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Garmin Announces New quatix Marine GPS Watch

Garmin announced today the new quatix watch.  Not only is it a GPS watch the can be used in many different marine appications like sailing, kayaking, etc., the quatix can do so much more.  The quatix can sync with your GHC 10 Autopilot control head and allow you to change course right from the watch.  Even better, if you set and MOB on the quatix watch your autopilot will change course and navigate back to that spot. 
Learn more about this innovated and unique GPS watch here!

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Furuno 1670F / 1870F Now in Stock!

The newest units from Furuno are now in stock and available for immediate shipment! Choose from the Furuno 1670F 5.7″ Color Chartplotter/ Fishfinder Combination unit or the Furuno 1870F 7″ Color Chartplotter/ Fishfinder Combination unit. Both are C-Map Max 4D Compatible and offer a 600W/1kW Fishfinder dependent on transducer selected reaching depths of 5,000 ft.


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ACR 2844 EPIRB Sale, Going On NOW!

The ACR 2844 Category II GlobalFix PRO 406 GPS Epirb is a must have safety device for anyone boating, cruising or fishing in a large lake or off the coast. The primary job for an EPIRB is to send a distress signal to the SARSAT (Search And Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking) satellite system. The ACR 2844 Global Fix Pro 406 is a category II manual release EPIRB. A manual release EPIRB is perfect for a ditch bag or mounting in an out-of-the-way place like in a console or under a hard top. Manual EPIRBs are designed to be activated by the user by flipping a switch located on the top of the unit. Category II EPIRBs can also activate if they are removed from the included bracket and submerged in water.


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ACR 2881 – New Price!

Now is the time to get your ACR 2881 PLB device. We have just lowered the price to $249.95! This device is small in size and perfect for any outdoor adventure. Whether on foot or by boat. Stay safe and know that help is just a button away.

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Raymarine's a78 GPS/Sounder with CHIRP Technology now in stock!

Raymarine’s newest GPS Chartplotter/Sounder combination with CHIRP is now available. the a78 with a 7″ Touchscreen offers Raymarine’s intuitive Lighthouse user Interface, Super Bright Color Display and Ultra fast Processor.  A must have for mariners everywhere.

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Choosing the Right Radar for your Boat

Choosing The Right Radar
 Your Boat and Your Needs

Boaters today have more choices than ever when it comes to radar technology for their boats. So it’s more important than ever that they choose wisely, for a couple of good reasons. First, radar represents a significant investment in equipment that boaters will likely live with for many seasons. Second, it’s an important piece of technology that, when properly used, has a direct role in safe navigation.

Boaters considering the purchase of a radar have to decide which of the many options is best for their vessel, their needs and their budget. This is where the guidance of an experienced boater and NMEA-certified expert can be immeasurably useful — helping boaters locate the radar that will satisfy their needs for the long run. Radar

“When I assist customers with the selection process, I begin by asking a series of questions that help us figure out what will best meet their needs,” said Brian Rock of The GPS Store. “While the best choice for any given boater isn’t always the biggest or most expensive system, you also don’t want to make a significant investment in technology that you’re going to outgrow as you gain more experience and spend more time on the water.”

Rock recommends asking yourself these five key questions when searching for a marine radar:

1. What will you use your radar for?
In addition to frequency of operation, you need to think about what you will be using your radar for. If your primary concern is navigating safely through occasional fog or leaving/returning to port in the dark, a less expensive radar dome will meet your needs. If your style of boating has you steaming at night (or any limited visibility conditions) through heavily trafficked waters, you’ll need to track multiple vessels and monitor their movement in relation to you. Features that enhance these capabilities should be high on your wish list. If you’re a serious offshore sportfisherman looking for flocks of distant birds, pinpointing other fishing vessels, or locating weather fronts between you and home, you’re going to prefer the range and target definition that a powerful open array system provides.

2. How often will you use your radar?
If you’re a casual boater or fisherman who isn’t often going to leave the dock before dawn or stay out overnight, one of today’s “basic” radar systems, or adding radar function to a multi-function system, will likely provide the performance you need. Likewise if you’re a “fair-weather boater” not predisposed to heading out in fog or approaching storms. Today’s entry-level radar options will help you navigate through an occasional surprise fog bank or find your way home after dark. On the other hand, if you are the type who cruises/fishes often at night and heads out come hell or high water, you’ll be using your radar more frequently. And you’ll naturally want and expect more features and capabilities from your radar as you gain more experience and confidence operating it.

