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I hope you didn’t lose money on my prediction

Good Morning everyone, well the Super Bowl is now behind us and once again my prediction was incorrect.  I was really surprised about a number of things that happened and didn’t happen during and after the super bowl.  Where was the pressure up the middle on Peyton Manning, why couldn’t Mike Shula come up with […]

Spring is quickly coming your way.

Another week here in the south is ending for me today but I just wanted to take a minute to write to the people still stuck on winter in the north.  Your spring is just around the corner and I am sure that the golfers up there, if you haven’t taken a trip south to […]

Another reminder about Dads and Grads Season

It is still that time of year when we think about Dad on Fathers’ Day and someone near and dear who may be graduating, and starting a new chapter in their life, whether it is from high school or college. We definitely have something for everything here at The GPS Store from auto navigation, golf […]

What happens next.

Yes we are waiting out hurricane Matthew as it wanders through the Caribbean before defining a path to head northward. As it looks now we have no clue where it is going but this time we have two places that our people can be in harms way. Not only here in Ocean Isle Beach but […]

Off and running

It is down to the last day for our store for the next two weeks plus a day.  Scott and Philip are off tomorrow morning early heading to Atlantic City for the boat show which starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday, then drive back Sunday night to OIB and then right off again to […]

Hard to believe it

Yes it is hard for me to believe that it is back to school time adds are on television and hunting season catalog are in the mail. I received a large store catalog, that competes with us for outdoor GPS, over the weekend, so I just had to compare what they were offering to what […]

New month and new products

Yes summer is almost gone and the hurricane season is now in full swing here in Coastal Carolina with Hermine set to hit Tampa on Friday morning and continue up the coast as a tropical storm with heavy rain hitting our area early Saturday morning. Lets hope that is all we get and all anyone […]

Off I go to the Adirondacks

Yes that’s right my wife and I are going home for one week. It will be great to breath air without humidity for a change and cooler nights too, for sleeping, air conditioning is still a luxury there and not a necessity like it is down here. Fishing season is in full swing everywhere now, […]

A long weekend that saw it all.

Yes indeed we here in Coastal Carolina saw it all this past Labor Day Weekend. The weather on Thursday night thru Friday night late was terrible because of Tropical Storm Hermine. Tremendous thunder and lightning on Thursday night and heave rain and wind Friday morning until late Friday night. Worried on Friday because my wife […]

We are now well into June

We would like to thank our customers for trusting us with your business and making May one of our best months. Well we can’t rest on our laurels so we continue to work hard earning your trust and confidence. Ashley had a birthday this past weekend and she has now broken officially out of her […]