Furuno 526TID-HDN 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull with High Spped Fairing Block operates at 50/200khz. The B260 Style Transducer uses Broadband Technology and Ceramic Element Technology to reach even greater depths and better fish detection with a 9 degree cone at 50khz and 6 degree cone 200khz. No Connector, for FCV 292/295 and FCV 1100/1150.

*This Transducer will not provide Bottom Discrimination and Accu-Fish.

Furuno 526TID-HDN Bronze 1kW Thru-Hull Transducer with Fairing Block

Furuno 526TID-HDN 1kW Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer with High Speed Fairing Block is a must have for any serious recreational or commercial fisherman. Broadband Technology provides excellent fishfinding and detection.
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FUX526THDN   MAN#: 526TID-HDN   ID#: 2640
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