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Welcome Back

Hi Everyone, The GPS Store lost a great friend late last week with the passing of Ed Davis from Furuno.  Ed will be missed greatly by his friends throughout the marine industry, but I am sure, even more by his family.  We send our condolences to them and wish them strength through their grieving process. […]


Hi Everyone, I did some research on companies we represent yesterday looking for blogs and found in the Lumishore blog a reference to something they are trying to get erected in Chicago called “Breakwater Chicago” which will be a floating island outside the harbor on Lake Michigan, it will have dockage, restaurant, waterslide, and I […]

Surprise on Tuesday

Surprise Tuesday, i am here on Tuesday because I will be celebrating my oldest Son’s birthday this week and joining him on his radio show Thursday and Friday maybe, its a morning show and I may not make it up but I will give it a try.  Everyone excited about the NFL draft this week […]

Hello Monday

Welcome back, It is good to be back to work this morning, I had a summer cold and could not stop coughing but enough medication will clear up almost anything.  i am trying to rally the troops her to go to watch the NFL draft on Thursday night but not meeting with much success yet. […]

Welcome to the weekend

Good Day Everyone, Well I may have started an issue in another blog I write, I questioned another blog and the way the person writing it didn’t ask questions like I think they should be asked.  If you have someone who changed from one brand of marine electronics to another wouldn’t you want to know […]

Mid Week Update

Good Day, I hope everyone is having a great week and planning some type of outdoor activity for the weekend.  Check our website out we can help with most outdoor activities.  Garmin’s blog posted the three summer camping destinations that they recommend, of course they are probably the three most popular ones, Yosemite, Grand Canyon […]

Welcome to a new week

Welcome Back, Well last week ended with a bang in my household budget as I had to replace my HVAC system.  I was alright with it being warm with the windows open but not my wife who was afraid snakes would crawl in on our second floor condo.  I just noticed that Garmin hosted a […]

New Day

Hi Everyone, Saw on Garmin’s website a really cool video for their new Virb which was just announced.  It is actually a spectacular video shot with this redesigned camera.  You can find it by selecting to “Learn More” on their homepage.  It is the time of year that Geocachers  start to roam around looking for […]


Hi Everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to enjoy some outside time.  What a great weekend in Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament.  Great weather and a new young face that just kicked a–.  What can you say about a young man 21 years old who ties the tournament record […]

Last Day this week

Hi ll, Well the bad news is my bald head is pealing from a sunburn I got washing cars on Saturday, so I have to wear a hat because it looks like I am snowing on my shoulders.  I will be seated somewhere tomorrow watching the Masters and wishing I could play like those guys. […]