Garmin GMR 424 xHD2 4KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array

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Garmin GMR 424 xHD2 4KW Digital Radar with 4' Open Array

Garmin’s 424xHD2 4KW high definition radar with 4’ open array provides exceptional target separation along with a1.8 degree horizontal beamwidth. Designed for sport fisherman and yachts less than 40’ the 424xHD2 reaches up to 72nm. Dual Range, Dynamic Auto Gain, Dynamic Sea Filter, Radar Overlay and More
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High Definition Radar with Low 1.8 degree beamwidth


The Garmin GMR 424 xHD2 Open Array Radar provides exceptional target clarity that can be displayed on any of Garmin’s 8000, 7400, 7600, 8X0, 10X0 or 7X1 series chartplotters. The 4kW power output enables range options from 1/8 nm out to 72nm. Couple that power with a 4’ open array antenna with a low 1.8 degree beam width, you can expect to see incredible shoreline detail, precipitation, boats, buoys and other navigational aids. If you have an electronic compass interfaced with your chartplotter, you will then have the ability to overlay your radar picture right on the chart. With the chartplotter showing your position on the map and the radar overlaying what is around you, you will be able to navigate safely at night, in fog or rain.

Another great feature that will help you find fish is the “Bird Mode”. Garmin designed the 424 xhd2 to be easy to use and “Bird Mode” is one example. Simply turn on “Bird Mode” on yourCall for Help with Marine Electronics chartplotter screen and the radar will adjust its own settings to help you find birds which will then lead you to the fish. This will give you a huge advantage over other fisherman and help you save fuel by not blindly search out on the open ocean. The xHD2 series of radars also provide Dual Range Support so you can monitor close range for buoys and other smaller echos as well as long range for collision avoidance.

Garmin made the GMR424 xHD2 easy to use but that doesn’t mean they left out any high end features. With MARPA Target Tracking your radar will keep track of other vessels for you (up to 10). It will even display a historical echo trail so that you can see where they were while you were away from the helm. Anchoring up over night? Set the Guard Zone to warn you if anything enters into a defined area. As you can see there is nothing missing from this high performance radar. So whether you are operating a commercial vessel, a large center console or a cruiser the Garmin GMR 424 xHD2 Radar will take the guesswork out of what lies ahead.

Garmin GMR424 xHD2 Box Contents
Each Garmin GMR424 xHD2 comes with:
  • GMR 424 xHD2
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Power cable (15 meters)
  • Network cable (15 meters)
  • Cable grommet
  • Documentation
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Array Dimension: 52.25”W x 5”H x 6.75”D, 12.2lbs
  • Pedestal Dimension: 20.5”W x 12.75”H x 12.5”D, 47.1lbs
Garmin GMR424 xHD2 Key Features
  • Built-in MARPA Target Tracking
  • 72 NM Max Range
  • 1.8 Degree Beam Width
  • Bird Mode
  • Dynamic Auto Gain

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