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Fusion AV600 AM/FM/DVD Marine Stereo
Item #: FSAV600
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Description & Details

Waterproof Marine Stereo with an Internal DVD.

Waterproof Design with Internal DVD Player.

The Fusion AV600 is a top of the line marine grade stereo without the high price tag. The AV600 is constructed to be durable and handle whatever the marine environment can throw at it, salt spray, humidity and pounding seas included. The Fusion 600 is waterproof all around the stereo, rated to IPX5 standards. It is also features a die-cast construction with a 100% aluminum chassis. The DVD drive is capable of playing your a CD, MP3 CD, or DVD. Use the S-Video output to connect to your TV, Marine Monitor or Chartplotter display to watch a movie.

Optional iPod Dock

The AV600 is also compatible with the optional external iPod dock that houses your iPod keeping it out of harms way. Fusion’s iPod user interface resembles the same menu structure as your iPod allowing simple operation.

Multi-Zone Control

The Fusion AV600 can handle up to three different zones, crank the volume at the cockpit and keep it quite in the salon or down in the cabin. The first two zones are powered by the AV600 and a third would require a Fusion Amplifier, like the MS-AM702 zone amplifier. All three zones can be controlled at the stereo or locally controlled with the MS-WR600 wired remote.

Feature Rich Stereo

Other features of the AV600 marine stereo are:

  • Direct access source control
  • Electronic Skip Protection
  • Fully integrated iPod user interface
  • Electronic bass / treble / balance control
  • 3 zone configurable
  • Zone subwoofer level control
  • Variable back light illumination
  • Rotary encoder volume control
  • 12/24 hour Clock

Mounting dimensions (chasis):2.05"(H) x 7.08"(W) x 6.3"(D)
Outside face dimensions: 3.11"(H) x 8.54"(W) x 1.41"(D)

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