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Taking my shot at the phones in sales today

Yes that is right Drew and Gina think enough of me to answer some sales calls today. Makes the old guy feel good to talk to customers to find out what they are looking for and get and give answers that we know are correct. The phones have been really busy so I am kind of the last line to answer but I like it and I am always happy to help one of customers. I will have more on this Monday but I really should go back to answering phone calls from our customers.

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Hopefully the lull before the storm.

Good Morning and here at The GPS Store we are recovering from the NYC Boat Show and packing things back up for the Atlantic City Boat Show in a little over two weeks, and almost immediately after AC we go to Miami for their boat show, which is one of the largest boat shows in the world.  The Miami show is a little different in that it starts on Thursday and runs through Monday, and is held in multiple docks and tents which hold mega yachts to sport fishing boats and even dingys.  It takes multiple days just to walk the Miami Show itself.  Over the years Scott and Brian have made many friends in both places and really enjoy seeing them again year after year.  We here at home still have specials that we can offer you if you didn’t get to the NYC Boat Show or can’t get to the up coming ones, so please shop our website.  We are down to the final four in football and by the rankings there have been no upsets number 1 plays number 2 in both conferences, may the best teams win in both so we have a great Super Bowl.

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Hot, hot, hot

Yes the weather on the coast of the Carolinas is hot and it looks like it will be hot for a while yet. In the 90′s for at least the next 10 days but it does feel hotter with the humidity. Things here at the store seem to slow for a couple of weeks this time of year but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some great deals, just take a look at our Specials and Closeouts page there really is something for almost everyone. Yes today is the unofficial opening of Mustang Week but tomorrow is the official meet and greet which starts all the activities off, and I hope to be taking part in Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday’s festivities with the big one being Saturday’s Drive Inn at Myrtle Beach Mall. I think they may be expecting 10,000 Mustangs to converge for the day and it really is a sight. Hoping to get mine detailed tomorrow or Friday so I can look as good as the show cars. Sorry just a little wound up this week with the show, because a few of them may show up in Ocean Isle Beach and cruise by our store. If they stop we can certainly hook them up with GoPro cameras and mounts, or automotive GPS. If you are coming down stop by.

Another spring Boat show season is over

With the conclusion of the Miami Boat show we at The GPS Store can now take a short breather and gear up to our spring sales season.  Marine electronics will continue to be a big part of our business as the north thaws and fishing and boating comes to mind.  Here in the Myrtle Beach area we look forward to spring break for the teachers from the north with their families because they are always looking for things to do besides the beach.  Motorcycles are now coming out with more frequency for the less die hard riders so Zumo’s motorcycle GPS from Garmin will become more popular especially since Garmin has released two new models the Zumo 395LM and 595LM with even more motorcycle features.  We should have them up on our website in the next couple of days.  Of course with the better weather all of you outdoor enthusiasts whether it is golf, running, hiking, swimming, or just fitness training we have all the electronic aids you will ever need.  Well I am off until Monday to spend time with my Son and Wife so take care of each other and enjoy today.

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Right around the corner

That’s right hunting season is right around the corner and in some parts of the country is already going on and Garmin has two new Rino’s to offer the hunters. The Rino’s 750 and 750t have improved GPS/GLONASS receivers which doubles the number of satellites to get position data from, so you should nearly always know where you are. These new handheld GPS/Radios also use Garmin’s HuntView Topo mapping that gives you much more information that traditional topo maps. In some of the state HuntView maps you even see the name of the property owner who you can call to see if they will allow you to hunt their land. This is a long way from just ten years ago when you had a topo map that provided you with just that detail. Moving away from The GPS Store for a sentence or two, we have tremendous devastation from natural disasters in the U.S. that we need to come together to get our people safe and rebuilt, we do not need to be worried about what some people think of what we are doing. The people in Louisiana, Maryland, and West Virginia need to be taken care of, and aid needs to be sent their way in a hurry. I don’t want to get political but our first responders whether police or rescue do not need to worry about being shot when they respond. That is about as far as I am going to go with that so I will be back with you next week, please stay safe until then.

