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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show running this weekend

With the opening of the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show Garmin is announcing a new echoMap CHIRP combination series plotter/fishfinder which can be purchased with either inshore charts or off shore ones as well.  This new series of units provides the angler with the very best in fishfinding technology CHIRP, CHIRP DownVu and CHIRP SideVu, they […]

How happy are they at Garmin today.

The new world champions of baseball are the Kansas City Royals and the people at Garmin’s must be excited to bring back the trophy to Kansas City.  They even had a great game played by their Kansas City Chiefs yesterday which makes November 1st 2015 a great day to be a Sports Fan in Kansas. […]

Nothing better

If you haven’t noticed yet please take a look at the Garmin echoMap combination units we have them on sale and Garmin has a $100.00 rebate on them in the 5″ units and larger, now there really isn’t anything better that a sale item with a rebate as well.  I was watching television last evening […]

I am at a loss of what to say

Well almost at a loss.  I saw in one of the Garmin blogs for the last two days that they are making a connected scale available for sale.  From the company that put GPS in just about every household comes a scale that can be connected through WiFi to Garmin Connect and then to virtually […]

Rebates and Sales

Back from the weekend and a large percentage of the marine manufacturers we represent are offering either rebates or sales on some of their popular items.  Furuno is offering sales on what looks like the complete line with rebates of up to $500.00 on their TZ Touch plotters and TZ Touch2 combination units so it […]

Too old or too stupid

I have been discussing the need for so much capability in running watches with Jamie.  Of course he is a young man who may use all the features that are available, while I am not so young anymore, and really don’t care about the pressure my feet make hitting the ground while I am running. […]

Everyone here is Hustling

Here we are mid-week on 10/21 and everybody is really moving today the sales people are busy on the phones with customers whether just answering questions or taking orders they are happy to help, while the warehouse is really popping getting the early orders on the trucks for our first shipment.  Of course they also […]

Fall came this morning in coastal Carolina

I was a little surprised to see the temperature this morning in the 30′s when i was walking my dog at 6:15 A.M.  Today I wore pants and not shorts to work for the first time since March which is two weeks early as I like to last until November.  The cool weather didn’t surprise […]

The best weather of the year is here

I drove to work this morning in 61′ temperature with bright sunshine and a “Carolina Blue” sky and this afternoon I am headed home with the windows down and radio cranked up because it is the end of the work week for this old man.  The store is back at full staff and boat show […]

Everyone is here today

I got in this morning and Scott and Brian are back at their desk from the Annapolis Sailboat Show.  It was a long week for them going 7 days straight when you consider a day’s drive each way even though after the last day for the show they packed up and drove back to Ocean […]