Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US
  • Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US

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Get Premium Lake Cartography with LakeVu HD Ultra

The Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra is a premium lake mapping system that provides extensive coverage with data for over 17,000 lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Of these 17,000 lakes more than 5,700 of these are provided in high definition with 1-foot depth contours. LakeView HD Ultra is specifically designed for use with your chartplotter or multi-function device.

The LakeVu HD Ultra not only boasts an extensive database, it also includes many other important features. With Auto Guidance you can rest assured you will get to any destination on the lake safely. With the Dynamic Lake Level feature you never have to worry about having accurate data. By simply adjusting the water level of the lake depending on the surplus or lack of rain for that area, data will be modified on the chartplotter to match the current conditions. These conditions can viewed in true 3-D above the waterline with MarinerView or below the waterline with FishView. The choice is yours.


With all these features the Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra will bring a new level of detail to your chartplotter. The LakeVu HD Ultra is compatible with the GPSMAP 547/547xs, 741/741xs, 8000 Glass Helm series, and echoMAP 50s, 70s units.

Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US

Get high definition lake maps for your compatible Garmin GPS with the Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra US.
GAXC1110   MAN#: 010-C1110-00   ID#: 3669
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Garmin LakeVu HD Ultra Special Features
  • Extensive coverage of over 17,000 lakes, rivers, and reservoirs with more than 5,700 lakes in HD
  • Auto Guidance for the safest path to any part of the lake.
  • MarinerEye and FishEye features display 3-D views above and below the waterline.
  • Dynamic Lake Level setting to adjust maps based on current water levels.
  • High-resolution Depth Range Shading to view target depth at a glance.


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