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Off I go to the Adirondacks

Yes that’s right my wife and I are going home for one week. It will be great to breath air without humidity for a change and cooler nights too, for sleeping, air conditioning is still a luxury there and not a necessity like it is down here. Fishing season is in full swing everywhere now, […]

We are now well into June

We would like to thank our customers for trusting us with your business and making May one of our best months. Well we can’t rest on our laurels so we continue to work hard earning your trust and confidence. Ashley had a birthday this past weekend and she has now broken officially out of her […]

Mothers' Day don't forget it.

It is true and Mothers’ Day is this Sunday, I hope everyone has taken care of getting the cards, chocolates, flowers and presents to make Mothers Day a great one for her. A number of us have only the memory of Mom which is OK as long as we keep those memories in our hearts […]

Super bowl or Boat Show

Wow we are looking for a great weekend here at the store.  Kind of hard not to route for the Carolina Panthers because they are so close to us.  I know that all of here in the store will have the game on the television except Scott who will be trying to watch it on […]

Training Day

Good morning everyone, we came in early for a lesson from Garmin on their new autopilots that they will be releasing this spring.  We have everyone trained from the warehouse guys to our VP’s (who are a little harder to train).  Garmin outlined and computer demo’d the new changes and capabilities, the one that stood […]

End of week

Good morning everyone and yes it is the end of the week here at The GPS Store for me but rest assured I have things to do at home and on the road starting tomorrow morning with service on my Mustang and then to the list my beautiful bride will have ready for me. Not […]

We are now in Day two of the Atlantic City Boat Show

If yesterday is any indication of how the show will go this year the Governor and state legislature did a great thing by cutting the sales tax in half on the purchase of a boat.  It was done to stimulate the marine industry along the coast of NJ and it looks like it is working. […]

Glad to be back

Well I do hope that at least one person missed me, because I have been away for three weeks. I was asked to help out answering phones and working on the sales floor to cover for one of our co-workers, and I cannot tell you how proud and honored I was to be asked to […]

2016 is here and starting with a bang

Wow is all I can say with how 2015 wrapped up for us here at The GPS Store and I would like to thank all of you who have given The GPS Store, and our people an opportunity to serve you.  We want to “Exceed” your expectations for us as a company.  Scott and Brian […]

Spring is quickly coming your way.

Another week here in the south is ending for me today but I just wanted to take a minute to write to the people still stuck on winter in the north.  Your spring is just around the corner and I am sure that the golfers up there, if you haven’t taken a trip south to […]