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6” Touchscreen Display with Turn by Turn Guidance

New Product Car GPS Has Touch Screen

The Nuvi 65LM is part of the essential line of Garmin PND’s and offers a 6” dual orientation color touchscreen display at a reasonable price. Built in mapping that covers the lower 49 states includes millions of points of interest; so no matter where you’re adventure’s take you- Sports Arena, Dining, Theme Park or locating a Mall the Garmin Nuvi 65LM gets you there fast and easy. Even if you don’t have the address, simply key in by name or what it is you want, be it coffee or a McDonald’s restaurant and the 65LM will guide you from your current location. Emergency services like a Police Station or Hospital can quickly be located from your current location with Where Am I? function.

With the Essential line you no longer need to pay for features you won’t use or don’t need, for instance the ability to update the internal map- it’s free for the lifetime of the unit! The Up Ahead feature lets you see what street name is coming up ahead as you approach, and the 65LM displays it right on the map as well as Gas Stations and more. You can even customize Up Ahead with your own personal favorites, and as many as 1,000 waypoints, favorites and locales. The Nuvi 65LM audible alert warns you as you approach a School Zone giving ample time to slow down. Want to stay away from certain routes that have Tolls, a specific Highway? With Route avoidance it’s a cinch to do. Lane assist keeps you in the proper line even if the car suddenly gets noisy keeping you from hearing directions- simply follow the bright arrows and with Junction view you will see upcoming intersections as you approach them.

Getting where you want to go has never been easier, simplified Tools menu provide access for you to make changes within the settings even customize your own Routes and Favorites- all by touching the 6” screen. Take advantage of Garmin Express- by keeping internal software and mapping current, even data transfer from other devices. Powered by a high sensitivity receiver, and rechargeable lithium ion battery benefits your traveling experience in many ways. The 65Lm is so thin and lightweight, making it a take anywhere PND that will keep you on the right road whether venturing cross country or across town.

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