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Simrad High Current Autopilot Package for Inboards
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Stay on course with Simrad’s Autopilot package!

Turn your day on the water into an even more relaxing trip with a Simrad AP24 or AP28 Marine Autopilot System. The Simrad High Current Autopilot System is the center piece to a complete autopilot package. Simply add a AP24 or AP28 Head unit and a Hydraulic pump and you are ready to go (Some additional hoses or fittings may be required). These two pilots are designed for ease of use and come pre-programmed with numerous Steering functions for fishermen like Zig-Zag, Cloverleaf and Figure 8 patterns. The AP24 and AP28 can also take the depth information through NMEA from your fishfinder to maintain a given depth contour of your choice.


Simrad did not forget about the cruisers when they added features like Dodge Function, Advanced Wind Steering and No Drift Mode. The system calculates its turns based on data information from your GPS, Included Rate Compass and the included Rudder Feedback.


The AP24 was designed with space saving in mind and incorporates all of its features into a 4.5” x 4.5” display. The AP28 is perfect for larger power and sail boats with its 6.8” x 4.5” display, dedicated function keys and a rotary course knob.


Simply add an AP24 or AP28 and a Hydraulic Pump and you are ready to Navigate. The Simrad High Current Autopilot Pack is designed to Drive the RPU 160 Pump which will work on Steering Cylinders up to 24ci.

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