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Lane Assist, Junction View and More!

New Product Car GPS Has Touch Screen

The Garmin nuvi 55 features an incredibly bright 5” dual navigation screen, which provides the user the choice of viewing the map in a vertical display, or horizontal. Part of their essential series means in addition to a cost savings, that all the guesswork has been taken out of the equation of getting from point A to point B.  Immediately you notice the color touch display and intuitive search field designed to easily find millions of destinations- so no matter how you look something up whether it’s by food type, street address, or business name, the nuvi 55 quickly provides results for you to choose from any of the lower 49 states, which includes Hawaii.

Now get even more information in regards to your current surroundings with the new Up Ahead feature- if you need a gas station unexpectedly or an ATM, even shopping,  you’ll never have to leave the map to search as it’s displayed on the map as you approach POI’s. The Garmin nuvi 55 even has an audible on screen warning alerting you as you approach a School zone giving one ample time to slow down. Garmin still combines many featured favorites such as Lane assist to keep you in the proper lane as you travel intricate highways, Junction view and many others like: Autosort for multiple addresses, traffic trends and route avoidance.

With the Garmin nuvi 55 you’ll never have to worry about traveling through dead zones as this thin and lightweightPND doesn’t rely on cellular signals service to determine your current position thus allowing peace of mind anywhere from the East coast to the West and everywhere in between.  And with spoken street names to guide you, the nuvi 55 makes getting where you’re going a more satisfying experience.

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