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Super bowl or Boat Show

Wow we are looking for a great weekend here at the store.  Kind of hard not to route for the Carolina Panthers because they are so close to us.  I know that all of here in the store will have the game on the television except Scott who will be trying to watch it on his phone while travelling back from Atlantic City.  In years past traffic at the show on Super Bowl Sunday is down somewhat because people want to get their place in front of the big screen for the game, so if you don’t want to get stuck in a big crowd Sunday at the show should be a good time to speak to us or any of the manufacturers. We have been very busy and sent Brian up last night to work with Scott and Philip over the weekend.  He really wasn’t happy with his bumpy flight but his landing must have been alright because he was able to complain to Jamie this morning.  OK I know everyone is waiting for my Super Bowl prediction and here it is.                              Panthers 34 Broncos 13

We are now in Day two of the Atlantic City Boat Show

If yesterday is any indication of how the show will go this year the Governor and state legislature did a great thing by cutting the sales tax in half on the purchase of a boat.  It was done to stimulate the marine industry along the coast of NJ and it looks like it is working.  The way it works is 3.5% sales tax on any boat purchase up to a cap of $20,000.00. As anyone who has looked at boat prices over the years realized a 3.5% savings can in a lot of instances buy your marine electronics, which we hope you buy them from us.  Furuno is back at the show this year for the first time in a number of years and we are glad to have them their.  A large number of our customers have Furuno equipment on their boats, and have concerns about adding new equipment to older systems, and with their technical expertise and ours can get the answers they need.  Our booth is located in very close proximity to most of the manufacturers we represent so if they give you a sheet or card on what you need for displays, transducers, cables etc bring it over to Scott, Philip, and Brian to get a “Boat Show Quote” it will be the best price for the year.  Come see us in Booth # 407.

Off and running

It is down to the last day for our store for the next two weeks plus a day.  Scott and Philip are off tomorrow morning early heading to Atlantic City for the boat show which starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday, then drive back Sunday night to OIB and then right off again to Miami for that boat show which runs through Monday of the following week, a very busy stretch.  We will support Scott and Philip with Brian and Jamie as needed in both shows.  I know Brian is flying up to AC on Thursday evening to work at least Friday and Saturday at the show.   I hope everyone is ready for some football with Superbowl 50 this weekend.  I wonder how many snacks will be made for Super Bowl Parties, and why it isn’t a national holiday as yet?  We make holidays all the time for different events or individuals.  Stop and think instead or Grand Parents week how about Super Bowl week or Bosses Day how about a day just for the Super Bowl?  Or best yet instead of Boxing Day the day after Christmas how about Recovery Day?  We here hope that our guys get home safely and that whomever you route for your team wins.

A lot going on

There truly is a lot going on over the next couple of weeks.  We have Garmin announcing some new golf electronics at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida today and through the weekend.  Some very nice looking and what I would think would be beneficial training aides to lower your score are being revealed.  On to the Atlantic City Boat Show next weekend and then the Miami Boat Show the following week.  A very very busy time here at the store, is even more complicated with the Super Bowl falling on Sunday of the Atlantic City Boat Show again but this year it has the Carolina Panthers in it.  I would hate to be a long time fan and not be able to see this once in a generation game for the Panthers (hahaha).  For all of you Golfers please stay watching our site for the new products and all of you boaters and angles if you can’t get to Atlantic City or Miami for the shows stay tuned for announcements of new products from all of the manufacturers we represent.  I am not going to be back to write to you tomorrow.  i neglected a paint chip for too long on my car and now the whole roof needs painting so the car goes to the body shop for two days tomorrow morning.


Had enough football yet?

Since with are in North Carolina we have a large number of friends. customers and co-workers who are Carolina Panther fans, this makes it tough for me because I am a long time Giant fan, it is good to have support though because Drew, Gina and Jamie are all Giant fans as well.  At least the Bronco Patriot game had some excitement in it and I hope that the Super Bowl will be exciting as well, and not over with at half-time.  In one of the weekend Blogs from Garmin they highlighted the sponsored pro Jason Lambert who won the Costa FLW Series event at Lake Okeechobee.  Although you expect the pro to credit his equipment, you don’t normally see them credit the win to the transducer they use, and he did the GT52HW-TM which is a CHIRP transom mounted transducer that provides SideView/DownView and CHIRP for fishfinding. He used this transducer to help him actually be able to get on the grass line and stay in contact with it, without getting up in it and disturbing the fish.  I will be back on Wednesday with more info on the boat shows and news here at the store.

