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Rugged, Camo Garmin GPS with a 4" Touch Screen & Topo Maps.

Whether your outdoor adventure is on land, by sea, or by car, the Montana 600t Camo series can get you where you need to go quickly and accurately. Built with 3gb of internal memory, the 600T can accept additional mapping by download or addition of an SD card, and can also store up to 4,000 waypoints. Each 600T offers a 3-axis compass that will allow you to obtain your heading while standing still and the barometric altimeter will automatically adjust to provide you with pinpoint altitude information.


A bright 4” color touchscreen dual-oriented display, barometric altimeter, and 3 axis electronic compass are just a few of the many features that you will find in every Montana 600T. Different mounting options are available should you decide to use the 600T in a vehicle, on an ATV, or in a boat. With the addition of the city navigator software and the proper vehicle mount, your Montana will provide you with voice turn by turn directions, just like your automotive unit can. Now there is no need to transition between units, you can have the best of everything right at your fingertips.


To go with its ruggedness, Garmin introduces a new Camo design on the 600T. A must have for the avid hunter or outdoorsmen. Not only will you blend in with your surroundings, but your handheld device will as well. Whether you’re venturing out for a long hunt, or a short hike, the Montana 600T will last up to 22 hours on 3 AA batteries and around 16 hours should you choose to utilize the lithium-ion battery pack. Pre-loaded with 100k TOPO mapping that covers the entire US, you can virtually take this 600T right out of the box and begin your journey.


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