Garmin GRF 10 Rudder Feedback Sensor

Garmin GRF 10 Rudder Feedback Sensor

Paired with a GHP20, GHP12 ore Reactor Garmin’s GFR 10 will provide rudder position and detect and avoid rudder stops while on the water. Magnetic sensor relays position information so that you know where the rudder is without having to guess.
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GAX11829   MAN#: 010-11829-00   ID#: 3573
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Know Your Rudder Position, On The Go or In The Slip

Providing rudder position information gives boaters peace of mind by knowing exactly which direction their rudder is facing on thier inbord or inboard/outboard vessel. Compatible with the Garmin GHP 20, GHP 12 or GHP Reactor Autopilot, the GRF10 Rudder Feedback Sensor is the perfect addition to your current autopilot system.


Built with a magnetic sensor the GRF-10 displays position information so that you always know where the rudder is. Avoid rudder stops as well as over compensating and make smoother maneuvers while on the water all with the help of the GRF10.


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