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Mid January Already

It is hard to believe that we are at the mid January part of our year already.  Today is travel for one returning and going.  Jaime is off the Kansas City to meet with Garmin while Gina is returning for a short break with family.  Say a prayer please that they get to their destinations safely.  Boat Show Season officially kicks off next week with New York City on the 25th and returning the following week to process and fill orders, we hope, for a week or so, and then off to Miami for their show and after a week to 10 days to process and ship orders, and recoup, off to Atlantic City the first week in March.  A very busy but great time of year here at the GPS Store, because of the shows but also because spring is almost here too.  I hope you all enjoyed the football games this weekend, I know I did.  Not for winners and losers but for the quality of the football.  Well enough for today I will try to write again on Thursday.

Dug out from Helena?

Good morning everyone, here is hoping that you are all dug out from the last winter storm to hit the northeast and mid-atlantic states.  Looks like another is on the way.  Well I have missed some time so I am not really up to speed as to what is going on here at The GPS Store.  I do know that Garmin has just announced some new automotive GPS with new enhancements/features to make your drive even more enjoyable.  Scott, Jamie, and Brian are finalizing their schedules for the New Your City boat show a little later this month.  Just as soon as I have the info I will post so our friends in the NYC area can come to the show and look us up.  I did see that Atlantic City and Miami have switched the dates they normally run with Miami now earlier that Atlantic City.  This should be better for both shows I believe.  Well that is about all I have for now but i hope to be back and writing to you on Monday.


Belated Happy New Year

Hi everyone and yes a belated Happy New Year to each of you.  It has been a while since I have been with you and I am happy to be able to write to you this morning.  I hope that some of you have been following the news regarding the 2017 CES Show in Las Vegas because it is the technology that will be headed our way this year and years in the future.  I know that all the major players like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony and Garmin will be unveiling their toys for 2017 so if you are interested in something check out the latest at CES.  Here is a link to just one site for what is happening.   Have a great day and I will get back to you later with what I think are the ones to look at for 2017.

Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family and hoping you have the best Christmas possible.  I will be back with you next week to say Happy New Year.  See you then.

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching

I hope everyone has made their Christmas list and gotten those presents for everyone.  i have to sneak around in my house because my wife likes to shake boxes to see what is in them, so I have to hide everything and wrap when she is not around, she is like a little kid I swear it, and I hope that everybody has at least one person like this in their family.  I just want to let you know one more time that it is not too late for us to get you a present or two for Christmas.  I can’t say exactly what day I will be able to get to you next week but i promise to be back at least one more time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Feeling of Christmas

That is right here at the store we definitely have the feeling of Christmas and want to make all of our customers and friends happy for the holiday.  We have a lot of young parents here in the store, that have young children so their holidays will be happy when the kids come down on Christmas morning.  I know that some of the young mothers go and stand in line for the real deals offered by the big box stores at Christmas.  I remember those days myself but they are far in the rear view mirror now, better them than me.  We still have a great holiday special page with something for almost everyone so please take a look to see if we have something to fit your present needs.  Things a moving right along here as the orders come in and get shipped.  Time is under two weeks until Christmas now so please order as early as possible to get your presents by Christmas.  i will be back on Wednesday with another reminder, I hope you aren’t getting too awfully tired of my warnings.

I hope your holiday season is happy so far

Hard to believe, but it is true that we are at the end of the second week of the Christmas Season, and only slightly more that two weeks left.  Just a reminder that with Christmas Day on a Sunday this year, if you wait too long to order and need overnight delivery it is going to cost more because overnight would be Saturday.  to take advantage of this please request it by saying “Overnight Saturday Delivery” because Overnight would be Tuesday this year.  This goes for orders placed with any company not just ours.  We are going to have a new one in our Store family as Brian Rock and his wife Farah will be welcoming a little boy to their family which is ours as well, the little guy joins big sister Raelyn who is headed towards two.  Well I have missed a couple of days so I don’t have a lot to add but will have more info on Monday.  Just a reminder to order early if you can just to give you the best chance of getting your presents before Christmas.

We are wrapping up the first week

Our store just like all who are shopping for the holiday season are wrapping up our first full week.  Like our customers we take a look at what we have done and figure out what we can do better so look for us to be even better than we were this week next week; if that is possible because we have the best of everything here at The GPS Store, from our people, products, and store we have all we need to make your holidays happy.  Our holiday sale continues today but will change as the season goes on so if you see something you want don’t hesitate to order it may only be offered once at the sale price for the holiday.  Well I get to do a little face time with some of our customers today, in our showroom, trying to help them with their holiday shopping needs.  Back to you on Monday.

We are ready for you

The weekend is almost behind us and we are well into Cyber Monday.  Orders online, over the phone, and walk in traffic are really coming in.  I would like to thank you for your support.  We have plenty of stock so do not worry about getting your package on time if you order early.  It is really good to see everyone pulling together to get our customers taken care of.  I just helped a walk in customer who didn’t buy anything but wanted to ask questions for his boat in the spring.  It was good to have the opportunity to speak with him.  I hope if you are ordering online please make sure your order ships quickly.  I don’t want to disparage some of our competitors but they will list an item in stock and actually not have it but are depending on a warehouse to fill the order.  We do not do this we buy directly from our manufacturers and if we list it in stock we have it.  Enjoy your day but remember us on Cyber Monday.

Enough Turkey and Football?

I hope that everyone got exactly enough to eat and watch on television yesterday.  I mean my wife and I had a 23 lb turkey for just ourselves and a couple of out of towners and three complete football games.  How could you ask for anything more?  Well it is the Christmas Season for my beautiful Wife as she was up at 3:00 A. M. watching Hallmark Christmas movies non-stop and was still at it when I left home at 8:30 this morning. Well now let’s get down to it.  The shopping season is now well underway ans we have great specials: two of the most popular and do all handheld GPS from Garmin the 78SC and 64ST are tops for on the water backup and hunting in the back country.  We have auto units, combination chartplotter/sounder units, radios I mean we have a great cross section of everything we offer.  Drew, Scott and Jamie went to the manufacturers to get the very best prices that are being offered anywhere.  Well I hope your season is a safe and happy one and that you will be shopping at our store for one or more people this Christmas.  I will be back to write on Monday so stay safe and check the sides of your cars when parking to shop this weekend.