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Preloaded Maps of the US with Lifetime Updates

Automotive GPSTouch Screen DisplayHas Voice Directions

A large 5.0’ touch screen display, turn by turn guidance, Lifetime Map updates, Lane Assist with Junction view and more. Garmin’s Nuvi 52LM is packed full of all the most wanted features at an affordable price!


Redesigned to be sleeker and thinner than the previous Nuvi 50 series, the 52LM has preloaded maps of the lower 49 States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy and Jamaica and allows you to update those maps 4x each year for the lifetime of your unit. No more annoying messages saying your maps are out of date, simply connect the 52LM to your computer once every few months, log in and update your maps for FREE!


With turn by turn guidance the 52LM keeps your eyes on the road. Providing directions such as “In .2 miles turn right on Elm Street” you will know exactly where and when to turn, plus with Lane assist with Junction view your Nuvi will show you onscreen with colored arrows what lane to be in for your upcoming turn or exit. Maneuvering those confusing junctions is now easier than ever before.


However it doesn’t stop there, Garmin has thought of it all with the Nuvi 52 LM. Most major roads speed limits will be displayed right on the 52’s screen along with your current speed. No more guessing or being caught by a sudden decrease in speed limits, the 52 will show your current speed in black and change to Red if you are going above the posted speed limit, warning you to slow down and hopefully helping to avoid those costly speeding tickets!


Whether heading out for a drive around town or a trip across the U.S. Make sure your Nuvi 52LM is along for the journey! The perfect companion for travel anywhere in the US and islands!

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