ACR 2884 AquaLink View PLB Personal Locator Beacon
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The AquaLink View lets you Head Offshore with Confidence.

The AquaLink View offers the ultimate in personal safety for any person heading offshore. The ACR 2884 personal locator beacon, or PLB, is designed to be carried by an individual so that in an emergency can be deployed and assist search and rescue to locate you. The AquaLink View uses 3 levels of signal technology to help in an emergency, GPS positioning, a 406MHz signal, and a 121.5 MHz homing capability. Together these three signals quickly and accurately transmit your position to a worldwide network of Search and Rescue satellites which reduces search time and increases your chance of survival.

LCD Display to Show PLB Status.

The ACR AquaLink not only tells search and rescue where you are but who you are. You can even update your registration data with information about the next voyage you have planned. Once you have activated the distress signal the internal GPS receives your position and sends that out a 406MHz signal to orbiting satellites. Once Search and Rescue is deployed they will use the homing signal and the internal super bright LED strobe to find your exact location. The AquaLink View is unique from other PLB’s because it has a digital display to keep you informed of the unit’s operational activities. It shows your GPS position, transmission bursts, battery power and more. Self test and GPS acquisition tests are simply done by following on screen promts.

Brand New Check In Feature.

This small 2.3” x 5.8” x 1.45” device could be the difference in returning home safely from your next offshore trip. The AquaLink View 2884 is also compatible with the optional 406 link service which will let you check in with loved ones and let them know you are OK with a predetermined message and your GPS position.
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