Boat Show Season 2018

It is true that we are now entering our Boat Show season for 2018.  Wednesday starts the 2018 New York City Boat Show that we have been part of for around 10 years now.  It is always to kind of shake off the rust from the winter and start talking to boaters whether they are sail boaters, commercial fishermen, recreational boaters and fishermen as well.  anyway you slice it it is great to talk to them about what their needs are, and if we can help them.  It is not always a new system it could be just a new cable or piece to enhance the capability of their system.  The show in New York starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday, I will be trying to keep you updated on any new products that might be announced by any of the manufacturers we represent so stay tuned.  Well the Super Bowl is set for another year and once again the Patriots are in it.   I don’t know whether to go any further with this statement other that to say good luck to the players, fans, and coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles, and New England Patriots.  Let’s have a safe one on all sides.  stay tuned.