Shakespeare 3004 SeaWatch TV Antenna

Shakespeare 3004 SeaWatch TV Antenna

Shakespeares 3004 SeaWatch Antenna provides HD local television to your Boat, RV or Camper. Simple to install and connect the 3004 HD is compact in size at only 4” in Diameter and 8” Tall.
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Delivering HD Local Channels to your Boat, RV or Camper


Shakespeare has an ultra-small marine HDTV antenna available for most boaters and even RV’s in the Seawatch 3004. Allowing you to watch your favorite channels in HD the Seawatch is an affordable solution for viewing the local news, weather, comedies, dramas and much more!

Listed by Shakespeare as a Dome Marine HDTV antenna the 3004 appears that it is more of a “gumdrop” shape and not the normal mushroom shape. This small antenna will receive all HD broadcast signals in 1080 from local channels as well as FM signals from local radio stations when a band separator is added. The Seawatch 3004 is omni-directional so no turning is required to get the best signal which brings 360’high performance coverage to your boat, RV, or Pop-up Camper. Power for the Seawatch 3004 can be AC, DC or even USB which provides you with options to make installation easy. With its Low Noise Amplifier the Seawatch 3004 will amplify weaker signals and provide better pictures.

Small in required space, and easy to install, it is designed to accept 1in- 14 threaded mounts, this Seawatch 3004 is suited well for virtually any application.

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