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Holiday plans

It is coming to an end, I mean 2018 and the rush of the holiday season.  We have made of forecasts for inventory with our manufacturers so when we offer a special it will be in stock and arrive in time for the gift giving to begin.  That is just part of what The GPS Store goes through to make sure the trust you put with us is justified.  We also bring in extra people to help with shipping to make sure your orders are processed and on the way to you quickly.  We understand what the holiday season means to our customers because it means the same to us.  Family, friends and hopefully time to spend together.  We are adding new products daily our website so keep an eye out for them.  Keep checking on us through Facebook and Twitter and I will be back to you early net week. 

Boat Show Season is officially over

Well we had another great boat show season starting in NYC early in 2018 and ending with the Annapolis Sail Boat Show that just ended.  A great year of meeting new friends and customers to help solve their marine issues whether it was purchasing equipment or giving them answers and possible solutions for their existing equipment.  That is the big thing about our people both Brian and Scott are experts in marine systems, whether sounders, radar, night vision, or networking everything together.  If they don’t have the correct answer immediately they are not going to sell you something and let you figure it out.  They know where to go to get the answers and provide them to you.  Our guys are the best at the shows and know what will be important to you.  In case you haven’t gathered it I am very impressed with The GPS Store and what they do at Boat Shows.  Well until next week, stay safe, and please check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Last Day

It is the end of our last Boat Show, for 2018 today.  If you are looking for anything in the marine equipment line today is the day to get your best deal of the year at Annapolis Sail Boat Show at booth B40.  We have great deals we are offering there.  When Scott and Brian return tomorrow morning we will wrap up the show and get right into the Christmas Season.  Yes the Christmas Season.  I saw joke on the internet: It must be Christmas because Walmart has their Halloween material up.  I just found that funny for some reason. If anyone is planning visit to coastal Carolina this it truly the best time of the year.  We have just great weather now lows in the 60’s for morning and low 80’s during the day.  Check us out at the show if you are in that area it will really be a benefit to you.  We will be back around noon tomorrow and answer any questions you may have left over from the show.  Well until I get back with you later please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Good Morning from the GPS Store

The reason I said from the Store is because we are also located in Annapolis, Md for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show for 2018.  We will be there through Monday and hope to see our friends both old and new. You can look for us in booth # B40, Scott and Brian will be there to take care of your needs and questions.  Please if you have any questions for our guys just swing by and ask.  If they don’t have an answer we are back here in the store to support them, plus all the manufacturers are there and we can get answers for you.  One last thing is that our prices can only be honored at the show, back here in Ocean Isle Beach we have to abide by the manufacturers’ required prices on MRP items. This is our last boat show for 2018 and we will be going into our holiday season almost immediately afterwards.  I will get back to you next week to let you know how the show went and if we have any specials we can offer you.  Don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

Back to normal

It has been a trying past few days because of Hurricane Florence.  Most of the store evacuated to other parts of the country, some to Florida and Georgia and others to the Raleigh and Charlotte ares.  Of course we had people stay in the area and ride out the storm.  It wasn’t easy for Gina who was without power and a way out of Wilmington for what seemed like a week.  We were actually taking our own shipments to Fedex and UPS to get them to our customers.  We expect things to be back somewhat to normal today with shipments arriving today.  we do apologize to our customers who may not be receiving their orders on time but Florence had other plans for us.  Thanks for your understanding The GPS Store.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

What to do

Yes we are in the path of hurricane Florence right now but that could change at any minue, at least we hope it does.  With the severity of the storm and the inability to predict where it will hit has us wondering what the end of this week will bring, so if you are looking for a delivery before the weekend please place your order because we are unsure at this time what will happen on Thursday and Friday.  If you are in the path of this storm take all the safety precautions you can it is supposed to be a really dangerous storm. Not a whole lot to say at this time so everyone please be safe.  Please take a minute to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Labor Day

Well it is the last official holiday weekend here at the beach.  Labor Day is the official end of summer for most of the country but not here.  The weather is sill great and the water is still warm.  I just wish the gas stations would not raise their prices to take advantage of our visitors.  A $.20 increase for the weekend is projected but it will go back down over the next 6 weeks because of car shows and Mustang Week.  Scott and Bryan are putting the last touches on the Annapolis Sail Show details to make it smooth while they are there and we are here. We still are offering a great deal on the EchoMap Chirp 94SV at $579.95, the best deal on the internet or anywhere.  It looks like everyone is anxious for the holiday weekend.  We don’t get too many three day weekends here at the store but this is one we take and enjoy, thanks to our President and VP.  I want to wish everyone a great holiday weekend and safe travels.  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Monday

Hi Everyone, yes it is Monday and I am posting today.  Here at the store we are in a little bit of a lull, prepping for our last big holiday weekend Labor Day that is not to say there will not be busy weekends here in our area.  Car Shows and gatherings are what is happening now and also Fall Bike Week will be here as well.  I kind of get into the car show thing because I belong to the Coastal Carolina Mustang Club and we are a big part of Mustang week and our own Mustang Stampede Car Show the first week in April.  If you are planning on a visit to our area for any of our fall events please take an afternoon or morning to come and visit our store in Ocean Isle our people would be happy to greet you and demonstrate what you would like to see.  Well I have company at home this week so my schedule is different and varied.  Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more information. 

It is still Summer in the South

Yes with families getting ready to send their students back to school we are still here to help you with your last minute GPS needs, whether to send your students off to college or take that last break in the sun.  I know for a fact that car shows are picking up along the east coast.  Myrtle Beach has Mustang week 9/4-9/8 and Coastal Carolina Mustang Club has their annual show judging over 600 cars the first week in October and some of our other clubs are planning rallies to drive the Dragons’ Tail in Tennessee so if you are planning on coming or going to any of these or other events and need a good GPS just give us a call we can help.  Of and don’t forget the Fall Motorcycle Rally in Myrtle Beach we can help with it too.  It has been busy to say the least here with vacations and our little Callie on maternity leave, yup she and Jessie welcomed Archie in early July.  Well back to the world of customer service for me until next week.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Good Morning and welcome to August

Yes it is now August and we are starting to think about our Fall boat show in Annapolis but first we have to get everyone some needed vacation at least a couple of days to refresh for the fall.  Also to spend time with their families which are as important to the store as our employees.  Hard to believe but that is the feeling you get when you walk through the door to work here.  Our little family grew by one the first part of July when our Callie and her husband Jessie welcomed Archie a 9’3″ baby boy to our family and his big sister Lake.  Quite the feeling in the store, some much legitimate caring and love for the family, you know prayers and best wishes etc.  Well Scott is gone and so we are down a VP so I am cutting this short.  Please once again check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more information on us and our store.