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Si-Tex SNS-700i Chartplotter with Internal Antenna
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Marine GPS Waterproof Sunlight Viewable

The Sitex SNS-700i is compact, lightweight, chartplotter with a 7” High Definition daylight viewable display with an internal highly sensitive GPS receiver for someone who does not want to mount a separate GPS receiver.

A great addition to the sport fisherman who forgot to convert his TD’s and doesn’t want to spend the money to get them converted, the SNS-700i Chartplotter is an affordable solution. In the Loran TD navigation mode, all that has to be done is entering them in in the SNS unit, the 700i will do the rest to plot a path to the TD. Compact and high visibility are strong features for the Sitex SNS-700i Chartplotter, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space and can be flush mounted or set on a pedestal quick disconnect mount, that is also included in the package.

The ability to mark and store up to 10,000 waypoints is just another feature that the SNS-700i has to offer. Sitex also made the SNS-700i compatible with their MDS line of radar scanners so you can add one at a later date is you want. The latest AIS integration software, allowing for simple integration with SI-TEX Metadata AIS Black Box modules and practical, easy-to-use AIS chart overlay functions has also been programmed into the SNS-700i.

To recap; if you want the ability to add radar and/or AIS at a later date, or you have TD’s that you would like to navigate to then 7”, SNS-700i chartplotter from Sitex may be one you should consider.

Bright 7” Sunlight Viewable Display!

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