Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch
  • Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch
  • Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch
  • Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch

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Garmin Swim Pool Swimming Watch

The Garmin Swim Watch is the perfect training tool to keep tracking of your laps, distance, pace, and your calories burned in order to make sure that you are training effectively and efficiently.
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Focus On Your Technique Instead Of Your Lap

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For every swimming enthusiast Garmin has heard your plea. Train more efficiently by incorporating the Swim watch into your daily workouts. Rugged and water resistant design combined with renowned Garmin friendly user interface is what will make your competition take notice of this stylish training partner. The Garmin Swim now provides the means for Swimmers to track Pace, Distance, Lengths, and Strokes at the touch of a button.


The sleek profile of the Garmin Swim won’t weigh you down, in or out of the pool. Designed to detect the type of stroke, be it butterfly or back, the Swim even calculates the number of strokes better known as the efficiency/swolf score- it does the math for you! Now you can efficiently perfect your technique instead of counting strokes. Utilize Garmin Connect to log and store data from current and previous workouts which you can download wirelessly to your PC. This could be data like Interval Distance, Pace, Stroke type/swolf/stroke count just to name a few.


The Garmin Swim’s straightforward 6 button design lets you easily and quickly select the precise feature you desire. And, the replaceable battery means no need to send off to the factory for replacement, you can replace your own. One thing to note: Because the Garmin Swim software relies on detecting turns, it will not work in a stationary pool. At each turn the unit stops thus allowing it to count lengths and measure that distance, and is recommended for Lap Pools of 20m or more.

Garmin Swim Details
Each Garmin Swim comes with: Garmin Swim, USB ANT Stick, Manuals and One-Year Warranty.
Size:1.9"W x 1.7"H x .5"D
Garmin Swim Special Features
  • Simple Intuitive User Interface.
  • One Year Battery Life.
  • Wireless Interface With Your PC Through Garmin Connect.
  • User Configurable Training Pages.


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