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Too old or too stupid

I have been discussing the need for so much capability in running watches with Jamie.  Of course he is a young man who may use all the features that are available, while I am not so young anymore, and really don’t care about the pressure my feet make hitting the ground while I am running. […]

Everyone here is Hustling

Here we are mid-week on 10/21 and everybody is really moving today the sales people are busy on the phones with customers whether just answering questions or taking orders they are happy to help, while the warehouse is really popping getting the early orders on the trucks for our first shipment.  Of course they also […]

Fall came this morning in coastal Carolina

I was a little surprised to see the temperature this morning in the 30′s when i was walking my dog at 6:15 A.M.  Today I wore pants and not shorts to work for the first time since March which is two weeks early as I like to last until November.  The cool weather didn’t surprise […]

The best weather of the year is here

I drove to work this morning in 61′ temperature with bright sunshine and a “Carolina Blue” sky and this afternoon I am headed home with the windows down and radio cranked up because it is the end of the work week for this old man.  The store is back at full staff and boat show […]

Everyone is here today

I got in this morning and Scott and Brian are back at their desk from the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  It was a long week for them going 7 days straight when you consider a day’s drive each way even though after the last day for the show they packed up and drove back to Ocean […]

Last day at Annapolis Sailboat Show

Hello everyone, I hope everyone in the Annapolis area looking for marine electronics has had the chance to visit with our guys Scott and Brian for the best prices for the remainder of 2015.  If you haven’t had a chance you can still get to the show today we are there for the rest of […]

Opening Day at Annapolis

At 10:00 A.M. today the Annapolis Sailboat Show opened its doors or gates to the public and our Brian and Scott are their to greet our new friends and customers as well as old friends and customers we hope.  The show will provide us with an opportunity to offer manufacturer supported price reductions for the […]

Glad the rain has finally ended.

The rain finally ended sometime on Tuesday morning here on Coastal Carolina.  In Little River where I live we got 26″ of rain in less than 48 hours, and it was nothing short of a mess.  I was trapped in my development on and off for almost 3 days.  One of my neighbors had to […]

Boat Show Finale

Today our showroom is being bundled up and put into a display cabinet that will leave next Wednesday for Annapolis and the Sail Show which is our last one for 2015. Scott, Brian and Phillip will be traveling and setting up on Wednesday to be running on Thursday the first day of the show. We […]

Garmin takes first and second

True it is that Garmin equipped fishing teams in the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Labor Day Tournament.  Pretty impressive as the first place finisher won over $55,000 and second was pretty good as well with over $34,000, now if they had themselves in the calcutta they really took home some cash.  The winning boat was […]