Garmin Tread Audio System with LED Controller

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Garmin Tread Audio System with LED Controller

Garmin’s Tread Audio System is an all in one high performance stereo system! With LED Controller, the Tread Audio is designed for off-road powersport vehicles and provides premium sound for any outdoor adventure! Play music from AM/FM, AUX and Bluetooth and enjoy the custom speakers with LED lights that pulse to your music! Pairs with Garmin Tread Units, Tread App or Included Wireless Remote for Control.
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High Performance Sound System with Custom Speaker LEDs!

You can now explore the roughest trails, while listening to your favorite tunes, podcast or other listening venues from audio source options such as Bluetooth, AM/FM and AUX with Garmin’s Tread Audio system that includes the Tread Audio Box and pair of 6.5” LED Speakers!

With Garmin’s Tread Audio system you now have the freedom to enjoy the most remote locations while rocking out to the best sounds using the all-in-one high performance stereo system that includes LED speakers that are rugged enough to withstand even the dustiest of paths while providing crisp clear sound!

Included with each Tread Audio System is a LED controller providing you the ability to control the music and enables the included LED speakers to pulse with the beat coming from your paired smartphone, AM/FM radio, AUX, or Bluetooth technology. With a system built to endure the elements you are not limited to just enjoying the dusty trail, but the muddy trail, hills and beyond while never skipping a beat. In addition to the included LED Controller, a flexible setup allows you the ability to pair with Garmin’s Tread APP or with a Tread device to fully control your music!

Garmin Tread Audio System Box Contents

Each Garmin Tread Audio System Comes with:
  • Garmin Tread Audio Box with LED Controller
  • Two 6.5” XS LED Tower Speakers with Tube Mounts
  • Wireless Remote
  • Wiring
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty

Garmin Tread Audio System Key Features

  • Rugged, Off Road Sound System with (2) 6.5” Speakers!
  • Wireless remote for convenient control
  • IP67 design to withstand dust, water and inclement weather!
  • Custom Speaker LEDs pulse colors synced to your music or vehicle speed
  • Pairs with Garmin Tread App on Smartphone or Tread Device
  • Audio Box Size: 8.3"W x 5.1 "H x 2.2“D
Garmin Tread Audio System Owners Manual Click Here

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