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Time to Pray

Hi Everyone and I hope you all are praying for the people in Florida and everywhere else that Hurricane Irma may land.  She will create a lot of damage and it appears that South Florida will be the first in U.S. to experience her power.  We can only hope and pray that everyone stays safe […]

Labor Day Long Weekend

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of the end.  Do you believe it that summer is unofficially officially over on Labor Day schools are back open and most vacations are over for the summer.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time summer and is looking forward to their next season.  Although the calendar says […]

Seems like it has been a long time

Good Morning Everyone, I hope your summer has gone well for you.  As it winds down here we are hoping for some cool weather to cool the ocean and lessen our chances for hurricanes.  I am sorry to say that is not the case to our friends and neighbors in Texas who are once again […]

Clearance Sale

Now is the time to review your GPS/Marine needs like we do.  We have listed a number of products that we may be overstocked on, or we have received a discounted price on, and are passing on savings to our customers.  The Warehouse Clearance Sale is usually one of our better ones because prices are […]

Happy I work for the GPS Store

Yes that is a true statement I am very happy that a long time ago that Drew and Gina took a chance on hiring an old man to work here at The GPS Store.  since that day i have always felt like I was part of something that was growing and I definitely am.  The […]

Still here and going strong

Yup I am still here and having a great week with everyone here at the Store.  They make going to work each morning a pleasure even when there is a whole lot to do.  You always have help is you need it.  Just a reminder today that the Standard Horizon rebates on their VHF radios […]

It is Friday and the work week is coming to an end.

That may be a true statement for most but i know of a number of people who work here at The GPS Store that it isn’t the truth.  There is planning to do for the future needs of our customers, there are questions to be answered for our Info email account, orders to be imported […]

Long way to a holiday

Why does it always feel like the week leading up to a holiday and a day off seems to feel longer?  I guess that is the way it is supposed to be, so everyone can appreciate the time off and spend it with family and friends.  I hope everyone is all squared away and ready […]

Summer is here.

Although summer only officially started yesterday the warm weather it brings has been with us for a month or more.  Yup temps seem to hit around 90 every day but it really doesn’t get much higher because of the Atlantic Ocean.  It makes the nights great to be on the ocean whether walking or sitting […]

Did I surprise anyone?

I honestly thought I might surprise you by posting at the end of the week and not on Monday.  I wanted to give you somewhat of a recap rather than a forecast on the week.  We had a great week here at the store and got to both speak to and see some old friends […]