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Keeping your loved ones safe just got a whole lot easier

Small in size and weight the Amber Alert GPS Device is an inexpensive way to keep your loved ones safe and your mind at ease. The Amber Alert GPS device can easily attach to a belt loop, backpack or neck lanyard via the available accessories or can be concealed in a pocket or jacket. Providing a location update every 5 minutes the AAGPS (Amber Alert GPS) allows you to view the location of where the Amber Alert GPS currently is on your smartphone via the downloaded app or on a computer.

Packages available based on your needs. Please note each device requires a one time activation fee of $19.99
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Basic Package $14.99 / Month

The Basic package will provide you the ability to watch the movement of the AAGPS and know where it is at anytime and anywhere, SOS alerts notify you immediately when help is needed - whether it be a dangerous situation or a medical emergency the person with the AAGPS device simply presses the SOS button for 4 seconds and an alert is sent to up to 10 pre designated individuals via text or email. Also a low battery alert will notify you via email or text when there is only 15% battery life left.

Basic Package with Alerts $18.98 / month

Adding on to the Basic package with Alerts provides you with breadcrumbing, - which is great for people on the go. No time to check the device’s location? Set up a schedule and you will receive updates via email or text with the location of the device. Speed Alert updates will let you know if your loved one is in a vehicle that is moving faster than the designated speed set by you. Zone Alerts notify you if the AAGPS has entered of left a pre designated zone or boundary and finally the Predator Alert which provides updates when your child comes within 500 feet of a registered sex offender. (Database is updated every 24 hours in conjunction with the National Sex Offender Registry.)

Premium Package full of features $24.99 / Month
The Premium package takes everything listed above and adds an additional 200 alerts as well as 15 minutes of two way voice allowing the AAGPS device to call you as well as allowing you to listen in to the device and surroundings.
The Amber Alert GPS is not only great for children but also an elderly relative who may be prone to wandering off. Keep your mind at ease and your families safe. Get the Amber Alert GPS today!
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