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Track Distance, Speed and Calories Burned with a Stylish Watch by Garmin

The FR70 is a great companion to have for indoor or outdoor workouts. Great for multiple uses, this sleek designed and easy to operate unit will provide you with useful information to view your accomplishments or modify training sessions. Save daily information and view it quickly at the push of a button, or wirelessly transfer your data to a computer that’s in range and view your workout.


With the optional Garmin Foot Pod, the Garmin FR70 will calculate your speed and distance while on foot. The Garmin Foot Pod is an excellent addition to the FR70 for runners on a daily basis or for training for a 5k run. Store up to 20 hours of history in this little powerhouse so you can view your workout history. Once you’ve reached your 20 hour mark or 100 laps, the FR70 will automatically start to erase old data and replace it with new.


For the person who wants to manage their weight, get in shape, or train for a marathon, the FR70 is a great option to provide you with heart rate, calories burned, and tracks your time walking or running certain distances that you set out for yourself. Cycling with the FR70 has never been easier. Simply attach the optional speed/cadence sensor to the wheel of the bicycle for indoor or outdoor use, and receive your speed & distance of your cycling workouts or races. For such a compact unit, the Garmin FR70 offers a large array of options for multi-use functionality. Purchase the FR70 for all of your training, racing, or every day needs!

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