Raymarine AIS 350 Automatic Identification System

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Raymarine AIS 350 Automatic Identification System

The Raymarine AIS350 provides information about other boats around you that are transmitting AIS to help you navigate safely.
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Get Real-Time Information about the Vessels in Your Area

Using the new Raymarine AIS350 Receiver allows the mariner to wirelessly receive navigation data sent between vessels and shore-side traffic monitoring centers, that are equipped with AIS transceivers. Ships so equipped send AIS messages that include the vessel’s name, course, speed, and current position. This information when received through the AIS350, becomes very valuable to the captain when navigating congested waterways or in low visibility situations. The AIS Receiver gathers this information through VHF radio AIS communications. The compact AIS350 Receiver provides seamless integration into Raymarine multifunction displays through a wide range of connection protocols, including SeaTalk, NMEA 2000 and 0183, and USB.

The AIS350 dual channel AIS receiver system provides fast acquisition and tracking of both A and B AIS targets. Use of Raymarine’s AIS350 is not limited to just Raymarine plotters and radios, but can be displayed on any AIS compatible chartplotter or radar display. When you use it with a Raymarine multifunction display, the AIS350 supports Raymarine’s exclusive Buddy Tracking feature, which allows you to save AIS targets of interest with a special icon and “friendly” name. Buddy tracking makes it easy to spot the boats of friends and family out on the water, or to identify other vessels-of-interest with ease.

Raymarine’s new AIS350 also offers an excellent choice for coastal ship-spotting enthusiasts, harbormasters, and other users needing an easy-to-install, and highly reliable AIS receiver for use with a PC-based navigation or vessel tracking system. The AIS350 is an easy choice for owners of Raymarine multi-function display units looking to increase their safety and situational awareness but also interfaces with other manufacturers’ equipment.

Raymarine AIS 350 Details
Each AIS 350 comes with: AIS 350, Power/NMEA0183 Cable, 1m SeaTalkng Spur Cable, SeaTalkng Blanking Plug, Document Pack and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 6.57"W x 3.92"H x 2.12"D
Raymarine AIS 350 Special Features
  • Dual channel receivers – AIS vessel monitoring of class A and B transmissions.
  • Built-in NMEA multiplexer simplifies integration with legacy MFD display, VHF radios and 3rd party devices.
  • Front-facing multicolor LED indicator for system status and diagnostics.
  • Rugged, water resistant enclosure designed for easy below deck installation.

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