3. Stand alone radar or multi-function system?
Furuno RadarAdding radar to one of today’s advanced multi-function navigation systems is an affordable and practical way to get color radar technology on your boat. There are pros and cons to going this route, and multi-function displays aren’t the best option for every boater. Using an MFD radar saves valuable helm space while providing a wide array of radar capabilities. It’s also a good choice if overlaying radar onto your electronic charts is important to you. On the minus side, operating the radar features is usually less intuitive than the controls of a dedicated radar. And if the MFD goes down for any reason, you’ve lost everything, including radar. If you boat frequently, are a heavy user of radar features and prefer to have a fully dedicated display (like many commercial users), a stand alone radar will likely satisfy your needs better.

4. How much space do you have?
Garmin With RadarAny boater’s wants, needs and desires have to be tempered with the reality of available space onboard. As much as you might want to pinpoint a single seagull at 30 miles, it’s not practical to mount a 4-foot open array antenna on a 20-foot center console (although it’s been tried). Whether open array or dome style, radar antennas need be free of obstruction and mounted above objects such as rod holders, life rafts, lighting, etc. This can often be achieved using aftermarket mounts designed for the purpose. You also need to consider the safety issue of radar scanner proximity/location to vessel occupants. Too many times we see boaters driving from upper stations with a radome humming away between their legs. We shouldn’t have to tell you why that’s a bad idea. Space considerations/mounting options at the helm also dictate the size/type of display you can use, and whether or not it makes sense to go the stand alone or Multi-Function Display (MFD) route.

5. How much do you want to spend?
This is one of the biggest questions boaters must face when choosing a radar. For most of us, it’s a significant investment, and budget limitations often end up being the great tiebreaker. You can add radar capability to many MFDs for about $1,000. Stand alone radars that will provide more features and menu options begin at around $1,200 and can go way up from there. The right amount to spend is whatever it takes to get the features that will matter most to you — without overspending on features you’ll rarely if ever use. Conversely, if you save money initially but quickly find yourself wanting/needing features your radar doesn’t deliver, you’ll quickly become dissatisfied. And buying something twice is never a wise business decision. If you and your dealer work as a team to figure out the answers to questions 1-4, you’ll have a much better idea what you really need. From there, it’s just a matter of narrowing down the brands/models that give you what you need at the best price.

Sitex Radar“Here’s an important piece of advice I tell all our customers, said Rock. “Whichever radar system you settle on, make sure to practice with the equipment often in clear, daylight conditions, using all the main functions and features. This is the best time to learn how to operate your radar, not when you need it for safety.”

The GPS Store sells a wide variety of radar systems from all major manufacturers such as Furuno, Raymarine, Garmin, Simrad, Lowrance, and SI-TEX. Its trained staff is happy to help boaters select the best match for their needs, boating lifestyle and budget. Visit or call customer service at (910) 575-9544.

For more useful information about marine electronics products, how to use them and how to get the most from them, contact the experts at The GPS Store, Inc. at (800) 477-2611 or visit online at

Visit for more helpful advice and tips

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Annapolis Here We Come!

Stop by and visit Scott and Brian in booth L8 at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show Thursday October 10th – Monday October 14th. They will be sure to offer you a deal you can’t pass up on the hottest marine electonics from ACR, C-Map, FLIR, Furuno, Fusion, Garmin,  Icom, KVH, Lowrance, Navionics, Poly-Planar, Raymarine, Shakespeare, Simrad, Sitex, Standard and Viking! Oh yeah, and if you can’t get to Annapolis, Don’t Worry – all our great show specials are listed on our website as well. Click Here and get to outfitting your boat!

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Holiday Savings Start Now!!
Start you Shopping with Early Holiday Savings Today!!!
Over 50 of our hottest Automotive, Handheld, Marine, Fitness & Sports GPS units are now on sale. No need to wait til after Thanksgiving to get you shopping started. Start today, Save today!!

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Just Announced – Delorme inReach SE 2 Way Satellite Communication

The newest addition to the inReach line. Delorme has announced the inReach SE – two way satellite communciation with a virtual keyboard and color display so that you can easily send and receive text messages, connect to Twitter and Facebook and more. Click HERE for more information!

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Check out The GPS Store Fishing Team in Action!

A beautiful day out on the water for The GPS Store Fishing Team!

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