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On Tuesday

Yes i am here on Tuesday to surprise you, well not really, we have a couple of people out on the sales floor so I just might get to answer the phone and talk to our customers which I used to do everyday.  It is the contact with you that i miss the most about […]

Glad to be back.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weather in the Carolinas was absolutely perfect, at least in the morning.  It was nice to see low 70′s again in the morning although it did get close to 90 in the afternoon.  It isn’t going to be long before we start seeing school buses again as […]

The Weekend is here

My week is winding down and I hope everyone has a plan about what they would like to do this weekend, even if it is nothing.  It is a good time here at the store for anyone who wants to ask us a question about GPS or marine equipment we have the time and welcome […]

The year is flying by

It is August already and the summer vacation for students is coming to an end in 3 to 4 weeks for most of the country.  Seems like just last week that the school buses were no longer on the road for my drive to work and it will not be long and they are back. […]

Hello to Everyone

Monday and back to work again.  Seems like I have been doing it a long time, and I have.  Given I have been paying social security for 56 years.  We are still praying for the two young men lost at sea in Florida, the Coast Guard had to give up but I know their family […]

Last Day this Week

Thursday is here and my weekend starts today (good to be old sometimes).  Scott is busy putting together an email blast for a sale on Lowrance combination units, so keep your eyes fixed on your email.  We are continuing to pray for the two boys lost currently at sea off the coast of Florida.  Also […]

Another Day

The two teens lost at sea off the coast of Florida remain in our prayers.  I pray that they can be returned to their families safe and sound.  Our sales staff went through a meeting this morning, Scott was just pointing out how to handle confirmations to our customers, so they know how to check on […]

Glad to be back…

Another week is starting here at The GPS Store and our sales staff is in full swing helping their customers.  They had a meeting this morning on what they felt they did well, and did not do as well as the could.   They are constantly looking for training to increase their knowledge of the […]

Happy day

Well I was looking for something of note to write about today and it fell into my lap when I walked in to the Store this morning.  Today is one of our owner’s birthday, so a huge Happy Birthday to Drew today from our people here at the store.  If you don’t know the story […]

Mid Week Check In

Hello to everyone reading this post.  I just checked our Specials and Close Out page from our website and we have a number of products listed that I never have seen on sale before, you owe it to yourself to check out out Specials.  I have been following the Garmin Blog and the majority of […]