Good Morning from a chilly Ocean Isle Beach

Boy it has been cold the past few days, mid to low 30’s at sunrise and barely 50 for the high.  Well enough of the weather report we are here shipping a lot of Christmas orders whether you find us on Amazon, Google Shopping or our website you are assured we will treat and ship your order like every order we accept.  Not counting Sundays there are only 10 shopping days left so if you are planning on ordering please know that FedEx and UPS as will as the P.O. are trying their best to get your packages delivered on time.  Just as a precaution please check the weather forecast for any storms in your area that may delay your orders.  Please check out our specials online and remember we will TRY to price match any item we sell. Well the phone lines will be opening soon so I will sign off until next week.  Stay Safe and remember us on Facebook and Twitter.