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April Fools’ Day

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to April, I know everyone is looking over their shoulder today so they aren’t the ones to be fooled and it is a good thing but look ahead too.  Fishing season for trout opens in NYS today and many will be in areas that are remote especially Adirondack and Catskill fishermen and women, it is a good thing for you to carry a PLB in case you get lost, it is still below freezing in the mountains at night.  A PLB is a small investment in your safety whether fishing or hunting in the wilderness.  ACR a manufacture we represent has listed the people saved by their products on their website and if you get a chance take a look at it under the “Survivors” tab to get an idea of the areas that these devices can be used.  Stay safe and be aware of those who will try to fool you today.

Almost Over

Hello Everyone,

Well the NCAA Basketball tournaments are winding down and to be honest it has taken too long.  It will be April and some of these teams started playing games in August like Kentucky. When did these kids have time to take class or study?  Coach Cal states that Kentucky as graduated 100% of the Seniors eligible to graduate at the end of their Sr. Year.  He has been at Kentucky for over 4 years now and his total for graduates is 10, am I missing something, because I thought the number should be higher.  Well enough of that we are gearing up at the store for a big spring in all of our departments.  It looks like people are getting the message that using your phone for directions can be expensive and also not really that good if you like to speak on it.  If you are in our area take some time to stop by our store if you have questions or would just like to see what an item looks like.


Hi Everyone,

We received word today from ACR that their products that we sold were directly responsible for rescuing 7 people in three separate occasions.  In Banff National Park, on Lake Superior, and in the Florida Everglades these are the locations for the latest rescues.  This is just proof that these products work and are worth the investment in safety whether you are hiking or boating.


Hi Everyone,

Well the weekend is here for me so i want to wish you all to have a happy and safe weekend.  I looked at some school calendars in the northeast and saw that a large number of you are on Easter Break as of today.  If you are travelling be safe and watch out for your neighbor, let’s give each other some slack if we screw up.  If you haven’t noticed on our homepage we have a link to “Rebates” and there are some pretty good ones for Furuno, Lowrance, and Standard Horizon, there is one for Simrad as well but it ends on 3/31 so if you are considering a new Simrad EVO 2 System take a look it is the best rebate they will be offering this year we believe.  If you are in the Myrtle Beach area for break and hit a rainy day come and see us we are a short ride up rt 17.


Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all ready for a break shortly.  The weather has turned for the better here and even beach weather on some days so things are looking up.  I hope anyone planning a trip to Myrtle Beach this spring finds time to visit us at the store here in Ocean Isle Beach we are 20 minutes north of North Myrtle Beach, so we are not far.  We always have some showroom deals and a ton of help to answer your questions from geocaching, to marine electronics, and everything in between.  We have GPS to help you in most activities, and of course here on the “Golf Coast” we have plenty for golf and we can explain them, especially Jamie who is a true golfer.  He plays here year round.  From some of the school calendars I looked at online, it looks like Spring Break starts tomorrow through Easter, so if you are travelling please travel safely.

Back to Work

Hi Everyone,

Back to work on Monday yeah for some and yuck for a few.  Great to be here at The GPS Store, we have some of the best young people I have ever met that work here, and a belated birthday to our Noelle who is truly a very nice young lady that her husband, Mom, and Dad are very proud of.  Well enough of that; I know everyone is getting cabin fever from the winter and even if you are a winter sports enthusiast the conditions outside are deteriorating so time to think of some other activities, like travel, hiking, camping, running, swilling, and golf: we have the items you need to get better at it.  I heard somewhere this weekend that some places in Utah only got 8″ of snow so far, not good for forest fires.  I bet the people in New England would trade winters with them.  To Danny Meyers in Roanoke, Va I am very proud of you my Son.  Tourists are just starting to arrive in our area so things will really start to pick up because fishing season is close behind.

Happy Thursday

Hi Everyone,

Well we made it to Thursday and I am happy because it is my last day.  Just one of the benefits of being old.  I would guess that many St Patricks’ Day celebrations and parades will take place this weekend, so if you are planning on imbibing please appoint a designated driver or take a cab, it is safer for everyone.  Does it seem that the price of gas goes up immediately, when oil prices go up;  but when the price of oil goes down, there is always a lag at the pumps before gas goes down in price?  Taking my Bride out tomorrow to Ruth’s Chris for her birthday so my wallet will really suffer Saturday, but she is the one for me so it is worth it.  My Wife was born on Friday the 13th just like her Mother so it must be a sign for something.  Well I hope everyone has a great weekend no matter what you chose to do.  Stay safe and i will write to you on Monday.


Good Morning Everyone,

We made it to Wednesday so enjoy the rest of your short week.  i traveled to Charleston, SC yesterday and took one of the new Garmin automotive GPS just to check them out, and I have to say that it worked flawlessly.  I decided to take an off the beaten path through Murrells inlet and Garden City and even with all of the new construction it gave me clear and accurate directions.  If you haven’t seen our latest email advertisement, can you believe a color fishfinder for under $100.00 with transducer.  Technology just keeps coming down in price doesn’t it. Don’t forget to start to inventory now what you are taking on your spring trip, this way you can fix or replace what you need to in time.  See you tomorrow.

Back again

Hi Everyone,

Well it is Monday and we are back at work here in Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  It looks like we are now really in spring like weather with highs in upper 60′s to low 70′s for the week and the lows aren’t too bad in the upper 40′s most days.  The hot items in our store have been the automotive GPS for the last couple of days, I guess people are looking at one to travel with this spring.  With the price of gas down right now more people will be able to travel over the Easter Holiday to be with family.  I know I am looking forward to spending the holiday with at least one of my Sons, he will be coming in from Roanoke, Va.  North Myrtle Beach is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday with a parade and festival.  If you are visiting our area it is always a pretty good time, just don’t believe that the Mexican restaurant selling Corn Beef and Cabbage has done it right.

Spring is on the way

Good Morning,

Take heart everyone in the north, spring should be on the way soon to you too.  Well new products are arriving almost daily we are expecting the new Raymarine Dragonflys any day now with Garmin Panoptix Transducers and Furuno TZtouch2 scheduled for second quarter.  If you have a small boat the Dragonflys may be just the ticket for you.  They bring the newest in fishfinding technology at a very reasonable price most can afford.   Just tried to read an article on Yahoo about the 10 fish we should never eat again.  All I can say is don’t order seafood in a restaurant, it looked like everyone is on the menu in restaurants.