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We are into it now.

It is true now, that we are into our holiday season.  We have plenty of specials that our customers are looking for, either as a gift for themselves, or someone else.  We are very busy online and our phones have been ringing.  Please try again if you are unable to get through and if for […]

It is the Holiday Season

Yes indeed we are in full “Holiday” mode here at The GPS Store.  We have huge amounts of inventory coming in to cover sales for our specials this season, and we have great specials.  Don’t hesitate to contact our store for ideas for that difficult person on your list, we can help.  I hope everyone […]

Cold wet morning

Yes it is cold this morning, well cold for us 51′ but supposed to climb to 55′ today.  I can remember when that was short sleeve weather for me but now my old bones say it is cold.  Just another 2 weeks and the rush of holiday shopping happens.  We are looking for a monster […]

A change in the weather today

True it is we have some cooler weather passing through 40′s in the AM and 70′s in the PM, just great weather to be in for everything.  We received our first Pan Optix Ice Fishing Bundle this week so that is a sure sign of what will be happening to the north in the near […]

Wonderful weather here on the coast

Indeed we are experiencing great weather with cooler mornings in the 50′s and upper 70′s for the high, and of course our Carolina Blue Sky.  That being said we are busy with the last time off for our guys and gals before the holiday season starts when we have all hands on deck.  I am […]

Good Morning from a beautiful NC

Yes the weather this time of year is spectacular here in southern North Carolina 80′s here in the day and down to the low 70′s overnight.  Golf, boating, fishing and every other outdoor activity, so if you want to enjoy a great time outdoors now is it.  We are just back from the final boat […]

Terrible start to October

Good morning everyone and i do hope that you are safe.  It was a devastating slaughter in Las Vegas to start our week.  I am at a loss to think about the America I knew as a youth, as a college student, when i enlisted and what we are living in today.  How did we […]

Summer has gone

Good Morning Everyone, yes unfortunately, for some, summer is over but for others fall is a great time of year.  It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor fall activity you do we can help with a GPS to enhance your time outside.  Garmin handheld GPS are always an asset in finding your way in and […]

Time to Pray

Hi Everyone and I hope you all are praying for the people in Florida and everywhere else that Hurricane Irma may land.  She will create a lot of damage and it appears that South Florida will be the first in U.S. to experience her power.  We can only hope and pray that everyone stays safe […]

Labor Day Long Weekend

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of the end.  Do you believe it that summer is unofficially officially over on Labor Day schools are back open and most vacations are over for the summer.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time summer and is looking forward to their next season.  Although the calendar says […]