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Holiday plans

It is coming to an end, I mean 2018 and the rush of the holiday season.  We have made of forecasts for inventory with our manufacturers so when we offer a special it will be in stock and arrive in time for the gift giving to begin.  That is just part of what The GPS […]

Boat Show Season is officially over

Well we had another great boat show season starting in NYC early in 2018 and ending with the Annapolis Sail Boat Show that just ended.  A great year of meeting new friends and customers to help solve their marine issues whether it was purchasing equipment or giving them answers and possible solutions for their existing […]

Last Day

It is the end of our last Boat Show, for 2018 today.  If you are looking for anything in the marine equipment line today is the day to get your best deal of the year at Annapolis Sail Boat Show at booth B40.  We have great deals we are offering there.  When Scott and Brian […]

Good Morning from the GPS Store

The reason I said from the Store is because we are also located in Annapolis, Md for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show for 2018.  We will be there through Monday and hope to see our friends both old and new. You can look for us in booth # B40, Scott and Brian will be there […]

Back to normal

It has been a trying past few days because of Hurricane Florence.  Most of the store evacuated to other parts of the country, some to Florida and Georgia and others to the Raleigh and Charlotte ares.  Of course we had people stay in the area and ride out the storm.  It wasn’t easy for Gina […]

What to do

Yes we are in the path of hurricane Florence right now but that could change at any minue, at least we hope it does.  With the severity of the storm and the inability to predict where it will hit has us wondering what the end of this week will bring, so if you are looking […]

Labor Day

Well it is the last official holiday weekend here at the beach.  Labor Day is the official end of summer for most of the country but not here.  The weather is sill great and the water is still warm.  I just wish the gas stations would not raise their prices to take advantage of our […]

Happy Monday

Hi Everyone, yes it is Monday and I am posting today.  Here at the store we are in a little bit of a lull, prepping for our last big holiday weekend Labor Day that is not to say there will not be busy weekends here in our area.  Car Shows and gatherings are what is […]

It is still Summer in the South

Yes with families getting ready to send their students back to school we are still here to help you with your last minute GPS needs, whether to send your students off to college or take that last break in the sun.  I know for a fact that car shows are picking up along the east […]

Good Morning and welcome to August

Yes it is now August and we are starting to think about our Fall boat show in Annapolis but first we have to get everyone some needed vacation at least a couple of days to refresh for the fall.  Also to spend time with their families which are as important to the store as our […]