Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" CHIRP Radar

Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" CHIRP Radar

Raymarine’s Quantum Q24C Radar is an 18” Dome Radar with Range Scales from 1/16th to 24 Nautical Miles. Offering the ability to connect via WiFi for a much easier installation and connection to any of Raymarine's MFDs with Lighthouse II (or later)software, the Q24C weighs 50% less than traditional Magnetron Radars and offers very low power consumption.
Includes 10m Power Cable.
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Raymarine’s 18” Dome Radar with WiFi Connection

Raymarine’s Quantum Q24C Radarnot only provides superior Radar Imaging but is a top choice in Dome Radars due to its Simplied Installation, Lightweight design and reduced power consumption.

The Quantum Q24C radar uses CHIRP pulse compression ensuring more energy reaches the target and therefore identifying small weaker targets even when close to strong return structures or vessels and providing enhanced separation and clarity.

The CHIRP pulse compression of the Call for Help with Marine Electronics Quantum Q24C provides excellent target detection and detail down to a distance of 6 meters. The power consumption of the Quantum Q24C is only 17 watts while transmitting and 7 watts while on standby. The solid state construction and low power consumption of the Quantum Q24C also make the emissions from it much safer than traditional magnetron radars. Superior radar imaging from FLIR’s exclusive ATX, advanced target separation technology displays targets like boats, landmarks, rocks, buoys, and weather cells with unsurpassed resolution and separation quality is also an integral part of the performance of the Quantum Q24C radar dome. The Q24 is also the first radar to connect to its display by either a cable or wirelessly to a Wi-Fi Enabled Raymarine Lighthouse II powered MFD.

Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" Wireless CHIRP Radar Box Contents
Each Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" Wireless CHIRP Radar comes with:
  • Quantum Q24C Radome w/Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • 10M Power Cable
  • Two-Year (Upgradable to 3 years when Registered) Warranty
  • Size: 21.3"W x 8.25"H
Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" Wireless CHIRP Radar Key Features
  • 18” Dome Radar
  • Wi-Fi or Raynet Connections
  • 1/16th – 24NM Range
  • 4.9° Horizontal BeamWidth
  • Compatible with any Raymarine MFD with Lighthouse II Software

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