The start of a new week

How about this for a wake up call? It is less than 10 weeks until Christmas, that really opened up my eyes. Well it is now slightly over one week since hurricane Matthew rolled through here and the people inland from us are still suffering with power and water outages and it may well be weeks instead of hours or days until they get restored. I know in the north I never gave it a thought about trees being up routed in a storm, usually they were broken in half or limbs broken. Down here it is quite different, with the tremendous rain before the biggest winds, the route systems of the trees become loosened and the wind just blows them over, so you see complete trees on the ground, routes and all. I was in one of our local stores over the weekend and saw a large storage cart filled with supplies that were donated to the people in Lumberton, NC. It was great to see the generosity of the people here towards their neighbors just west of us. I heard the results of our Annapolis Sail Boat Show and we had another fantastic total but more than that it becomes more and more clear that mariners of all types are trusting The GPS Store to help them with their marine equipment needs. This is a group of consumers who do not give this trust without the efforts to earn this trust. Thanks and our prayers are still going out to our neighbors who are still suffering.

Back at work for another week

Well the sales staff and warehouse personnel are just winding up that last of the orders from our Anniversary Sale and they are on their way out the door. The sale was a tremendous success for the store and for our customers who were able to take advantage of the great values we were offering. It is hard to believe that we are now in Dads and Grads season here at The GPS Store and we have this one covered for everyone on your list. Auto, outdoor, fitness, marine, or sport we have something for them all at a price you can afford and we offer free help in choosing a gift, just give us a call. It took 1/2 of the month before i found out but May is National Bike Month so for you riders start to think about us we are full line Garmin dealers so we have the Edge cycle computers. If you don’t see it on our website give us a call, we can look for you and see what we can do. Got to spend some time with my oldest son this past weekend so my weekend was great and my week ahead will be great as well because I am spending time here at The GPS Store with the rest of my family. I will write again later this week so stay tuned.

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Don't forget Dad

Not long now until Fathers’ Day and it will be over for another year, wow that sounds like a long time. I hope everyone has at least a card for their Dad is he is living. I know that most dads don’t care about receiving presents on his day but would love to get a card, a hug, a visit and the words that “I love you Dad” on his day. Wish my Dad was with us so I could say and do those things to him. Have a great time with Dad this weekend and I will be back with you on Monday.

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Back from the North

Yes it is true Drew let me come back after a week in the northeast in the mountains. I was in my old neighborhood between Ausable Forks and Lake Placid. I remember seeing who could get from Wilmington to Lake Placid the fastest when I was much younger and stupid. Make the drive through the “notch” a few times last weekend and now remember how stupid we really were. I did get to see some old friends that I should have made a greater effort to see sooner as some were now near the end and some have passed on. I just wish I went sooner, well at least I will see them again at some time. The young people here at The GPS Store make it so much easier to return because i know that some of them miss me, they just keep me young. I emailed with an old retired friend who is also a Mustang guy and he has now gone back to work a couple of days a week like me because sitting at home alone just isn’t any way to live. Well Tuesday starts Mustang Week here in Myrtle Beach and they are expecting over 10,000 Mustangs and fast Fords at Bass Pro shop parking lot on Saturday. It really is quite a spectacle. I didn’t mention that driving those back roads again I did bring my Garmin Auto GPS with me and it worked better than I could have asked for. A lot of my destinations didn’t have mailing address so I marked a waypoint and then the GPS got me there. I did mention Mustang Week and here is my entry.Mine

Summer is winding down

It is definitely hard to believe but summer 2016 is almost over for school kids. Some schools are already back and others have students returning this week. I honestly don’t know where the time went. I hope everyone got to take the vacation they needed or wanted this summer, and you are now back looking forward to football season. Of course we at The GPS Store have a fantasy league we all participate in, not for money of course, but for the trophy we pass on each year to the winner. If you haven’t taken that last get away of summer Garmin on their blog is posting 66 tips for your trip. They are putting them in their blog is sections and here is a link to the latest. I hope everyone has a great week, whether traveling or back at your job, because we all deserve it.