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Powder Coated Aluminum LED Light for your Vessel

Rigid Industries Marine LED lights are fast replacing conventional lighting in the marine industry. LED lighting is vastly more energy efficient than conventional marine lights. The amount of heat energy wasted is close to none, and the overall energy consumed is much less. As a result, Rigid's M-Series LED lights last much longer than incandescent bulbs, up to 50,000+ hour life span and use much less power.


With Marine LED's there are many advantages, heat production has reached an industry low, compared to conventional marine lighting. Consequently, the risk of burn injuries is virtually erased. Marine lights do not emit UV rays either, so there is no risk of the paint on the vessel getting damaged. These are not the only reasons why LEDs are fast replacing incandescent bulbs. One other major factor is durability. Rigid Industries LED lights offer a lifetime warranty because of their ability to withstand impact and vibration. This is a crucial advantage when on the water and ensures reliability of your vessels lighting system.


Rigid Industries Dually D2 Driving have a max range of 298m Long and 60m Wide.

Click Here for a complete specification sheet and to see the different light pattern options.

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