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Back for the second time today

I just received word that we are starting our Fourth of July Sale today and wanted to make sure that you all were aware of it. The sale runs through the fourth and has something from most of the manufacturers we represent. We even have something from Flir that we have put on sale, the Flir Ocean Scout for less than $525.00 you can’t find a better price on it. We have safety items from ACR including PLB’s and EPIRB’s and don’t forget to look at the rebates that are still available to increase your savings by even more. Take a look at what we have to offer you and save now. Now i will be back on Monday with updates on the sale and news from the store. Have a great weekend.

Great marine deals this summer.

Hello again from sunny and hot Ocean Isle Beach. Yes The GPS Store was able to procure some great marine deals and pass on the savings to our customers who are looking for some marine electronics. We have a great deal on the GPSMAP 547 Chartplotter GPS from Garmin at only $429.95 this is just at $100.00 cheaper than our closest competitor this morning. This 5″ display comes with both charting for the coastal waters of the US but also charting for over 17,000 freshwater lakes and rivers, and the majority of these freshwater bodies of water have 1′ contours. We are also offering the echoMap 94SV for only $799.95. This is a 9″ combination unit offering DownVu and SideVu fishfinding capability with charting for the coastal U.S., making it a tremendous deal for anyone looking at newer technology. Well time to get to it, today is my birthday and I am humbled by the wishes I have received so far today. I want to thank my family here at the store, and yes they are my family, I have gotten closer to each one of them every day I get to come here to work, and would like to thank them for letting this old man be part of their lives. Be back on Monday.

Dad’s Day

I hope all that could got a chance to spend time with Dad yesterday and if you couldn’t you at least got to call and speak with him, text if you had to but why not call. Just hearing your voice or seeing you smile at him would have been great to him. There are a lot of us who can’t do either anymore for our Dad. Summer is here today so things start to move down here because of tourist to the point that on most Saturdays in the summer residents on Ocean Isle tend not to come off because of the traffic, because it would be hours to get back on even if it was just to pick up milk or bread from the store. Our local boy won his first major yesterday the U.S.Open but it seems the USGA has it out for him. They penalized him a stroke because his ball moved even though he did not cause it to move. Stupid eh! The people of Cleveland are also happy today because the Cavaliers won last night as well. Summer is here officially but it takes a couple of days to get going down here so with that being said I will be more into summer on Wednesday and that is when I will write again.

Don’t forget Dad

Not long now until Fathers’ Day and it will be over for another year, wow that sounds like a long time. I hope everyone has at least a card for their Dad is he is living. I know that most dads don’t care about receiving presents on his day but would love to get a card, a hug, a visit and the words that “I love you Dad” on his day. Wish my Dad was with us so I could say and do those things to him. Have a great time with Dad this weekend and I will be back with you on Monday.

Time is running out

Hard to believe it but today is the last day we can ship Two Day Delivery and get it to you for Fathers’ Day. So if you are thinking about an item to order online please order today before 4:00 from our store to assure you get it for Dad on time. I was reading a blog this morning about suggestions for a present for Dad and a couple of them were in the $500.00 to $700.00 range, boy I wish I could have been able to afford this much when I was buying for my Dad or Mom for that matter. Seems like a lot of money and I don’t believe that a lot of people can afford it today. We have a lot of items priced a lot lower that I am sure Dad would like so take a look at our sale. I hope all you Dads out there have a happy day and get to spend some time with your sons and daughters, family is a great thing.

Whew!! it has been and continues to be hot in the sunny south.

That is correct we have been in a heat wave here on the coast of North Carolina. In the 90′s over the weekend, I felt the pain of the 100,000+ people in attendance at the Carolina Country Music Festival that ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Had to be just miserable if you didn’t have shade to cover you. Looked like everyone was having a great time though. Our sympathies here at The GPS Store go out to the friends and families of the victims of the mass shooting in Orlando, Fl., a tragedy like that should never happen in America, but yet it does, something is wrong in our country right now, and there are enough hypothetical reasons but no one is looking at a positive way to stop it. Father’s Day is coming on Sunday this week so be sure to order early to guarantee timely delivery for dear old dad’s gift. Garmin’s blog today suggested some gifts for the “Outdoorsy Dad” which may be to expensive for a lot of you so take a look at what we can offer because we have something for every dad and in every price range. I will write again to you with one last reminder about Father’s Day on Wednesday so stay tuned.

Fathers’ Day Sale is now on our website

A new addition to our website in the past couple of days is a banner indicating Fathers Day Sale with something for every dad. There are items for the outdoors man, the traveler, the golfer, the fisherman. You name it we have something for every father out there, and prices to match. Two weeks from Sunday so now is the time to shop to guarantee delivery for Dad’s big day. I kind of get shorted on the one like the people whose birthday falls around Christmas but it is alright with me. Children are one of the biggest gifts a man can receive and I am privileged to have two wonderful sons. The sales floor is quite busy this morning with walk-in traffic and the phones are certainly busy so our great customer service is showing today. Looks like I may be back on the phones Friday so I will have to get my voice tuned up. I always look forward to speaking with customers and some even remember which makes me feel good. Well I will be writing again on Monday with news on how I did on the phones so stay tuned.

We are now well into June

We would like to thank our customers for trusting us with your business and making May one of our best months. Well we can’t rest on our laurels so we continue to work hard earning your trust and confidence. Ashley had a birthday this past weekend and she has now broken officially out of her 20′s. I can’t believe that because I can remember her very first day here, on “Black Friday” 10 plus years ago. Just great to see what a nice young lady she has turned out to be. Now lets not forget dear old dad or a grad if you haven’t taken care of either yet. We can help with gift selections for either occasion. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got back to work today if you had to be back. Lets all get through today and on to the rest of the week with a smile and positive attitude. I will be back on Wednesday so hang in.

Another reminder about Dads and Grads Season

It is still that time of year when we think about Dad on Fathers’ Day and someone near and dear who may be graduating, and starting a new chapter in their life, whether it is from high school or college. We definitely have something for everything here at The GPS Store from auto navigation, golf GPS and range finders, marine equipment of most kinds, to fitness and off-road exploration, we have you covered. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and got beck home safely, but now it is back to work until vacation or 4th of July, which is only four weeks from this coming Monday, but who is counting. It looks like everyone here is busy and the phones are ringing so life goes on at The GPS Store. If you have questions you can get them answered through our Help Center and if it doesn’t answer your need then we have our phone number and email address Please do not hesitate to use any of these methods, we can answer or get the answer for you.

Long weekend is almost here.

This is just a reminder that if you are heading out for the Memorial Day weekend and need something to be delivered before you go then you will need to order today and ask for two day delivery. If you wait you run the risk of having to pay for overnight delivery or not getting it at all. Please take a minute this weekend to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day. I know that the vast majority of us have known someone who died while serving our country. I know that I have known more than I want too. I consider my Grand Father as one of these heroes, even though he was at home during WWII, while my Father was serving in Europe. He died in a fire, working in an aluminum plant supporting the war effort. Never met the man, but know what my Dad told me about him and wish I had the opportunity to speak with him. Don’t forget to think of us for that Grad in your family as we have a lot to offer you for them. Anyone else have company coming this weekend? We have some young friends flying down tomorrow afternoon who will be with us for a week and my wife and I are looking forward to it. I wish everyone a safe weekend and hope that the weather holds for your outdoor celebrations, I will be writing again late next week.