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Safe Driving Made even Safer with Audible and On Screen School Zone Warnings!

New Product Car GPS Has Touch Screen

Can’t decide between a 5 or 7” PND? The Nuvi 66LMT offers a nice 6” color UVGA sunlight readable touch screen display to guide you anywhere on the open road and side roads too. And, it comes preloaded with millions of addresses, and points of interest for U.S. and Canada. The 66LMT takes all the guesswork out of navigating unfamiliar territory opening up a multitude of options for attractions, or simply a rest area to pull over and picnic, or to stop and stretch your legs. Thin, light weight design stows away easily and just about anywhere. If you prefer to view the GPS in a vertical position the dual orientation display lets you choose between traditional horizontal and vertical position.


Some of the best features of the 66LMT are the ability to never have to pay for map or traffic updates. The lifetime traffic alerts keep you current to traffic conditions, even how long a delay is expected, all while offering you options of alternate routes should you not have time to wait for traffic to get moving again. Lifetime map updates allow you to download the latest map version from Garmin 4 times a year. The Nuvi 66LMT has a built in up ahead feature showing displaying pertinent things like Gas stations, ATM’s Restaurants without ever having to leave the map and search for them- a big time saver. Approaching a School zone? A soft chime alerts you one time providing ample time to slow down. Traffic updates with no add or subscription fees are another added bonus, plus the ability of seeing the current street you are on as well as what’s ahead.


With the Garmin 66LMT you no longer need to trust the uncertainty of limited cell phone coverage or dead zones making it the top choice for everyday traveling or cross country trips. The 66LMT takes the stress and complexity out of navigating interchanges and city driving. Enjoy all the benefits of an easy to use, informative personal navigation device without paying a premium.

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