Garmin GT50M-TM Transom Mount Transducer

Garmin GT50M-TM Transom Mount Transducer

Garmin GT50M-TM 12-Pin 300W CHIRP (Mid-Band CHIRP 80-160kHz) and 500W (CHIRP 455/800kHz) ClearVu/SideVu Plastic Transom Transducer with built-in Temperature Sensor. Compatible with Garmin GPSMAP 7600xsv Series, GSD25.
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The GT50 M-TM has a 12-pin connector and a plastic housing. It is compatible with the GPSMAP 76XX XSV series of chartplotter/sounders and also the black box sounder module GSD 25. This transducer delivers 300 W of traditional CHIRP power in mid band frequencies of 80-160 kHz as well as 500 W per element (1500 W total) of ClearVu/SideVu power providing ultra clear images of the structure, bottom and fish both to the side and under you using CHIRP operating frequencies of 455/800 kHz.

Compatible with Garmin echoMAP CHIRP sv Models, GPSMAP 7600xsv Series and GSD25 - 12 Pin Connection.

 *300W CHIRP Frequency Range - Mid-Band CHIRP 80-160kHz

 *ClearVu/SideVu CHIRP Frequency Range - 455kHz = 425-485 and 800kHz = 790-850

The 010-01965-10 replaces the GAX1222210 or 010-12222-10

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