Icom M802 SSB Commercial Radio

Icom M802 SSB Commercial Radio

The Icom M802 Single Side Band Radio combines Icom’s legendary quality and construction with high end features to create the perfect SSB for recreational or commercial offshore mariners.
IC802   MAN#: M802 11   ID#: 2193
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Digital Signal Processor and Long Distance Communication at Sea!

Standard 4×8 remote controller

The IC-M802 offers an industry-standard 4-inch tall (10.16 cm) remote controller. When set up with the IC-M502 VHF radio, Icom offers you a complete communications station.

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Large LCD with dot matrix characters

You can easily read the alphanumeric name of any of the 1355 ITU channels at a glance with the large LCD display. Nighttime operation is no problem with 10 levels (plus OFF) adjustable backlit display and keypad.

Easy to use in all conditions

The IC-M802 offers two large dials – bank and channel – for easy channel selection. Up to 16 banks of 20 (max.) each for user channels, and 17 banks for ITU channels are available.

Built-in digital selective calling

For added safety at sea, the IC-M802 offers the latest in one-touch DSC emergency communications technology. (ITU Class E standard.) The emergency button is covered by a red, spring loaded hatch to avoid accidental DSC activation.

Digital signal processor advantage

The speech compressor, utilizing DSP, increases average talk power. Flexible filter settings provide for narrow band signals like e-mail, SITOR, FSK and other operation without an optional filter.

150W (PEP) of powerful output

150 Watts of power offers superior worldwide communications. A one piece, die cast aluminum chassis and a large cooling fan allow continuous transmission at full output power– very important for data communications, like e-mail.

One-touch e-mail access

An SSB first! The IC-M802 can be set to memorize your HF e-mail access frequency, mode and bandwidth settings. At sea e-mail has never been easier.
* Please consult with an HF e-mail provider for details.

Automatic antenna tuner, AT-140

An automatic antenna tuner, AT-140, is required and easily connects to the IC-M802. When the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the IC-M802 bypasses the tuner and displays a warning indicator on the LCD.

Other features

  • Wide band receive coverage (0.5 – 29.9999MHz)
  • Remote control mic allows you to select channels directly
  • Accessory RS-232C port allows connection of modem, etc.
  • GPS input, NMEA 0183 version 3.01
  • A headphone jack in front of the controller


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Product Accessories for Icom M802 SSB Commercial Radio

Shakespeare 4184 Cable Outlet
Provides a neat, water resistant installation for RG-8/AU, 8X, 58, 59, 213 and Shakespeare Lo-Max coax cables.
Your Price:$6.95
Icom AT 140 HF Automatic Antenna Tuner
Icom AT 140 HF Automatic Antenna Tuner.
Your Price:$479.95
Icom 30' Shielded Control Cable to AT140
The Icom OPC1147 is a shielded control cable used to connect the AT140 tuner to the Icom M802 Single Side Band Radio.
Your Price:$67.95
Copper Grounding Foil 25' x 3" for Single Side Band Radio
Copper Grounding Foil 25' x 3" x .003" thick for Single Side Band Radio
Your Price:$49.95
Shakespeare 410 R Mounting kit for Large SSB and VHF Antennas
Shakespeare 410 R Mounting kit for Large SSB and VHF Antennas
Your Price:$59.95