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Enough Turkey and Football?

I hope that everyone got exactly enough to eat and watch on television yesterday.  I mean my wife and I had a 23 lb turkey for just ourselves and a couple of out of towners and three complete football games.  How could you ask for anything more?  Well it is the Christmas Season for my […]

Are you ready for some Football

Yes indeed we are officially starting the holiday shopping season for 2016 tomorrow but a large number of people will be starting today, after 5:00 P.M. when the prices unofficially go down.  I have a few items on my Christmas wish list this year but I won’t get any of them because I don’t tell […]

The week before Christmas Shopping

Does anyone else feel like they should be in running shoes and light weight clothing to start shopping for Christmas? I mean, I feel like I am about to start a race but I do know it is one I am very happy to start every year.  I work for a company that wants to […]

Really getting down to it.

Where did the year 2016 go to?  We are one week away from Thanksgiving and even less away from the start of Christmas shopping.  I came in this morning and Scott was speaking with our sales force, to address their concerns, listen to their suggestions, and let them know what we expect for a surge […]

Better late than never

Yes I am back and glad to be here.  Had to miss a few days of work and I am sorry about that because I had promised I would write to you later last week and I didn’t fill my promise.  I am glad the presidential election and campaigns are over and done with, lets […]

Wow Christmas Season is starting earlier this year

Yesterday while I watched football and waited for the NASCAR race to start late into the evening I could not believe the number of commercials that advertised Black Friday Specials, of course they were for cars and large appliances but one wonders how long before everything is Black Friday priced.  I guess that with it […]

Good Morning to Everyone

Well I finally have someone else citing the importance of a GPS while you are hunting.  In November 1st Garmin Blog they have finally said that every Deer Hunter or Upland Game hunter should carry a GPS. I feel a little vindicated for preaching it for years.  Things here at the store are going to […]

Trying this again

I have been having some trouble posting to this blog so lets hope this one gets through.  I have also been away with some back issues and don’t know how long it will last.  seems the quick switch to cool weather always does it for me.  I hope that everyone can enjoy the World Series […]

End of week

Good morning everyone and yes it is the end of the week here at The GPS Store for me but rest assured I have things to do at home and on the road starting tomorrow morning with service on my Mustang and then to the list my beautiful bride will have ready for me. Not […]

Post Hurricane Matthew

What a week of weather in the southeast. My wife and I were evacuated on Wednesday of last week and were not allowed to return until Tuesday this week. A two and one half hour trip to return was over 7 hours because of road closures and detours for downed power lines and trees. We […]