Ultra High Definition 4kw Radome for NavNet 3D Network System.

The Furuno DRS4D 24” NavNet 3D Radome Radar Sensor ushers in a new era in radar performance. The DRS4D will reach up to 36 Nautical Miles with its 4kw of transmitting power. It also has a low 3.9 degree horizontal beamwidth for excellent target seperation. Furuno’s NavNet 3D radars utilize (UHD) Ultra High Definition digital signal processing for crystal clear, noise free target detection and presentation on your NavNet 3D Display. You can also set the DRS4D radar in auto mode and it will tune its own gain, rain clutter and sea clutter filters. This is great for users who just want to turn on their radar and go.

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The DRS4D also lets you view two different ranges at the same time with its simultaneous scanning technology. You can view and control two separate ranges on your NavNet 3D/ TZ Touch display separately including gain and clutter controls.

**The PSU017 is required when adding this radar to the Furuno NavNet TZ Touch.

Unit Dimension: 8.7" tall x 24" diameter, 15.4 lbs.

Includes 15m Radar Cable

Furuno DRS4D NavNet 3D 24", 4kw Digital Radome

The Furuno DRS4D 4kw Digital Radome can be added to any NavNet 3D System to gain a high powered 36 Nautical Mile Radar. Compatible with Furuno TZtouch and Furuno NavNet 3D.
FUDRS4D   MAN#: DRS4D   ID#: 1753
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