ScanStrut Scanpod Deck Pod Deep Back  

ScanStrut Scanpod Deck Pod Deep Back

ScanStrut Scanpod Deck Pod Deep Back. Available in white or silver and 8" or 12".
SCSPD   MAN#: SPD-D   ID#: 2447
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The ingenious Deck Pod meets the challenge of finding a level mounting surface to install displays onto your powerboat, commercial vessel, RIB or sailboat wheelhouse. Great features include an easy to use quick release lever, allowing you to alter the angle of the screen quickly and an adjustable base which allows a range of movement and multiple mounting angles. Now you really can fi t your screen to any surface... The Deck Pod is available in two high gloss colours: modern silver or traditional white.

We offer two size that accomodate the following dimensions:

  • Max Cut Width 12.7"
  • Max Cut Height 8.6"
  • Enclosure Top Depth 6"
  • Enclosure Bottom Depth 6.7"
  • Overall Depth 7.1"


  • Max Cut Width 15"
  • Max Cut Height 10.2"
  • Enclosure Top Depth 6.4"
  • Enclosure Bottom Depth 7.4"
  • Overall Depth 8.1"


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