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Track Swim Metrics as well as Distance, Pace, Elevation and More on your Run or Bike.

The first in its class, the Forerunner 910XT is a multi-sport watch perfect for training or a full on triathlon, in the water or out, no matter what you’re need, the 910XT will keep up with your every move. Customizable training pages will allow you to record data specific to your needs or training so you can easily review your status while in use or at a later date. Based on this information you can set new goals, or simply use the Forerunner 910XT to view your accomplishments in a day.


Because the 910XT is water resistant up to 50m, it’s the perfect companion for a long swim or just doing laps in a pool. With the ability to provide you with information such as stroke count, swim distance, and your swolf score, you can later review this information to critique your training session or workout. Built in GPS enables you to track where you have been so you can later view this information on a map through use of a free download of Garmin Connect.


If you decide to stay dry for the day, use the Forerunner 910XT on foot or on two wheels. Easily capture time, distance, speed, and pace and use the incorporated altimeter for grade, ascent, or descent for more detailed information about a long bike ride or hike. A sleek lightweight design will keep up with your every move without weighing you down. Up to 20 hours of battery life will allow you to use the Forerunner 910XT at long lengths of time to help you see your workout accomplishments. Purchase the 910XT for the ultimate multi-sport companion.


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