they started using it.  Panoptix is proving successful and Garmin has it now so if you want to know more about it and what you need to outfit your boat with it please give us a call.  Am I a pessimist if I say that officially summer is one have gone?  I like to say and think that was just to impress upon myself that I should stop procrastinating and get things done.  Just 3 more weeks of tourists in Myrtle Beach and life will return back to normal or as normal as it gets for a tourist destination.  If you are thinking about travel to our area mid September is a great time, still warm weather but cooler nights and plenty of ocean.  See you Monday.

On Tuesday

Yes i am here on Tuesday to surprise you, well not really, we have a couple of people out on the sales floor so I just might get to answer the phone and talk to our customers which I used to do everyday.  It is the contact with you that i miss the most about my work schedule now, but it is right that the person who takes your order (You trusted them with) is there to answer your questions everyday and not just a couple a week.  Are you already for hunting season?  If you need GPS take a look at our website we have a great deal on a mapping handheld from Garmin the GPSMAP 64S, if there is any handheld that will locate satellites in difficult terrain or tree cover the 64S is it.  I hope everyone has a great day and I will be back tomorrow.

Glad to be back.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weather in the Carolinas was absolutely perfect, at least in the morning.  It was nice to see low 70′s again in the morning although it did get close to 90 in the afternoon.  It isn’t going to be long before we start seeing school buses again as it looks like school is back in session down here around the 20th of this month.  For anyone planning on a last minute get away before school, remember to think about us if you need a GPS.  Tough losses for football fans and NASCAR fans over the past two days with the passing of Frank Gifford and Buddy Baker.  Frank was who I wanted to be during football season ( I wanted to be Mickey Mantle during baseball season) as a real young kid, I can remember those Giants teams and cried when they lost, I felt like I lost part of my youth when I heard about Frank’s passing.  Buddy Baker I only knew when NASCAR grew in popularity.  When I think about Buddy, I think of a strong man who drove the car to its limits and at some times beyond but always someone to route for.  I will always remember Frank with Howard, and Dandy Don on Monday Night Football (who would have thought how popular it would become), and Buddy with Eli Gold in the booth announcing races on TNN, when there were four or five networks carrying NASCAR, and it seemed like a different one every weekend.  I know Eli will miss him because he stops in our store every now and then and I had a chance to visit with him the last time he was in.  I even got to ask him how Buddy was doing and he said he was doing well but that was a couple of years ago now.  Our sympathies from the store go out to the families and friends of Frank Gifford and Buddy Baker.

The Weekend is here

My week is winding down and I hope everyone has a plan about what they would like to do this weekend, even if it is nothing.  It is a good time here at the store for anyone who wants to ask us a question about GPS or marine equipment we have the time and welcome your questions.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to look at them we have on our site an Advice and Tips Section covering a large number of questions our customers had.  The two boys from Florida who are lost at sea remain in our prayers here at the GPS Store.  It is difficult to imagine what their families are going through so we continue to keep them in our thoughts.  We have currently a great deal on a Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2 Touch with transducer and Structure Scan bundle our price is great and we do have it in stock for immediate shipment.  I will not be in tomorrow so I won”t be writing until Monday, so I hope you all have a great weekend but don’t overdue it.