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Welcome to the weekend

Good Day Everyone,

Well I may have started an issue in another blog I write, I questioned another blog and the way the person writing it didn’t ask questions like I think they should be asked.  If you have someone who changed from one brand of marine electronics to another wouldn’t you want to know why they changed, and hopefully it wouldn’t be for he money?  Well enough of that: Garmin is offering runners the chance to win a trip to the Rock n roll Marathon series race in Las Vegas and their choice of Forerunner, just by posting to one of the social media sites. Garmin blog I had an opportunity to write up a new product from Flir yesterday and it was really remarkable a combination Spot light, low light 30 X optical zoom camera and hi resolution thermal camera, with 360′ panning and 90′ up and down.  This is pretty remarkable but really for the yacht and not for everyone.  Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to write on Monday.

Mid Week Update

Good Day,

I hope everyone is having a great week and planning some type of outdoor activity for the weekend.  Check our website out we can help with most outdoor activities.  Garmin’s blog posted the three summer camping destinations that they recommend, of course they are probably the three most popular ones, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Great Smokey Mountains.  I am sure that any serious camper would like to find a way to camp at any of these parks.  If you are one of the lucky ones please be sure to make sure that your equipment for camping, hiking, and fishing are all updated and ready for use.  If these devices need batteries make sure to take plenty with you, sometimes these necessities that get purchased at the local trail store or convenient store get very expensive.  Garmin also blogged about having a professional meditation instructor at one of their seminars, seems to me this would be a great way to get that afternoon catnap at work, but that is just me.

Welcome to a new week

Welcome Back,

Well last week ended with a bang in my household budget as I had to replace my HVAC system.  I was alright with it being warm with the windows open but not my wife who was afraid snakes would crawl in on our second floor condo.  I just noticed that Garmin hosted a large running event over the weekend showing off their training aids of which we are dealers for, so if you are looking to improve your times in your training give us a look.   When you look at the photos on Garmin’s Blog it must have been a “Wizard of Oz” themed running event but it did look like all were enjoying it.  I see that Garmin introduced a new “Surf Tracker Data Field” for their smart watch.  It actually keeps track of the amount of time you were riding waves and the number of waves you rode.  Kind of a cool feature for the surfer or the person who moved to the beach to take up surfing.

New Day

Hi Everyone,

Saw on Garmin’s website a really cool video for their new Virb which was just announced.  It is actually a spectacular video shot with this redesigned camera.  You can find it by selecting to “Learn More” on their homepage.  It is the time of year that Geocachers  start to roam around looking for the posted points for them to find.  It is treasure hunting for the 21st century and a great activity for the family.  We even have a cache here at the store for visitors to our area.  For the sportsman with a field dog I saw a sensor for monitoring the temp in a crate or kennel that interfaces to a number of Garmin’s handheld devices like the Astro 320.  It is a great tool to make sure your dogs aren’t overheating in their kennel after a day in the field.  Well this is going to be Friday for me what I took off yesterday to do did not get done, and it was no fault of mine.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back on Monday to update y’all.


Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some outside time.  What a great weekend in Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament.  Great weather and a new young face that just kicked a–.  What can you say about a young man 21 years old who ties the tournament record for scoring and wins in a cake walk after all the favorites took their shots and fell short. Simply amazing.  Well now that we have the golf itch to play, it is time to think about tools besides clubs.  Don’t forget the Garmin Approach line of GPS to help you with the distance and direction and to tell you how far you are hitting those new clubs.  Also we do have the Bushnell Laser Rangefinders to help with your distance.  well i am going to be gone on Wednesday, we lost our HVAC this past Friday and had the service for it on Sunday, with burial on Wednesday of this week.

Last Day this week

Hi ll,

Well the bad news is my bald head is pealing from a sunburn I got washing cars on Saturday, so I have to wear a hat because it looks like I am snowing on my shoulders.  I will be seated somewhere tomorrow watching the Masters and wishing I could play like those guys.  Does anyone else think that we shouldn’t have a basketball or hockey season that lasts close to summer?  Today if you are watching the Masters see if anyone in the crowd is using a rangefinder, I saw some of them in the crowd yesterday at the Par-3 tournament.  I don’t know whether they would be allowed in the gallery during a PGA event, and I would like to know.  Well I hope your weather for the weekend doesn’t include the storms sweeping through the central part of the U.S. and everyone is back on Monday.  One more thing if you need or want a rangefinder check us out on our website we handle the Bushnell line.

Half Way

Hi All,

How about Duke and U Conn and their 5th and 10th national basketball championships.  These are great basketball programs and coaches.  I also would like to congratulate Jack Reger for winning our in house pool for the men’s tournament, not bad for a little kid.  The baseball season is now on for real and i am happy about that because the Pelicans will be opening up soon and it is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.  Lastly the Masters starts tomorrow which I follow from beginning to end without really routing for anyone just for them all to play well.  We have some store specials that are really good currently, one is the Nuvi 2797LMT a solid 7″ automotive unit that works great, and don’t forget to look at our Rebates and Specials pages to see if there is anything we can help you with.

Beautiful Day

Good Morning,

It is a beautiful day in the Carolinas with that “Carolina Blue Sky” that we are famous for, but no one ever mentions that green pollen that accumulates on the cars and other outside objects overnight, I guess that would hurt tourism.  If you are on vacation or getting ready to go on vacation please be careful and enjoy your destinations.  If you are using an automotive GPS to travel please check to make sure it is working and the mapping is not only up to date but has coverage for the area you will be driving in.   This is just a caution to those of you lucky enough to be travelling to the Caribbean or Mexico and renting a car, I just checked and some auto GPS do not cover those areas any longer.  We have a pretty lofty goal for this month so if you are looking at a marine package there may be something we can do.  i don’t believe that I have said this before but thanks for reading the Blog.

April Fools’ Day

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to April, I know everyone is looking over their shoulder today so they aren’t the ones to be fooled and it is a good thing but look ahead too.  Fishing season for trout opens in NYS today and many will be in areas that are remote especially Adirondack and Catskill fishermen and women, it is a good thing for you to carry a PLB in case you get lost, it is still below freezing in the mountains at night.  A PLB is a small investment in your safety whether fishing or hunting in the wilderness.  ACR a manufacture we represent has listed the people saved by their products on their website and if you get a chance take a look at it under the “Survivors” tab to get an idea of the areas that these devices can be used.  Stay safe and be aware of those who will try to fool you today.

Almost Over

Hello Everyone,

Well the NCAA Basketball tournaments are winding down and to be honest it has taken too long.  It will be April and some of these teams started playing games in August like Kentucky. When did these kids have time to take class or study?  Coach Cal states that Kentucky as graduated 100% of the Seniors eligible to graduate at the end of their Sr. Year.  He has been at Kentucky for over 4 years now and his total for graduates is 10, am I missing something, because I thought the number should be higher.  Well enough of that we are gearing up at the store for a big spring in all of our departments.  It looks like people are getting the message that using your phone for directions can be expensive and also not really that good if you like to speak on it.  If you are in our area take some time to stop by our store if you have questions or would just like to see what an item looks like.