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Get Active with the Garmin vivofit Fitness Band

vivofit is a small, soft, wearable fitness band that will push you to be active. Above and beyond all the great features the vivofit is a 24/7 wearable that is water resistant to 50m, fine in the shower or for a swim. It will display time of day, so it is a stylish watch and you can purchase additional bands to change the color. Vivofit is powered by 2 CR1632 replaceable coin cell batteries and will last for over a year on one set!

Whether it is to make it to your specific goal or to challenge your friends or coworkers through the Garmin Connect site, vivofit will remind you when you have been inactive too long. Inside this small fitness band is a brain that will auto calculate an activity goal for you or you can set one yourself. The viviofit activity bar will let you know when you have been sitting to long and when it is time to move to make your goal. vivofit will keep up with your steps, distance and calories burned. The vivofit bundle includes a heart rate monitor for to track your heart rate during workouts. If you get a basic vivofit and want to add the heart rate monitor you can do so by purchasing the optional heart rate strap.

vivofit can do more than just

track your activity, setting it to sleep mode vivofit will monitor your sleep. It will tell you how long you slept and if you were restless through the night. You can even track the food you eat and vivofit can assist you in achieving weight loss goals. vivofit employs two wireless technologies; Bluetooth is used to pair the vivofit with your mobile device and ANT+ technology to sync with your computer. When vivofit syncs with your device it send all your data to your Garmin connect account. Garmin connect is an online database where you can view your data for your review. You can also share that data with other Connect users. With Garmin Connect you can even set up challenges with other vivofit users to see who can reach a specific goal the fastest. Get active with the help of the Garmin vivofit!

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