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The Pope has left the U.S.

I saw the Pope on Sheppard 1 liftoff last evening marking the end of his time in the U.S.  What a schedule he had, but he always took time to kiss a baby, bless someone who needed it or just show how much he cares about everyone.  I just know he livened up security when […]

Hunting season must be close.

Well hunting season must really be near because even Garmin has referenced it in their blog this morning.  Of course I wrote about the same information over the last two weeks.  Of course in Garmin’s blog they went into detail about the benefits of pre-hunting and area even if it is on the computer using […]

I guess fall was a little early for me.

Sorry about that, but I honestly thought that fall always arrived on Sep 21st not the 23rd like this year.  Never the less it is the time of year for hunting season and our last boat show of the year the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  If you are planning on being part of the migration down […]

Into Fall we go

Wow wasn’t that a fast summer, now the kids are back in school and the leaves are changing in the north, what a beautiful time of year.  With the onset of fall it usually means hunting season in most states is fast approaching.  It is a good time to check your equipment from your actual […]

Great Deal

Hi everyone we have been given a great deal on a commercial grade fully networkable, large screen chartplotter the GPSMAP 6212.  A full color, full coastal U.S. charts, 12″ networkable screen plotter.  It does not get a whole lot better for the commercial fisherman looking to add a new plotter to his or her wheelhouse. […]

Fall is in the air

Well the first weekend of football season is almost over, and everyone now knows what they need to add to their roster in fantasy football to be the winner of the store football pool. (Not Really) A change to the rules this year as our normal fantasy football game was cancelled by ESPN.  I can […]

Online Help

I was just thinking about how I could do something and found videos on the web to help me with what I wanted to do and thought: our manufacturers like Lowrance, Garmin and Furuno all have instructional videos on their websites to help the users with their electronics.  It is easier for me to learn […]

Summer’s end

Back to work after almost three weeks of company, and I need to be here just to take a break.  Glad all my company made it back to their homes in Burlington, Vt., Roanoke, Va., and Potsdam, NY safely and can’t wait for them to come back, kind of lonely without them, but i am […]

Vacation time

Yup, I am taking a vacation to spend time with family and friends.  I know anyone who reads this post will like me keep the people at WDBJ in Roanoke in their prayers and to their family and friends we at The GPS Store send our deepest sympathies.  It is going to be a struggle […]

Backup and tune up

Well most of the anglers out there have been fishing all summer and probably found a few, if not more, fishing spots that they have marked on their plotters.  Well if you haven’t thought of it yet here is a reminder to backup your waypoints.  If your chartplotter dies, or you lose your boat for […]