Garmin Reactor Autopilot Remote Control

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Garmin Reactor Autopilot Remote Control

Control your Garmin Reactor Autopilot right from a remote. This rugged and water resistant remote provides the ultimate onboard control and convenience. Control steering and even use the remote for heading hold and course corrections! (compatible with Compact Reactor, Reactor 40 Steer by Wire and Reactor 40 Hydraulic)
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Control your Reactor 40 Autopilot via Remote!

The Garmin Reactor Autopilot Remote Control is leading the way for a simplified onboard autopilot control solution. Rugged in design, this remote is both water resistant and can float in the event it falls overboard. Durable and resilient- it can function in any weather condition mother-nature brings your way. The bright, sunlight readable color display is built into a comfortable, ergonomically designed handheld device. The display can be seen in any lighting condition and can be used up to 45 ft. away from the primary helm.

Each Reactor remote control comes with a wrist and neck lanyard as well as a mountable cradle so you have a selection of wearable or stationary “mounting” options. Programmable presets will allow you to quickly access your favorite functions from virtually anywhere on the vessel and the simple “point and go” gesture provides convenient modes and steering for your vessel.

Compatible with the Compact Reactor 40 series autopilots, the Garmin Reactor Autopilot Remote Control is a great addition to any vessel and will make point A to point B navigation a breeze.

Compatible chartplotters include GPSMAP 7x2/9x2/12x2 Touch, 10x2/12x2, 74/7600, 84/8600 and newer models.