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Long weekend is almost here.

This is just a reminder that if you are heading out for the Memorial Day weekend and need something to be delivered before you go then you will need to order today and ask for two day delivery. If you wait you run the risk of having to pay for overnight delivery or not getting it at all. Please take a minute this weekend to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day. I know that the vast majority of us have known someone who died while serving our country. I know that I have known more than I want too. I consider my Grand Father as one of these heroes, even though he was at home during WWII, while my Father was serving in Europe. He died in a fire, working in an aluminum plant supporting the war effort. Never met the man, but know what my Dad told me about him and wish I had the opportunity to speak with him. Don’t forget to think of us for that Grad in your family as we have a lot to offer you for them. Anyone else have company coming this weekend? We have some young friends flying down tomorrow afternoon who will be with us for a week and my wife and I are looking forward to it. I wish everyone a safe weekend and hope that the weather holds for your outdoor celebrations, I will be writing again late next week.

Taking my shot at the phones in sales today

Yes that is right Drew and Gina think enough of me to answer some sales calls today. Makes the old guy feel good to talk to customers to find out what they are looking for and get and give answers that we know are correct. The phones have been really busy so I am kind of the last line to answer but I like it and I am always happy to help one of customers. I will have more on this Monday but I really should go back to answering phone calls from our customers.

Back at work for another week

Well the sales staff and warehouse personnel are just winding up that last of the orders from our Anniversary Sale and they are on their way out the door. The sale was a tremendous success for the store and for our customers who were able to take advantage of the great values we were offering. It is hard to believe that we are now in Dads and Grads season here at The GPS Store and we have this one covered for everyone on your list. Auto, outdoor, fitness, marine, or sport we have something for them all at a price you can afford and we offer free help in choosing a gift, just give us a call. It took 1/2 of the month before i found out but May is National Bike Month so for you riders start to think about us we are full line Garmin dealers so we have the Edge cycle computers. If you don’t see it on our website give us a call, we can look for you and see what we can do. Got to spend some time with my oldest son this past weekend so my weekend was great and my week ahead will be great as well because I am spending time here at The GPS Store with the rest of my family. I will write again later this week so stay tuned.

Anniversary sale is still going on

We here at The GPS Store are well into our Anniversary Sale for 2016, and have a lot to offer, for just about everyone. From auto units to marine and handheld GPS as well, we have a large variety. Our sale runs through Sunday and these prices cannot be extended so it you are thinking about buying something we have for sale please do not wait. Mothers Day has come and gone and now we are thinking about our Dads and Grads season here at the store, at least that what Drew calls it. GradsAndDadsthumb If you have a grad in the family who is going away to school or work think about something that will help them to navigate their way, we have a number of auto GPS that are designed for just that. Things are really busy here on the showroom floor but we still will find time to answer questions for our customers and friends so do not hesitate to call. Have a great weekend and I will be back on Monday.

Anniversary Super Sale started at 5:00 P.M. on Friday

Anniversary Super Sale is underway and off to a great start. Hard to believe that is was 19 years ago in 1997 that Drew and Gina started our store, and I say our because they make everyone feel like they are part of the GPS Store, and we are. Our mission today remains unchanged from what Drew and Gina set for themselves 19 years ago. “the mission to provide our customers with a better alternative to typical mail order and Internet companies.” Along with this mission, we are also now trying with every person we speak with, to exceed their expectations of customer service. It is now a way of life on the sales floor, and it feels great to make customers friends of the store. Check out our Super Sale most of the manufactures we represent have helped us out to offer reduced cost for their products.

Mothers’ Day don’t forget it.

It is true and Mothers’ Day is this Sunday, I hope everyone has taken care of getting the cards, chocolates, flowers and presents to make Mothers Day a great one for her. A number of us have only the memory of Mom which is OK as long as we keep those memories in our hearts everyday, like she would want us to. We can still get a last minute gift to you if need be just ask for our overnight special rate and it will be there tomorrow but you have to order before 4:00 P.M. Eastern time. I do hope that all of the ladies who are wives, significant others, and mothers have a great day on Sunday and are taken care of on that day. Well I have some really big news but I can’t say anything until tomorrow after 5:00 but take a look at the Blog at that time to see.

Don’t forget Mom

Yes it is the time of year when we remember our Mothers and we have a lot to offer you in the line of gifts for her. Something for every type of Mom from the athletic to the traveler to the outdoor adventurer, yes we have something for her needs. You have less than a week to order something and guarantee you have it in time without paying for expedited delivery so time is counting down. I saw in Garmin’s Blog this morning that they are providing navigation equipment for the first civilian woman from Afghanistan to fly around the world. Pretty impressive, and we here at The GPS Store wish her well in her travels. I read a lot about “punching mats” from the Garmin sponsored anglers and had no idea what it was because I am from the Thousand Island area of NYS. So i looked it up and it is flipping or pitching a heavy weighted bait through grass mats that form cover for the fish below, seems like a southern thing but even on the St. Lawrence River there are some grass mats that cover secluded spots on the river. Guess that is why I didn’t catch a lot of fish. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will be back to you on Monday.

End of the month

Hard to believe that it is the end of April but when I look at the warehouse and shipping I know it is the end of the month. If it isn’t nailed down it gets shipped, just kidding. Our people are out straight trying their best to get the products our customers have ordered, to them without a delay. Just stuck my head out in receiving and saw two trucks one with Raymarine on it and the other with Shakespeare antennas and accessories. Our people are the best at what they do and the best part is that they like what they do. There is a difference between doing a job because it provides a paycheck and doing a job because you like to do it, and it shows. I have a busy weekend going on this week. A car show on Saturday morning which means I have to get mine looking good by washing and waxing it. I don’t enter it but I do like it to look good while I am driving it. It was something that my Father taught me as a kid to take care of your cars by keeping them clean and changing the oil. Funny, but it is similar to that with marine electronics, you should keep them clean and their connections checked, and to also keep them updated. By the way it is also the end of our month for sales so don’t hesitate to see what we can do price wise for you. I am going to sign off now and hopefully will be able to write to you tomorrow. If there is something you would like me to explain or get an answer for you just let me know.

Here we are again

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend are ready for another work week. We are kind of in a lull this week here at the store waiting for May to come in and officially enter our summer season. Down here we have “moving in and moving out” day on Saturday each week, and traffic to the islands and beaches is really busy with tourists trying to get in their rentals and others trying to get on the road to their homes after a vacation with us. We still plenty of manufactures that are offering rebates so it still is a good time of year to invest in GPS and marine electronics. Don’t forget Mom, because her day is coming quickly and you should be thinking about what to get her. Travel will be picking up over the next couple of months, so don’t forget to update your GPS to make sure they are working. I will have some information on a few new products on Wednesday so stay tuned.

Annual warning to get started thinking about Mom

Yes it is that time of year when we start thinking about our Mother, and trying to get her the very best present for her, something unusual that tells her how much we care about her. If Mom is an outdoors person who like outdoor sports like hiking, golf, running, biking or swimming we have plenty to offer you that will help her in any of these adventures. If your family is just getting started how about a babyCam that would allow her to monitor your little ones in the back seat and keep her facing forward and of course if they are travelers how about a good old automotive GPS to get her to her destination safely. Of course any of these ideas can be paired with flowers or chocolates to make them romantic. This is your first reminder so don’t worry I will send you more.