Training this morning

As part of The GPS Store’s employee education program we received training from our Garmin Rep this morning on their new EchoMap CHIRP line of chartplotter/fishfinders and their Striker fishfinders, and I must say they were pretty impressive with the 7″ and 9″ EchoMaps having the ability to use their Panoptix transducer.  Rumor is that the different fishing organizations for tournaments is considering outlawing Panoptix because of its success.  This to me doesn’t sound like the right thing to do because it is available to all competitors even those sponsored by other electronic manufacturers.  It looks like winter storm Jonas is going to be a real issue for the mid Atlantic states until Sunday so I hope that everyone took precautions and stays somewhere safe until it blows through.  It was kind of funny to see our nation’s Capital crippled by less than an inch of snow this morning.  I mean really can’t you drive at all?  See you on Monday.

Winter Storm Jonas on the way

It looks like there is a powerful winter storm on the way from Kentucky, and Tennessee through Virginia, West Virginia all the way through Washington DC and Baltimore and then up the coast.  Some places along the path of this storm may see up to 24″ of snow, which will really turn into a mess if it is to a city without the right equipment to handle the white stuff.  A couple of years ago when we had the sleet storm for two days I was amazed to see only pickup trucks spreading sand and salt on major commuter roads in and around Myrtle Beach.  It took three full days before real trucks started to run on these roads to break up the ice, it was here I thought, what would happen if we got a real snowstorm?  I know I would survive but I am not sure about the native So. Carolinians, who for some reason think it is just a slick track and go like the road isn’t slippery.  Not a lot going on at The GPS Store today Scott, Brian, and Jamie are busy looking at the schedule for Atlantic City and Miami boat shows.  Garmin is giving the sales staff some training tomorrow morning on their new  EchoMap CHIRP and Stryker units.  This should really be cool to see the new technology in operation.  Well I will be back tomorrow to let you know how things went.

Hopefully the lull before the storm.

Good Morning and here at The GPS Store we are recovering from the NYC Boat Show and packing things back up for the Atlantic City Boat Show in a little over two weeks, and almost immediately after AC we go to Miami for their boat show, which is one of the largest boat shows in the world.  The Miami show is a little different in that it starts on Thursday and runs through Monday, and is held in multiple docks and tents which hold mega yachts to sport fishing boats and even dingys.  It takes multiple days just to walk the Miami Show itself.  Over the years Scott and Brian have made many friends in both places and really enjoy seeing them again year after year.  We here at home still have specials that we can offer you if you didn’t get to the NYC Boat Show or can’t get to the up coming ones, so please shop our website.  We are down to the final four in football and by the rankings there have been no upsets number 1 plays number 2 in both conferences, may the best teams win in both so we have a great Super Bowl.

Getting caught up and rested

Hi Everyone, well Scott and Brian are back and tired from the NY Boat Show but have a good feeling about all the customers new and old that they saw.  Our results are still being tallied but look good this year again.  I think that they are going to take a couple of days off to spend with their families before the Boat Show run in February.  We will be travelling north again to Atlantic City and then south to Miami for the biggest and longest show we attend each year.  Then the following two weeks are a frenzy here at the store with questions and orders from the shows shipping, the guys in the warehouse really earn their money at that time.  It is a great time of year here though with the boat show season to keep us busy and of course a couple weeks after February it is our spring and visitors from all over are in our area.  Well this is the end of the line this week, for me, but I will be back on Monday with news about the store.  In case you wonder what I do besides the Blog I also do some of the product write-ups describing them on our website.  Just finishing the new Hook Line from Lowrance so look for them over the next couple of days on our site.

The boys are back in town.

Well we are off to a great marine season thanks to our guys at the NYC Boat Show.  Scott and Brian put a huge effort into getting equipment to and from the show and then setting up and tearing it down before and after the show.  They put in a 50 hour work week in 5 days at the show and that isn’t including the prep and travel time to and from NYC so it is more like an 80 hour week.  Not one that anyone wants to work but it in mostly enjoyable for our guys.  Now that they are back they will babysit the orders from the show until everyone gets what they trusted us to sell them and then a couple of days to rest and off to Atlantic City in three weeks.  I am glad to be part of the “hometeam” while two of our sales force work a booth at the shows.  I used to go to Atlantic City and know how much effort goes into it to get the return we do.  If you have any questions on marine electronics now is a good time to call us to get the right answer.  “I smart person may not know all the answers but they know where to look to get them.” Old Spice