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Good Morning from the sunny south.  We are into a beautiful sunny day here in Ocean Isle Beach, just a great day to be outside. I just want to say you still have a chance to get gifts in time through our website with our Premier Two Day delivery. I hope you have a great Christmas and I will be back between the holidays.

Good Morning from a chilly Ocean Isle Beach

Boy it has been cold the past few days, mid to low 30’s at sunrise and barely 50 for the high.  Well enough of the weather report we are here shipping a lot of Christmas orders whether you find us on Amazon, Google Shopping or our website you are assured we will treat and ship your order like every order we accept.  Not counting Sundays there are only 10 shopping days left so if you are planning on ordering please know that FedEx and UPS as will as the P.O. are trying their best to get your packages delivered on time.  Just as a precaution please check the weather forecast for any storms in your area that may delay your orders.  Please check out our specials online and remember we will TRY to price match any item we sell. Well the phone lines will be opening soon so I will sign off until next week.  Stay Safe and remember us on Facebook and Twitter.

Two weeks left until Christmas Eve

Well where did the time go?  I thought with Thanksgiving coming early Christmas would be a long way out.  Was I wrong.  I hat to do this but it is just a reminder for everyone who is looking to purchase online time is now getting critical.  regular shipping from the west coast to the east coast is 5 business days so please look at the calendar and where the shipping point is.  We have some items with a special overnight shipping charge so if the gift giving is early at your house we may be able to help.  Please keep an eye on the calendar and give yourself as much time as possible for delivery.  Of course no one can predict blizzards and freezing rain and they do delay deliveries.  I will be back to you later this week as we get closer to Christmas.  If you are travelling please travel safely.  and like always please check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Christmas Season is well underway

I looked at the calendar this morning and there are literally only two weeks left to order, and have a reasonable chance at getting your presents before Christmas without paying for Overnight delivery.  This is just a reminder and I hope no one takes exception to my reminder.  We have lots of specials that will be popping up on our website though out this these next few days so keep watching we may have something that you are looking for.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and takes a minute to check us out online on Facebook and Twitter.

Juist catching our breath

True that is.  We had a completely mad Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now we are in the lull before the next rush.  To all our friends that may have missed one of our specials, keep the faith to see if we can get it back in December, or you can always call to see if we can still offer it.  I know or sales people and they will not knowingly sell you an item they know is going to be sold for less.  I hope you all had a great start to your holidays, I know I did and I don’t have one present yet but holidays are not about presents they are about family and friends.  I will be back later with specials we have so until then please follow us on Facebook and tritter.

And it is on

Yes the holiday season is on in full force.  The phones are ringing and the showroom is full as well as the internet.  Things here at the store are really humming.  Trevor and the guys in shipping are really moving today.  Busy busy and everyone will be happy to speak with you regarding any of our products so do not hesitate to call.  Check out our specials there are some great deals to be had.  Well I have to run now but I will be back with you as the season goes on.  don’t forget to check us out on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

I hope everyone is ready

That’s right the Christmas shopping season starts tomorrow evening and the deals will be plentiful.  We will have our specials up on our website ready to process and ship on Friday. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from The GPS Store.  I am not going to go any further there will be plenty of time to advise you of what we have on special through the Christmas season.  I will  be back to you after the holiday.

Holiday prep is going on at the store.

While people are planning their shopping lists for Christmas we here at the store plan to have our specials in stock so inventory is coming in fast and furious.  Our people in the warehouse are really earning their paychecks this month.  We hope that you will visit our website to wee if our specials match up with anyone on your list.  I know what we are going to be offering are great values.  Well here is hoping you are ready for the Christmas season to start and your lists are complete.  We are here to help you if you need to ask questions.  Please check us out and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  I will try to get back to you next week.

Hello everyone

I hope that everyone is getting in the holiday spirit because it is right around the corner, but I do have to say November 1, is just too early for Christmas carols on the radio.  We here at the GPS Store wish everyone a great season and remember us when you are thinking about presents for the ones you love.  Freight seems to be nonstop in the warehouse and we are loading up on some of the really popular items for our Christmas specials.  If you are planning your Christmas list check with us we may be the ones who offer you the most bang for your hard earned dollars.  As always don’t forget to look at us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday and Fort Lauderdale BS is underway.

A lot of rumors about new releases at the Boat Show from Garmin.  They have announced their new 8600XSV series with what they are calling as G3 charting which merges Navionics with Garmin’s G2 charts.  The only thing I have seen on it to this date is AutoRouting is now standard and the purchase of a Vision Card is no longer necessary for this feature.  It has been over a year since Garmin purchased Navionics and everyone was wondering when two of the premier charting companies would get together, and with the 8600XSV series will finally have it.  It should be an interesting time  at the Boat Show over the next couple of days.  I will try to keep you undated on new or improved product announcements.  Stay safe.