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Wonderful weather here on the coast

Indeed we are experiencing great weather with cooler mornings in the 50′s and upper 70′s for the high, and of course our Carolina Blue Sky.  That being said we are busy with the last time off for our guys and gals before the holiday season starts when we have all hands on deck.  I am off to Ohio tomorrow to pick up my new Mustang customized to my specs and really excited about it.  I hate to leave the store hanging on Friday but they are all on board with me going.  Well with me out and a couple of others trying to leave early it is going to be hectic tomorrow so try to order early.  I am taking one of Garmin’s DriveLuxe 51′s for my GPS and will let you know how it performs for me when I get back.  These are great units and at a great price for the features they have.  I wish everyone a great weekend and I will be back to you next week.

Good Morning from a beautiful NC

Yes the weather this time of year is spectacular here in southern North Carolina 80′s here in the day and down to the low 70′s overnight.  Golf, boating, fishing and every other outdoor activity, so if you want to enjoy a great time outdoors now is it.  We are just back from the final boat show for 2017 which was another successful one at Annapolis.  Scott and Brian really do a great job with our boat show program which makes us the best at what we do, which is: offer the best electronics for the customer needs, at the best prices and with the best service anyone can offer.  I am the old guy here and have watched and participated in growing the GPS Store customer base and I am proud to have worked so closely with these people.  Now on the the holiday season for 2017.  Thanks for reading and I will be back later.

Terrible start to October

Good morning everyone and i do hope that you are safe.  It was a devastating slaughter in Las Vegas to start our week.  I am at a loss to think about the America I knew as a youth, as a college student, when i enlisted and what we are living in today.  How did we become so divided?  We seem to be looking for a mistake or tragedy to criticize people of the opposite view rather than discuss what our differences are and meet somewhere in the middle.  Our prayers and sympathies go out to the families, friends, and all those affected by the ambush in Las Vegas.  Sorry i just had to get that out.  I have news about the Annapolis Sail Boat Show starting tomorrow but i just don’t feel like writing it today, I will try tomorrow.  Everyone Please stay safe.

Summer has gone

Good Morning Everyone, yes unfortunately, for some, summer is over but for others fall is a great time of year.  It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor fall activity you do we can help with a GPS to enhance your time outside.  Garmin handheld GPS are always an asset in finding your way in and out of the wilderness but now some of them even have cameras so you can document what you find with pictures, pretty cool eh?  Just tossing in some of my Canadian language that i speak fluently.  The Rino series from Garmin is great for hunters who hunt in a group, simply push the button and to talk and your position shows on the screen of your hunting party members. Of course we are in our final days of preparation for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show so please if you are planning on attending stop by our booth in Tent B40.  It is a great show, and the one that tests our technical abilities to the max.  Sail Boaters seem to hang on to their electronics longer than a power boater.  We are always tested with questions about interfacing equipment. from a previous generation, to what is current in the manufacturer’s line.  Look for some online specials during the show but like always the best prices are at the show.  Well I am gone until Friday my first experience with Acupuncture happens tomorrow.

Time to Pray

Hi Everyone and I hope you all are praying for the people in Florida and everywhere else that Hurricane Irma may land.  She will create a lot of damage and it appears that South Florida will be the first in U.S. to experience her power.  We can only hope and pray that everyone stays safe and listens to the authorities for what to do.  I don’t have anything else to say right now other that we all need to pray for our people in that path.  Stay safe and button up everyone.

Labor Day Long Weekend

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of the end.  Do you believe it that summer is unofficially officially over on Labor Day schools are back open and most vacations are over for the summer.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time summer and is looking forward to their next season.  Although the calendar says 9/21 for fall we all mark it as this weekend.  Of course our prayers here at the store are still going out to the families and individuals affected by hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Louisiana and hope there is no more loss of life or injury.  Seems off, to tell you we have a Labor Day Sale going on over the weekend but we do so if you have a need please take a look at our website.  I am wishing everyone a great long weekend and please stay safe and I will be back to you next week.

Seems like it has been a long time

Good Morning Everyone, I hope your summer has gone well for you.  As it winds down here we are hoping for some cool weather to cool the ocean and lessen our chances for hurricanes.  I am sorry to say that is not the case to our friends and neighbors in Texas who are once again bracing themselves for a major hurricane.  They are in our prayers and we can only hope for minimal damage to property.  As for loss of life we definitely do not want any but know that it would be a miracle for that to happen.  Stay safe our friends and to the people of Texas, where ever Hurricane Harvey heads we will pray for you.  We are wrapping up our Warehouse Sale and it was a great success for everyone, our customers and the store.  It is a great feeling to be able to give a customer a solution to their needs for less money than they expected to pay.  Well I am off until Monday and I promise to write to you next week with news about fall GPS values coming.

Clearance Sale

Now is the time to review your GPS/Marine needs like we do.  We have listed a number of products that we may be overstocked on, or we have received a discounted price on, and are passing on savings to our customers.  The Warehouse Clearance Sale is usually one of our better ones because prices are clearly lower than at other times of the year.  We always look forward to this sale during our slower time simply because we have more time to review and answer our customers questions. Glad to see it is Friday here at the beach too.  Some of our summer traffic has left and returned to their homes, which makes it easier to get into restaurants and shows for us locales.  We like to see you come but are also happy to see you go and hope you had a great time.  School has started here and buses are running so if you are in our area please be careful and on the lookout for them.  I cannot wait until next week and hope to write you again this coming week.

Happy I work for the GPS Store

Yes that is a true statement I am very happy that a long time ago that Drew and Gina took a chance on hiring an old man to work here at The GPS Store.  since that day i have always felt like I was part of something that was growing and I definitely am.  The little store with big ideas on how to give its customers the best service in the industry is no longer so small but we still are offering our customers the best service in the industry bar none.  With that being said we still have a lot left to do this year.  We have another boat show, that being Annapolis Sail Boat Show in October and then it is right on in to the Christmas Season which is a very busy time of year for our store.  It is hard to believe but we no longer have a really slow time of year and that suit us fine.  We still have some great rebates so please review our Rebate Page for something that you might need before boating/fishing season ends.  and don’t forget to look at our Deals and Specials section too.  Well until next week have a great weekend and I hope to be back with all of you next week.

Still here and going strong

Yup I am still here and having a great week with everyone here at the Store.  They make going to work each morning a pleasure even when there is a whole lot to do.  You always have help is you need it.  Just a reminder today that the Standard Horizon rebates on their VHF radios end on Monday night so if you need a new radio time is running out to get a great radio and money back for buying one.  It hit home to me yesterday when i spoke to Andrew that school is going to be starting in around three weeks, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to possibly get a GPS for your student who is off to college in a strange city.  Travel in a strange city is always stressful and anything that can be done to reduce that stress is always welcome.  Well I have company coming myself next week, and we are moving to the beach for the week but I will be in a couple of days and hope to write again to you then.  Have a great weekend.